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more pottertalia

a pretty good bad idea (6/8)

pairing: Trini/Kimberly (Power Rangers)

chapter summary:   The Rangers try to teleport, Zordon tries to give advice, and Kim attempts to figure things out. (Hint: none of these things go super well.)

a/n:  I have to admit, I am thoroughly distracted by band AU thoughts, but the Garbage City Troupe Tour continues onward, and now with an end in sight! (Maybe.)


What I know is that I loved you and you rejected me and for what? For him…I spent my entire life feeling like I wasn’t as good as him and you’re the one person, you’re the one person who made me feel like I was worth something. But I guess that was just a lie, huh?
—  Caleb Haas’ reaction to finding out that the girl he loved  is now hooking up with his dad