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Maid For A Day - Dave Hodgman

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dave Hodgman/Reader

Word Count: 4345

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving in a way), Master Kink

Notes: I blame Persona 5 for this idea. It was just a funny idea and I can see Dave’s friends trying to get him laid. This is kinda just pure silliness that leads to fucking a hot guy.

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No Touching (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader) Imagines

The Team Flash and you have finally found a replacement for Harry. He called himself “HR” of E19. While they were going through introductions, Harry seemed to like HR alright; that is, until he tried flirting with you…


“Well, hello, hello, hello,” the sweet, stylistically-dressed man sauntered over to you and placed a hand on his hip, as if attempting to look suave. “Now who - in the devil - are you?”

Your face flushed.

While you knew your heart belonged to Harry - specifically the one from Earth 2 - you couldn’t help but become a little charmed with his replacement, HR. Dressed in designer jeans, a wrinkle-free tee and a nice leather jacket that complimented his frame, HR looked very dashing.

And according to his behavior, he had a personality to match his well-groomed appearance.

Though you were fully aware that Harry and HR were two different people - two different entities - you couldn’t help but feel as if you were getting to know another side of your lover.

The very thought excited you.

“Please don’t be shy, my darling,” HR smiled, gently gripping your chin so that you could look at him. “I just want to know your name…”

“I’m -” you began to respond; but, was shortly cut off.

“Her name’s ___________,” Harry cut in, as he stepped between you two. Shooting his doppelganger a dark, dirty glare, he raised his gun ever so slightly. “Don’t touch her.”

The surprised look on your face evidently mirrored your teammates’. Though you and Harry had been going out for a few weeks now, he hardly acted clingy or possessive about you. If anything, his behavior remained indifferent as before.

…Then again, you blinked, a sudden thought dawning on you. There wasn’t anyone else that could challenge his position as your boyfriend…

HR clasped a hand on Harry’s shoulder.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” HR apologized; though, the big, goofy smile on his face showed that he hardly felt threatened by his counterpart. “I didn’t mean to step on any toes.”

“Yeah, well,” Placing a hand on HR’s, he slipped off his doppelganger’s hand from his shoulder, still unamused. “You did…”

Just as you were about to intervene and say something in order to calm Harry down, the man slipped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you in for a deep, heated kiss. Beside you, Barry, Cait and Wally had grown wide-eyed; whereas, Cisco experienced the worst of your PDA, and let out a loud, whooping “Well, okay…!!”

Jesse, on the other hand, seemed completely cool with the situation - as if she already expected this sort of scenario to happen.

Still tense and rigid yet pleasantly surprised, you found yourself unable to kiss Harry back; though he didn’t seem to mind. Releasing his grip on you, Harry brushed a few strands of hair out of your face before returning his attention to his look-alike.

“________’s mine,” Harry claimed, dominatingly. “So don’t touch her…”

voltron angst

what if Coran sacrifices himself for Allura/everyone.

I mean, he knows he and Allura are the last alteans alive, but they’re in a dire situation and that he knew he had to sacrifice himself just so everybody doesn’t die and that he saved the last altean from being extinct, killing himself in the process.

aha, maybe we’re going to be met with an unexpected death in future seasons maybe? Some more langst and that allura is going to be traumatized as hell? Lance loses someone he talked his homesickness to about? Allura’s gotta stay strong and Lance faces with homesickness alone??? or is it the other way around where lance actually dies saving Coran from killing himself trying to save everybody?

cuz, he’s just a boy from Cuba ryt?

either everybody grieves over Coran’s death or Coran regrets saying his plan out loud and being too slow to actually stop Lance.

Three types of angst in one uh-oh.

Saint-Just: *rants to Robespierre* I hate him. He thinks he’s so clever with his journal and his wit and his maaarvellous hair. What kind of name is ‘Camille’ anyway? If you say it out loud enough times it really starts to sound ridiculous. And that speech, anyone could have made that speech, it’s not like it was a big deal. Big whoop, you stood on a table at yelled without stuttering, wow. “Wear green, green like my pretty eyes!” God, I hate him. Did you see how he looked at me today? I bet he thinks he’s so much better than me. And his stupid little smirks, like he’s always up to something. I wish I had him here, I’d show him.

