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There’s never a dull moment with Hyejin. We can make each other laugh and smile with the silliest of jokes and actions and she brightens up my day like no other. If I had to describe her in one word, it would be goddess.“

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Did you know about Ramsay?

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Whats your opinion of septicpie/jelix/pewdiejack/whatever its called now?

I love Jelix bro! Theyre cute dumb meme lords together! Ive already done a mistletoe jelix drawing before so hA.

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But as for ships man, Im a huge multi shipper. even if I don’t already ship it, you could probably convince me with good enough art or explanation (that happened with septiplier lol) and even if I didn’t ship it, I’d never be opposed to someone else shipping a thing.

geno needs all of the hugs in the world

The anatomy is kinda wonky b/c halfway through lining I had a gREAT IDEA for more mommacq fanart and…. I kinda rushed to get this done so I could start the other one. whoops.

He’s also wearing Fresh’s hat because yes


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shipping based on chemistry is awesome and all but

please still respect fellow roleplayers who play homosexual muses/hc their character as homosexual and therefore only want to rp same sex pairings

please still respect fellow roleplayers who play heterosexual muses/hc their character as heterosexual and therefore only want to rp opposite sex pairings

please still respect fellow roleplayers who flat out refuse to ship their character with anyone who plays a certain other bc they just don’t like the idea of the pairing in canon and can’t/don’t want to get past that aversion to rp it

please don’t use shipping based on chemistry as an excuse to pressure others into shipping things they don’t want to ship!


A Wrong Answer parody video! (Ahh! I cringe at this video for some reason xD)

(Wrong answer belongs to @picklestand!) Hope you like it! :D

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  Yes. That face. The face of a man who didn’t need a name as his presence was known by all. 

  Reiner would find that Seifer had no choice but to wear it like a mask so often during his fiance’s absence. Yes, this was the face of a man who could set aside family and loyalty and do what was necessary to ensure survival. 

  Survive. That was the goal those last few months, hadn’t it? A darkness followed Seifer when he wore those same expressions, those familiar mannerisms. The adjusting of a family ring, the slight tilt of his head as he looked to Reiner like he was worth so little.

  That was the Almasy way, the Almasy face. That was what was needed to persevere. To overcome. Doubt in the mind of a man like Seifer Almasy took him to strange and dangerous places. “I received a most unusual message today. My love, there’s a question that I must ask–” 

  It’s never a question when he uses that tone of voice, it’s a command. There’s a reason why Seifer’s hand was hidden behind his back– 

  “Do tell me why you chose to return now of all times?"