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request! mccree and hanzo arm-wrestle... who wins?

it was rlly hard to pick a winner but..

i talked to @overdrivecow who figured out that theres more to arm wrestling than just pure strength; a lot of it is in the technique, which mccree certainly learned somewhere at some point!! 

  • MC: [prays before eating]
  • Yoosung: Oh MC, I didn't know you were religious.
  • MC: I'm not... I'm just praying that I don't die from eating your food.

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hey sorry if this is like an obvious or dumb question but in ur peter pan au why does shou wear that covering over his eyes? again, sorry ive u've already answered this or soemthing, im genuinely curious

haha no actually I have never said anything about that at all, so it’s fine that you asked really!!! 

the whole thing with the bandage around peters eyes stems from the goddess of justice stuff actually. its a long connection full of shortcuts and jumps, but the long and short of it is that dreams are had when eyes are closed, and peter here is forever a refugee, so I find that fitting. 

yeah its not a very fun idea huh… but well the long version is even worse so ye a

i just watched all knb last game previews again and i’m…. i need to re-watch all of knb again asap i haven’t seen it in like a year or something what have i been doing with my life (haikyuu is consuming it but shhhh) and i’m so gonna make some edits omg

(so I haven’t seen many headcanons about Neil and Coach Hernandez and this has been bugging me for a few days so I’m posting it.)

  • Neil probably doesn’t go to see Coach Hernandez after everything that goes down.
  • he probably never does.
  • it’s not that he isn’t grateful, but Millport is kinda where everything started and I can’t see him going back there.
  • he doesn’t talk about Millport or his time there to people.
  • no one ever brings up Hernandez
  • they’re not sure about how he’ll react.
  • Andrew probably does at some point maybe he just casually mentions him
  • and maybe Neil shuts down and walks away or tells him “no”.
  • Hernandez doesn’t expect to see Neil again
  • he doesn’t expect anything from him
  • especially not after the news of his past
  • he does watch every game though
  • he probably has a Foxes jersey or something with Neil’s number
  • (maybe he makes his students watch the Foxes games)
  • but what I’m getting at is:
  • he just supports neil, the boy whose life was worse than he imagined.
  • Neil on the other hand.
  • he thinks about Hernandez even though he doesn’t talk about him with the Foxes
  • he thinks about how he helped him
  • how he changed his life,
  • maybe even saved him.
  • maybe one of the road trips takes them to or through Arizona and they pass a sign
  • Andrew probably slows down a bit and looks over at him, but neil just turns away and looks out the window.
  • Wymack probably knows neil thinks about Hernandez
  • he probably talks to him on the phone
  • or updates him on how neil is
  • he offers him tickets to the games, but Hernandez always turns him down
  • he’s not sure how neil would react if he saw him or knew he’d be there

  • but one day
  • the Foxes are in the championship again
  • maybe it’s Neil’s junior year and the twins and Nicky’s senior year
  • they beat USC again
  • only by like one goal though.
  • and neil looks up from where he’s celebrating with the team
  • and sees Hernandez talking to Wymack like the two of them are best friends.
  • it throws him off a bit and he freezes
  • but Nicky drags him back into the group before he can properly react.
  • Andrew and Renee noticed though and they look up at Wymack.
  • Andrew obviously recognizes Hernandez as Neil’s old coach
  • but doesn’t really care.
  • they go to get changed
  • Neil rushes through it
  • he doesn’t talk with the other as they celebrate
  • he just takes the fastest shower possible and changes then rushes out before anyone can say something.
  • he runs out to the parking lot where there’s still crowds of people celebrating
  • he sees Hernandez standing on the edge of one of them, cheering with the other fans.
  • Hernandez is obviously wearing the Foxes jersey with Neil’s number
  • and that makes Neil smile
  • maybe he slips over and into the crowd, pulls his hood up so no one can see him
  • maybe he pats Hernandez on the back hard and sends him a grin before disappearing into the crowd
  • or maybe
  • maybe
  • he pulls him into something he hopes will be seen as one if those “you’re-a-stranger-but-our-team-won” hugs
  • but Hernandez knows it’s Neil
  • so he grins and hugs him back.
  • they don’t speak to each other
  • they never do
  • and neil slips out of the crowd
  • heads back to the locker room
  • where the rest of the Foxes are like
  • “where’d you go?“ “You good?” and stuff
  • Neil just brushes them off though and walks over to Andrew (he probably knows why neil left)
  • who looks at him
  • Neil says “yes” and Andrew pins him up against the locker and kisses him hard.
  • everyone else on the team just sorta groans
  • Neil and Andrew ignore them though
  • they head out after everyone is done
  • and Hernandez is still in the parking lot
  • he sees Neil, Andrew and the other Foxes and smiles before getting into his car
  • he’s glad neil is happy and is glad neil is playing exy.
  • maybe the next year the Foxes make it to the championship again and Hernandez gets an envelope in the mail with tickets to the game
  • and it continues as neil goes to play as a pro.
  • he gets tickets in the mail for final games
  • only if Neil’s team makes it to the finals (which they probably at least almost always do)
  • they send him tickets to the Olympics games too
  • and he goes to them all
  • until neil retires
  • by then
  • Hernandez is getting on with his age
  • and he gets an invite to Neil’s retirement party.
  • he’s really not sure about it though
  • but he goes
  • and sees Neil and Wymack and the Foxes he smiles when he sees Neil and Andrew
  • Neil looks good
  • he doesn’t look like a scared boy anymore
  • and he’s glad.
  • he doesn’t want to go up to Neil, but someone (Dan or Wymack) drag him over
  • Neil smiles and thanks him
  • he doesn’t say what he’s thanking him for
  • maybe it’s for coming
  • maybe it’s for supporting him
  • maybe it’s for everything because without Hernandez he wouldn’t be there
  • without hernandez he wouldn’t be anyone or anywhere
  • he’d still be running and hiding
  • but Hernandez just smiles
  • he’s tearing up a bit and Wymack claps him on the back
  • Neil hugs him
  • Andrew sort of nods
  • and Hernandez goes home that night
  • full of happiness for neil and everything he’s accomplished
  • glad that he sent that tape to Coach Wymack
  • knowing it was the best decision he could have made for the boy that used to break into school to sleep.