Robespierre: *fumbles desperately for earplugs*

Camille: *rants to Robespierre* He thinks he’s so suave and worldly and mysterious, have you seen the way he walks? His strut is killing me. He thinks he’s some kind of god! He just makes me so angry, Maxime! And can we please talk about that hair? No one’s hair can be that shiny. It just looks weird. I bet it’s greasy. I’ll find out if it’s greasy. Do you know what he’s doing tonight? I like the element of surprise.

ROBESPIERRE: Oh my god, I’m trying to run a revolution here.

Like…I think media criticism is a valid thing and I think if you want to be a writer, you HAVE to expect some of it (kind of like if you become President you HAVE to realize some people will vocally despise you on general principle alone and grin and bear it–WHOOPS DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD?)

But I also think that SJ fandom acts really… entitled, sometimes. Like… writers are people who like things, just like you. We also make things, which is labor-intensive. Writing a novel involves more stages and often more and differing sorts of work than writing a long fic, for example.

And yet when we put them out there it’s not “well I really thought x and y were interesting, but as a disabled Latina this bit grated on me because actually in my experience, it’s more like a b c”

It’s “omg don’t read Blah Blee the representation is HORRIBLE omg.”

Like, sometimes it is! Some things are terrible!

But sometimes it feels to me like SJers treat writers like Friendzonis treat women: like we’re vending machines that should pop out exactly what they want if they say the right things.

So I was talking one night about how, if there was going to be another LOTR or Hobbit adaptation, a Netflix miniseries, not a movie trilogy, would be the way to go. Which I agree with, but then it was also suggested that, (theoretically speaking, bc of the legal), The Silmarillion should get this treatment too and…well, yeah, sometime, okay, but first, I’m not sure the Silmarillion would be the place to start off with. It just relies so heavily on dangling scraps of brain-numbing tangential exposition that it’s a ridiculous entry barrier if you’re not already asking burning questions about “but what happened with…?”

But, if there’s one other story arc in Tolkien’s work that would work really well, it’s the story of the making of the rings of power and the War of the Elves and Sauron, the version told in “The History of Galadriel and Celeborn” from the Unfinished Tales. I think they did something with that in that video game, what’s it called, already. That’s probably one of the most satisfying and easy Tolkien stories to translate into a visual medium, given enough budget. Such strong connection to what general audiences are already familiar with, such suspenseful and dialogue-and-location-based dramatic interplay of personalities and wartime troop movements, and so many interpersonal and inter-group dynamics that are so vividly and clearly externalized into actions that work in a visual medium. Like:

  • There’s strong, well-integrated situational backstory, for the premise. A post-apocalyptic and badly ravaged, yet (apparently) hopeful, peaceful, and unoppressed new world full of possibilities, the establishment and flourishing of new realms after Morgoth’s defeat (Numenor, Lindon, Eregion, Khazad-dum, the Sindar moving east) and everything is beautiful and free of worries……or is it? *dramatic music*
  • There’s relevant, well-integrated personal backstory, for the characterization (also angst ofc). Elrond & Elros’s relationship and elf vs human philosophizing and the dissolving of the old subservient relationships between humans and elves as humans establish Numenor. Gil-galad ruling the varied displaced peoples that came to Lindon during the destruction of Beleriand. Galadriel and Celeborn and Celebrimbor going to Eregion, and the memory of a) the ruin of Doriath and b) Finrod influencing and complicating Galadriel’s desire to establish a friendship with the dwarves of nearby Khazad-dum because she is the only one who can tell something is still rotten in the state of Middle Earth
  • There’s the “everything’s happy and nothing hurts” first part of the story: peace in Lindon, growth in Numenor, Dwarf-elf friendship and cooperation in Eregion and Khazad-dum with the embrace of cultural differences and exchange benefiting both races so much, scenery porn of the shiny pretty things and booming economy and fabulous prosperity.
  • In the interests of a personal illustration of the above and of the Gwaith-i-Mirdain’s interest in rings of power that can stop death and decay, there’s Celebrimbor and Narvi being huge bffs and the potential for Celebrimbor being devastated by Narvi’s death, like Elrond experiencing Elros’s death, variants on the elves’ general dismay with the transient nature of life in Middle Earth.
  • There’s Sauron as Annatar, the villain who actually has a super-compelling personality and motivation of “these idiots still can’t do anything right I’m gonna take over, it’s for the best” who prefers to rely on enabling and manipulation of people’s weaknesses and desires rather than armies of orcs, to put to rest all those impressions that Sauron is a boring one-dimensional faceless unrelatable Giant Eye villain
  • Political intrigue like whoa! Especially in Eregion between Sauron and Galadriel and Celebrimbor, with Sauron managing to drive wedges and chip foundations everywhere. Plus there’s the potential for exchanges like:

Elrond: “yo, just dropping by to warn you this ‘Annatar’ guy is Bad News Bears. This’ll probably just add more fuel to the joke about how nobody ever listens to me when I say don’t do the thing, but just putting it out there”

Galadriel: “yeah IA but everybody loves him and I have no proof, what am I supposed to do, kick him out because I have a bad feeling and crush everyone who complains? I know I’ve wanted to rule all my life but now that I think about it I really didn’t set up this realm to be a tyrant”

Celebrimbor: “um, excuse, hdu accuse my wonderful lovely generous helpful understanding genius friend just because things are going well for a change is it so hard to believe some people are just genuinely nice and why aren’t we ever allowed to be happy and why are you such a mistrustful dick????”

Sauron: “omg ignore him he’s just insecure because Gil-galad hates me cuz I told him it’s unfair of him to try to sabotage other realms to keep them weak OH LOL WHOOPS DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD”

  • The way Sauron advances the doom-plot is by hijacking all the cooperation-gung-ho stuff Galadriel’s been successfully pushing and turning it into “but srsly, have you considered: rings,” and manipulating her people into kicking her out of her realm, because that’s how Sauron is so effective at villaining, by getting rid of anyone who has any common sense bc Sauron’s biggest enemy is plain old common sense, like people who consider how big a pain in the ass it would be to weed a garden the size of Mordor
  • There is actual legit not-shoehorned romantic drama regarding Galadriel and Celeborn splitting up over accepting the dwarves’ help in passing through Khazad-dum to Lothlorien, because Celeborn can’t let go of his grudge (which is still sympathetic, because grief/trauma) or his belief that dwarves are traitorous selfish dicks, and the two of them reuniting later after he’s proven wrong
  • That scene after Celebrimbor goes to Galadriel after finding out Annatar is Sauron and admits she was right; when the two of them decide they should really, really destroy all the rings “but they failed to find the strength.” Just. Wow. That scene. I picture how that scene would go down too much.
  • The whole story arc of Sauron and Celebrimbor’s epic fake friendship, with lies, manipulation, trust, betrayal, secrets. And all of the implied philosophical stuff surrounding Sauron’s beliefs vs Celebrimbor’s beliefs vs the situation of the different races of Middle Earth during the Second Age has a chance for its meaning to be debated over at length when Celebrimbor is captured and tortured
  • The War of the Elves and Sauron is possibly the most suspenseful and cinematic war in all of Tolkien, tbh, and the progression and turning points of the war are so emotionally and socially charged and meaningful and flow logically from one phase to the next with more-than-sufficient backstory set-up to support the context and motivations and implications of each decision and event and give them glorious weight. Sauron’s terrifying unstoppable invasion when Celebrimbor hides the rings and ruins his plans. Elrond rushing over from Lindon to try to defend Eregion but he’s totally overpowered and surrounded. Gil-galad begging Numenor for help in a big hurry, but Numenor is too far away, Sauron is too strong, all the great works of Eregion are looted and destroyed and everyone is dying and all hope is lost – BUT THEN! Dwarves come pouring out of Khazad-dum, side by side with Silvan and Sindar elves from Lothlorien, everyone putting aside their differences to pool their strength probably with Galadriel as a conduit between them, and are fucking awesome and totally save a ton of the dwarves’ elf-buddies from Eregion and bite Sauron in the ass so hard that he lets Elrond and his remaining army escape with the survivors of Eregion because dwarves are just that awesome and not selfish dicks at all so suck it
  • And Elrond in turn founds Rivendell, establishes the one last stronghold in Eriador that defies Sauron when all the land around them is conquered, and even though generosity and hospitality led to Eregion’s downfall, Elrond still decides to accept the fleeing refugees pouring in from all over Eriador, and they join his forces and because of this decision, this tattered little rag-tag refugee camp of various races becomes big and strong enough to hold Sauron back just enough to delay his destruction and conquest, just long enough for Numenor to come sailing in like Big Damn Heroes just in the nick of time before Sauron reaches Lindon and omg these dinky humans who Elros was so taken with he gave up his immortality to join them are the ones who save the day and totally kick Sauron’s ass and it’s G R E A T.
  • Of course, being a prequel to LOTR, the victory is mostly a downer, because a ton of people are dead and everything is in ruins. And Sauron still has the 16 rings and is going around corrupting human rulers. And the dwarf-elf friendship starts fading away now that Eregion is destroyed and the dwarves are probably kind of pissed at the elves for being so dumb. And these majestic Numenoreans who are all that’s left of Elrond’s dead twin brother are…actually starting to get uncomfortably dickish and bullying to other humans and bitter and jealous of elves’ immortality (ironic, because a component of Numenor’s founding legends is that death is sort of cool and maybe better than immortality) and maybe are just as big continent-dooming fuck-ups as the elves were and aren’t shining hopeful heroes of the future? And Galadriel and Gil-Galad and Cirdan sit around looking at the Three Rings for the Elven Kings Under the Sky that they can’t even use and go “fuck, now what???”
  • Now hopefully everyone will be on board for a sequel series about the Akallabeth and the Last Alliance, and then a pre-prequel series about the Silmarillion oh wait I forgot this entire post is moot bc of legal. Uhhhh…maybe a novel-length fanfic would work a lot better anyway so who cares (”why don’t YOU write it?” “NO U”)

