Okay, I'm here to dumb it down for some of ya'll

So if Taeyang or whatever took a simple selfie or simple video of himself with his normal face and said exactly what he said ‘Happy Monkey new year’ with that little monkey emoji then that would have been fine and dandy cause it’s the year of the monkey and it’s the Chinese New Year.

BUT because this foolish man decided he wanted to morph his face into a black mans face, for absolutely no reason that can be found, then that’s not okay. Black people have always been referred to as monkeys and this guy made himself look like a black man and said Happy monkey new year and we as black people cant see that as anything other than racist.

Why is this so hard to understand? Your fav is problematic or just really fucking stupid idk idc stop defending racism. Please, it’s 2016, just stop.


Author: Merlyn Bane

Summary: You take Dean home to meet your parents. First he’s scared, and then he’s…not.

Warnings: Language, smut. Yeah…that’s pretty much it for this one.

Side note: Reader request! Enjoy, Darling <3

(y/h/t) = your home town

“Dean, come on. They’re gonna love you!”

Dean poked his head out of your shared bedroom to glare at you. He’d been in there for the last hour, trying on everything in his closet like a teenage girl going on a date despite the fact that he basically had many sets of the same outfit in different colors—maybe with some variation to the pattern. “Right,” he replied sarcastically, “your parents are going to love your serial killer boyfriend.”

You gave your boyfriend a bitchface that almost rivaled Sam’s, crossing your arms over your chest. “Dean,” you enunciated slowly, your voice far too calm for the hunter’s comfort, “you are going to go back in that room, get dressed, and finish packing. And then we are going to get in the car, and we are going to drive to my parent’s house where you are going to be on your best goddamn behavior, and they are going to love you. Got it, Winchester?” You raised an eyebrow as you waited for a reply, tapping your foot in the way you knew drove him up the wall. For a second or two it looked like the elder Winchester might argue with you, but he appeared to think better of it, putting his hands up in surrender before disappearing back into the room. You rolled your eyes and sighed, rubbing your forehead.

It was your birthday and, as tradition mandated, that meant you would be spending the weekend in (y/h/t) with your family. You’d only missed one year since you left home, due to a werewolf hunt with the boys that had gone wayside, and you had thought the woman was going to kill you. In past years, Dean would stay back at the bunker with his brother while you went home and you would just celebrate your birthday with him when you got back, usually in ways that tended to involve more whipped cream than clothes, but this year your mother was putting her foot down. She wanted to meet ‘this mysterious man’ you’d been dating for the last four years, and she wasn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer.

Dean, naturally, had been less than thrilled with the whole debacle. The hunter was more than content with your relationship the way it was—just being together, no pressure to be anything you weren’t. Parents were an added complication in his mind, expecting you to get married and have two-point-five kids while he worked days as a doctor or a lawyer or some shit like that. He’d seen enough TV movies to know it tended to play out when someone’s precious baby girl brought home a guy like him and he didn’t want to put that sort of stress on you—it just wasn’t worth it. He was more than happy to let you go visit your folks and be home at the bunker waiting for you when you got back.

But…you seemed to want it, him meeting them, despite how much you insisted that you were just trying to placate your mother, and Dean…damn it, Dean would find a way to give you the stars if you wanted them. And so he found himself sitting in the front seat of the Impala hours later, parked in your parent’s driveway as you tried to coax him out of the car. You sighed, rubbing your forehead. “Dean, you can’t stay in the car forever.”

Dean raised a stubborn eyebrow at you, drumming his fingers against the steering wheel. “You underestimate Baby’s ability to support me,” he retorted.

You don’t know what you expected. You really don’t.  You let out a sigh, shaking your head and tsking lightly. Dean suddenly regarded you warily, and you had to hide a smirk. Good. Time to deploy your secret weapon. “I really didn’t want to have to do this, but since you insist on forcing my hand…”

“You’re about to threaten to withhold sex this weekend. I can feel it.”

Your brows furrowed, leaving a line between them as you looked at him incredulously. “What sex? Dean, we’re staying at my parent’s! We are not having sex here!”

Dean merely shrugged and you groaned, resisting the urge to bang your head against the car’s metal roof. You loved your boyfriend, you really did, but like with any other real couple there were times were you kind of just wanted to throttle him. He had a tendency toward the childish just as much as he did the self-destructive, and while you preferred it mostly because it was less likely to get his stupid ass killed, it still grated on your damn nerves. “Pie. My mom made pie.”

Dean was out of the car and just short of sprinting to the front door before you could so much as blink, and again, you had to sigh. You shook your head and made your way up the driveway to join him. It was going to be a long weekend.

“So, Dean, what do you do for a living?” your mother questioned, leaning forward with her chin resting on her hand as she regarded him with interest. You were all sitting at the kitchen table now with you and Dean next to each other and your parents across from you, lunch laid out across the table. Your dad had grilled up some burgers and hot dogs, which Dean was heartily digging into along with the cheesy stuffed potatoes your mom was known for. She’d made him wait for the pie—he’d only just barely made it past the pleasantries before asking about it, naturally, much to the amusement of your mother—until after dinner, but once you had gotten him inside and he realized that your parents weren’t out to crucify him he’d finally calmed down.

You’d known that your parents would like Dean from the beginning. He was a good, kind, strong man that treated you right and made you feel like some sort of goddess, and that’s all they’d ever wanted for you. Even you were surprised, though, at just how well they had taken to him. One look at Baby and your dad had him talking engines and steel frames like they’d known each other for years, and your mom looked about a step away from asking him to be in this year’s family Christmas card. And he was just being, well…Dean. Sure, he had taken your instructions to be on his ‘best goddamn behavior’ to heart, but other than that he was still acting like the Dean you watched b-list movie marathons and drank beer with at home. It did a lot toward easing your fears that your mom and dad would never really meet the man you planned to spend the rest of your life with, particularly after Dean’s last-ditch suggestion you brought Sam-the-Stanford-nerd here with you instead, and he was visibly less tense than he was when you first got here.