this may have gotten out of hand…

Superfruit & Boundaries

So I know that we all saw the La La Land Medley video, and it was so cute, funny, and of course it sounded AMAZING!! However, there is one thing I want to point out. A lot of fans are freaking out about the kiss that Scott and Mitch had in the video, and while I don’t mind shipping and (very minimal) speculation around relationships, I want everyone to please stay respectful. We don’t know everything behind the kiss. It could’ve been fake and solely for the video, it could’ve been legitimate, it could’ve been a combination of both. Whatever the case remember to be courteous of both Scott and Mitch and their privacy, because I know there have been times when we as a fandom have overstepped our boundaries and hurt the relationships of members in PTX. Of course this does not mean all Scömìche post are bad and off limits, but keep it contained. Relationships, whether platonic or romantic or other are so important and I want to respect that, so let’s be the kind awesome fans I know we can be!!! That said, THAT KISS WAS SO CUTE HHHHHGGG 😭😭😭❤️

protection for @tohrux

Fayren walked down the halls of the high school quietly, paying attention to his surroundings and staying on the down low, not wanting any attention from classmates who tended to harass him constantly

Head and eyes down, light steps; he continued. Just make it to the library; most of the time it’s relatively empty and there is a back door to get to the green house where you can hide until next period. Quick, but stay quiet. Straight and then a left, almost there but… there were voices echoing. 

Leave them alone and go– though Fayren’s curiosity got the better of him and looked down another hallway where a group of unfortunately somewhat familiar faces were gathered. However… Tohru was there as well. He had only recently started living with the others a month ago, so the two weren’t terribly close, but she didn’t seem like she would get along with them. They weren’t pleasant people, well maybe they were to people they liked, though they didn’t look like they were being very nice to her. 

Fay carefully got closer, though trying to stay hidden. Maybe she was having a good time– he wouldn’t interrupt, he was just listening to make sure she was safe. Though technically that was eavesdropping and pretty rude; he continued anyway. The group’s words weren’t good though. They were harsh and filled with judgement and cruel intent. They had her pretty much surrounded, laughing and taking advantage of her nice nature.

Before thinking, the boy quickly stood in front of his friend Tohru and stared at them. “L-leave her alone!” He managed to spit out at them before he realized what a mistake he was making. He should have gotten Yuki or Kyo. Or Haru. Or even Momiji would offer more help than Fayren could. 

One of them challenged Fayren eagerly, stepping close to him. Too close for his comfort, the lack of distance making him extremely uncomfortable; the significantly smaller boy desperately wanted to back away but glued himself to the floor in order to protect Tohru. He said something but Fayren didn’t really hear and before he knew it he was hit to the ground with red leaking from his nose. He held his face for a moment, then wiped the blood. Frowning, he quickly stumbled to get back up, wanting more than anything to make sure Tohru wouldn’t get hurt. 

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Your new mafia!au art is so beautiful, holy hell. Are you comfortable with people using your art for icons, sidebar images, etc, if credit is given? I'm sorry if you've answered this already in an FAQ but I'm on mobile (and I'm super in love with Otabek's back in your art whoops)

AHHH thank you!!!

And I am okay as long as credit is given in an obvious place :D


Alpha Kids God Tier Photoshoot at Närcon Winter 2015, Sweden.

Roxy: lordspongle
Jane: salmonini
Jake: fishymemermaid
Dirk: hstuckers
Photographer: mrevilfaget