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Nonpowered!AU - Tony's cat often sneaks using the emergency stairs to the apartment below and Tony's been feeling kinda jealous here, so he attaches a message on her collar to whoever's been bribing his cat with expensive cat treat. To his surprise, he got a reply and he began corresponding with the guy who turned out to be interesting and smart. One day there's a knock on his door and it's the mystery guy with his cat and an invitation to dinner. (and maybe there's kittens?)

A/N: Didn’t get the kittens, but I hope you still enjoy! - Taylor

You can also read this on Ao3!

“Jarvis!” Tony rattles the cat bell again and strides into the kitchen. “Here, kitty, kitty!” The expected jingle of Jarvis’s collar and the light click of his nails over the tile floor doesn’t come, and Tony’s frown deepens. It seems his cat’s snuck off yet again.

Resigned, Tony crosses to the east wall of his condo and heaves one of the windows open to reveal the fire escape. “Jarvis!” He calls again. For another moment, there’s no reply.

Then the metal stairs creak lightly and Tony grins at the sight of his cat trotting up them. “Hey bud,” he says as Jarvis jumps gracefully back into the apartment. “You’re giving me a complex here. I spend tens of dollars on cat toys and it’s still not good enough for you? What does that dude have that I don’t?”

Jarvis sniffs gracefully and proceeds to ignore Tony in favor of curling up in a patch of carpet warmed by the sun. Tony rolls his eyes and sits down at his drafting table. Rent’s not going to pay itself, after all.

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Livius: It wasn't hard to sense her, in fact it was quite easy for him. Another skeletal being--one that was not Lewis surprisingly. That was quite shocking to him. But her appearance--dear god. "Holy shit you're so fucking ugly." Did he just say that out loud? Whoops.

Melodie had never been so angry in her entire death. As if she didn’t already know her appearance was shocking- this demon ass had to waltz right up and open it’s mouth. Eyes glowing, she reared up, starring at the being before her.

“I don’t make a habit of hurting anyone,” she hissed. “But ghosts don’t have much room for many emotions or for reason when those emotions get a little complicated. So you had better mind your manners, or I swear to God I will rip your throat out.”

She did not need the reminder that she was hideous- and whatever this things was it had offered the perfect excuse for her to loose all the progress she had made on controlling her temper.

Came in the Inbox:

I know that it was just Lucifer that Sam wanted to talk to but once Sam is actually in the cage Adam and Michael should be there as well. Any ideas on where they are?

