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the special boys 

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request! mccree and hanzo arm-wrestle... who wins?

it was rlly hard to pick a winner but..

i talked to @overdrivecow who figured out that theres more to arm wrestling than just pure strength; a lot of it is in the technique, which mccree certainly learned somewhere at some point!! 


That’s right its me :D If you wanted to know what’s going on in the vid, I recommend you to watch Give me love by Ed sheeran (original video)

The vibe at the end of the song give me the chills and inspiration to draw some Krii7y. Give me that Krii7y ;))))))))


“We’re lost in the woods somewhere in New Jersey, and we’re never gonna make it to LA.”“How did they end up in a high school? In New Jersey?”

so the lightning thief is streaming the cast recording till July 7th and its really good

The Park

This is a oneshot series; it is a high school au.

Summery: It began in a park, but it wouldn’t end there.

Tags: @thesides @monikastec @im-the-smart-one @virgillikespurple @virgilsspidercurtains @hawkfires (lemme know if you want on/off the tag list!)

It began in a park. It wasn’t a particularly remarkable park, but to them it was the whole world, a place that was completely and utterly theirs. It held a set of rusty swings that creaked when hit by the gentlest of winds, a slide that was too small for any of them to use now, a roundabout with chipped paint and rusty metal handles and the mysterious spinney thing that no one knew the name of. Among this playground equipment there was a group of four teenagers, all of them far more remarkable than the park itself.

The tallest teenager was in ribbed jeans and a t-shirt despite the snow on the ground. He wore boots and a packet of cigarettes could be seen poking out of his pocket, though they where unopened and there wasn’t a cigarette on his person. The space patterned glasses on his face didn’t seem to match his outfit, but he wore them with so much pride no one cared.

The teen beside him was quite a bit shorter, and wore an over-sized hoodie with various space-related patches on it, his trainers had galaxy patters on them (and they matched those of the tallest teens glasses) and he wore jeans with flowers climbing up the legs of them. His hand was being held by the taller teen protectively, despite the two of them being completely at ease.

The shortest teen wore a bright red hoodie and torn jeans, both of which where splattered with various different colors of paint. His worn black boots had the soles peeling off them, soaking his feet through his socks, yet the cold he must have been feeling didn’t seem to affect him as he passionately waved his hands about whilst explaining something to the teen that stood besides him.

The final teenager was the only one that was dressed suitably for the weather; he wore a thick puffy jacket and a light blue scarf with jeans and snow-boots. His hands where covered by gloves that matched his scarf, though they weren’t visible as they where wrapped tightly around his chest.

“How aren’t you cold?” The warmly-dressed one asked, his breath visible in the late night air.

“I am, but I shall suffer for my aesthetic Patton,” the t-shirt wearer replied before shivering when he felt snow hit his exposed neck.

“One, I know Logan. Two, what about you guys?”

“Same as Lo,” the space obsessed one said with a sigh before leaning into Logan’s side.The taller teen wrapped his arm around him protectively.

“Virgil, honey, you could catch a cold,” Logan muttered, though he only recived a shrug in response.

“Don’t own a jacket,” the red hoodie teen said with a blush of embarrassment.

“Roman, you -”

“I gave it to Missy, she had a growth sprout and needed a new jacket,” Roman mumbled, his face a deep scarlet now, before turning away from Patton and looking intensely at a tree.

Patton sighed and Virgil took this as his opportunity to change the subject onto something that was more comfortable.

“Have any of you done the history homework? Because I sure haven’t.” He asked, and Roman shot him a grateful smile at the obvious change of subject.

“Fuck no, Mr Dickie sent me outta his class before he could give it,” Logan said with a laugh as he remembered the (fondly dubbed) Hamilton Incident.

“Ugh, I wish he had sent me out. I don’t understand anything he says!” Roman angrily yelled, throwing his hands everywhere in impassioned fury.

“Am I the only one that did the homework?”

“Patton… you don’t take history,” Logan muttered quietly before checking the time on this phone, “And, Ro, you should start heading home or Missy and Peter will be worried.”

It began in a truly unremarkable park, but it caused some truly remarkable people; and they where sure that it wouldn’t end there.

Happy birthday @vallanoble!

I’m really hoping I got your birthday right (or at least a day close to it); otherwise, this would be embarrassing, hah. Anyways, I was gonna draw Leon from RF4, buuut he ended up being difficult to draw, so I drew Chrom instead.

It’s not much, but I wanted to thank you for all the support you have given me. I hope you have a wonderful day today!