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next one of these, this time ♔ : Finding the other wearing their clothes as requested by @bisexualwinry - though when i stopped to think about it, i think they would wear each other’s clothes so often that it’s no big deal. and as you can see, i swapped outfits i have drawn on them before~

(i’ve only gotten two more reqs lined up so if you wanna see something drawn sooner throw me an ask?)

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this time i got lazy and didn’t feel like making the full pic work but you know if you wanna see the larger pic’s (half-finished) outlines it’s under the cut

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so about that feh update


couldn’t decide which one i liked better so y’all can have both

might post a close-up of vax’s armor later ( ᐛ)

Ladies of Darkness 19/?

“Vahkiel’s been asking me to make a sword and I’m very scared.”

So hey it’s Ladies of Darkness, @ladiesofdarkness, guest-starring a billion animals.  DMKat has several pets who all decided that this was the episode where they should make lots of noise.  (I love her cat because, is a cat.  I love most of them.)

Anyway it’s an intermission episode, last arc was super fuckin exhausting.  But like in a good way.  But still.  We need a break, the characters need a break, the players need a break, the DM needs a break, I need a break, BREAKS FOR FUCKING EVERYONE.  Even the spooky poem voice at the beginning needs a break they were all prose because they are on vacation well you know what ME TOO VOICE me too.  I’m with ya.  Cowabunga.

So they get back to their sort of home base place and report in to Nina and Nina’s like “So you got the demon” and I swear to god, I thought they might not.  Because like.  They kind of skipped over the whole “seal defeated demons in vacuum cleaner” step and for a second I thought the DM was gonna be like, nope you gotta go alllllll the way back and get them.  And fuck that noise.  But nah DMKat is cool about that, I mean she did kind of launch into a prepared monologue at the end of the fight so it would have been a premium dick move to then say “Oh btw you forgot to vacuum yer demons.”  Premium dick.

And Charlie hangs out with Mary Margaret because MM does not like hanging solo with Richie.  Becauuuuuuuse he got his memory wiped and she’s not allowed to talk about magic shit because then Haniel will be piiiiiiiiissed.  So she’s just like, that friendship got super awkward and uncomfortable.  Which is so sad!  But not as sad as this incredibly awkward conversation about a pickup truck.  That’s tragic.  So anyway they go to the movies and rag on Richie’s taste and talk about college and wow Richie and Mary Margaret are going to like.  Super top-notch schools and Charlie seems to be feeling inadequate.  It’s okay Charlie you’re plenty adequate.  You’re cool as shit.

Meanwhiiiiile Arakiel is learning more about enchanting from Nina.  And Dorian is there!  For some, reason.  He might have legitimate business with Nina that they will get into once she is done training Arakiel.  He might like hanging around Nina because she’s a big fan of his TV show and it makes him feel important.  He might like hanging out around Arakiel, because really, who doesn’t?  Regardless of the reason, Arakiel is crying about it.  Also Arakiel discovered garden gnomes!  And wants to enchant them!  So Arakiel made an absolutely gorgeous gentlemanly garden gnome backpack that heals you while you wear it named Daniel!  This is a beautiful thing that happened here.

And then Valoel is hanging with Doris, by which I mean hanging around the kitchen and playing music.  Dedicating pieces to peeps, eating vast amonts of lasagna because Doris cooks.  Lailah, the demon that possesses her, not so much with the cooking.  I guess they don’t really get along but at the same time they seem to have worked out a sort of timeshare on the body so.  Can’t be that bad.  And they talk about how weird it is that Valoel and her host are sort of.  Merged.

So it was a preeeeeeetty chill episode which of course was basically the point.  Chill intermission episode after all the drama, and then who knows what’s happening next arc, I’m excited!  Are you excited?  You should be excited.  Please excite more.