The Cage we saw in the episode wasn’t the real Cage.  At the beginning of the episode, the Winchesters had a whole conversation with Crowley about how to execute their plan with the least amount of danger to Sam and lowest risk of accidentally setting Lucifer free (’cause history tells us that’s totally something that would happen).

(Whoops, did I say that out loud?  Anyways…)

The idea was finding a way to create a “neutral ground” for the meeting so they could control the interaction.  Remember, when they first arrived at the Cage we saw, it was empty.  Rowena’s job, besides the warding, was calling Lucifer forth from the actual Cage.  That’s why Michael/Adam weren’t there.  They were still in the real Cage.

Basically, don’t think of what we saw as the actual Cage so much as a representation of it (hence the need for all the warding and Rowena’s interpretation of the Book of the Damned).

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“Oh my god, did you just say that out loud?” (Whoops my finger slipped)

Raphael tilted his head a little bit in confusion, as all he’d said was that Yume looked sexy in that dress. But, apparently, that wasn’t something that couples did with each other, according to that reaction.

“I just said that you’re sexy…”

(Gotta love those slips of the fingers~)

New RWBY Episode 5

● Oh, right. Team CRDL is still a thing.

● And now they’re not.

● Damn! Penny is fucking savage!

● Other girl…not so much. What’s her weapon, her watch?

● RUBY X PENNY GLOMPING! My two little dweebs!

● Ciel Soleil (not sure if spelled correctly). Okay, so she’s an Atlas military crony in training I guess. What, they have a JROTC program in Atlas?

● Also, she’s got like some sort of dosier on Ruby. Weird!

● “She’s like Blake, but if Blake was ordered to spend time with you.”

“Oh, so Weiss.”


● OMG Ruby, that’s a derogatory impression of synthetic lifeforms everywhere! Let me start a FNDM-wide debacle about how Ruby’s the worst character ever! #RobotLivesMatter (Yeah, see how ridiculous that sounds? That was last episode with the skirt story. Stupid, huh?)

● Awwww, Penny with the magnet and the sun hat and gosh darn she’s a cutie! ^////^

● Wow, this bitch actually timed a damn minute. Snoooore!

● Ah yeah, time for Weiss and Yang to kick ass! (Or so I would think until 1 minute into the future)

● Wow, glad to see the Arts programs in Atlas Academy still get representation. More than I can say for American schools-WHOOPS, DID I JUST SAY THAT OUT LOUD??

● Fuckin’ Flynt Coal you smooth, jivin’ muthafucka.


● Btw, masterful strategy on the part of Team Neon. Fuck with their heads to psych them out of the fight. Respect!

● Ohhhhhh, wooooooow. Weiss and Yang are getting their asses stomped.



● Damn, but that jazz composition of established RWBY songs! That’s my jam!

● Holy shit, glowstick nunchuks are pretty fucking cool! With dust abilities, ah damn son!

● Shadow Clone Jutsu! (RWBY style)


● Weiss comes back from being burned in lava with a white Atlesian technology armor suit complete with helmet and respirator. DARTH SCHNEE CONFIRMED!

● Damn, the power of slick-ass jazz musician chic saved Flynt from the lava. Who woulda thunk?

● Shoulda called this episode “Salt Central”. Seriously, Neon still talking all that smack bullshit holy fuck.


● Yeah, see why rollerskates are bad in a fight? You fuck up just like that.

● Aw, Weiss isn’t in need of an Atlesian technology armor suit with helmet and respirator. Darth Schnee decomfirmed.

● Woah, where did her color go!?

● Oh, there it is.

● Flynt, I respect your begrudging but honorable show of respect. I respect your respect, dawg. Respect!

● Oh look, Blake gets a line this episode.

● FUCK, CINDER HAS THE PLANS TO THE DEATH STAR…I MEAN PENNY! (Alright, enough with the Star Wars. I’m just excited over Battlefront and The Force Awakens.)

● More Wizard of Oz Tin Man references about Ironwood. Shit, I dunno, maybe Ironwood IS evil.

● Pyrrha, what are you doing he-OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!

● Heard rumors that Pyrrha might die. This development is scaring me that it might be true! Pyrrha can’t die! Please god no! She’s like my favorite character next to Qrow! ;~;