Dean went to answer but paused when he remembered that he had food in his mouth and was not in the company of his desensitized brother, actually taking the time to finish chewing and swallow like a normal human being. You knew the only reason Crowley called your boyfriend ‘Squirrel’ was as a Rocky and Bullwinkle reference, but sometimes the man really did remind you of a squirrel with his habit of stuffing his face to maximum capacity. Particularly with bacon cheeseburgers, which you father had been nice enough to make just for him. “I’m a mechanic, Ma’am. Bobby Singer—a close friend of my father’s—taught me how to fix cars when I was a kid. Said it would give me something to do with my hands instead of getting in trouble. I’ve been working on Ba—the Impala since I got he—it from my dad.”

Your mom chuckled, shaking her head at him. She pushed the plate of burgers in his direction slightly when she realized his was empty, rolling her eyes affectionately the same way she often did to your dad. “Dean, Sweetie, I’m no stranger to the wayward relationship between a man and his car. Has (y/f/n) not told you about the Chevelle he had when we met? Good Lord, that man would have spent twenty-four hours a day seven days a week just polishing that car if someone had let him. Calling your car ‘Baby’ is far from the strangest thing any of us at this table has done.”

You had to suppress a snort, coughing into your fist. Ain’t that the damn truth, you thought. Dean appeared to be on the same wavelength, picking up a burger and taking a bit out of it to hide a grin. When you hunted monsters for a living, and demons were something you dealt with on a fairly regular basis, ‘strange’ just…wasn’t really in your vocabulary anymore. If anything, ‘strange’ to you was routine for everyone else. Having no near death experiences in the span of a week, for example. That was fucking weird.

“Your baby sure is a beauty, Winchester.” Your dad told him wistfully, glancing at the Impala through the window, “And a four-door, too. That’s good. Won’t have to sell it if you have kids like I had to.” Dean froze at the word ‘kids’, swallowing the food in his mouth harshly enough to have you mildly concerned he was going to choke. You sighed, rubbing your forehead and resisting the urge to roll your eyes. Way to go, Dad.

You looked up and glared at your mom when she burst out laughing, reaching across the table to pat your arm. “Oh, Sweetie, you should have seen your faces.” she grinned, “That was priceless. Y/n, you know me and your dad aren’t going to pressure you to do anything, let alone have kids. Would I like some grandkids eventually? Well, yeah, but if it happens, it needs to happen when you two are ready. Your dad was right about the four doors, though. As nice as fastbacks are they don’t really work as a family car.”

You glanced over at Dean to see that he had relaxed marginally. You knew that he’d been worried that this would turn into a Bon Jovi “Living in Sin” moment, that your parents were going to hate him simply because he wasn’t that guy—that guy that you married and moved to suburbia and bought a dog with. But that wasn’t really you, either. Not anymore, at least. All you needed was for him to come home to you alive. And at the end of the day, you knew all your parents cared about was that you were happy.

So you smiled at them, standing up once you finished your food and reaching for Dean’s hand. He looked up at you curiously and you only shook your head and winked. “I think it’s time for us to turn in for the night, guys. It’s been a long day and we’re both kind of tired, so we’ll see you in the morning,”

Your mom smiled back, gesturing for you to get lost. “Goodnight, Sweetie.”

Dean was on you before you had even closed your door all the way, his hands on your hips and his lips at your neck.  You managed to kick it closed and lock it before he was lifting your shirt over your head, thankfully, just in time for him to turn you around and press you up against the wood. “Thought you said,” he breathed into your skin, pressing a serious of hot, wet kisses down your neck, “we weren’t having sex?”

“Changing her mind is a woman’s prerogative,” you huffed, impatiently tugging at the hem of his faded Led Zeppelin t-shirt and tossing it to the other side of the room once he pulled back enough for you to take it off. Not knowing where to put your hands first, you settled for resting them on his now bare chest, letting out a slightly startled gasp when he suddenly sunk his teeth into your shoulder. “Dean,” you whispered, his name coming out more of a breathy sigh than chiding tone you’d intended. He only laved his tongue over the spot he’d bitten in answer, soothing the sting before moving on down your chest. His eyes were glued to your breasts, contained in your basic white cotton bra, but from the look on his face it may as well have been top-shelf lingerie. 

“Goddamn, Baby,” he breathed, and then suddenly the fabric was gone, thrown unceremoniously over his shoulder God-knows-where and your nipple was encased in the hot cavern of his mouth. You let out a low groan, leaning your head back to rest against the door. Your hands tangled in his dark blond, surprisingly soft hair, holding his head in place despite the fact that Dean was quite happy where he was and didn’t seem to need direction to stay there. He sucked on the hardened peak until he had you writhing against him, his fingers tweaking the other nipple, making sure it got the same amount of attention as its twin. Another soft moan left your throat, your fingers tugging slightly at his hair and pulling a growl out of him. 

Before you knew what was happening Dean had you laying on your back on the full-sized bed (it wasn’t as if teenage you had ever shared this bed with anyone, there was no reason to have a bigger one, okay?). He used your momentary surprise to pull out of your grasp, his nimble fingers working to unfasten your jeans as he kissed up your neck to your mouth, which he claimed in a delightfully heated kiss that had you clamoring for what it promised was to come. You lifted your hips to help him slide the denim down your legs and off, your underwear going with it. His mouth stayed locked onto yours through the process, nipping at your lower lip and sliding his tongue past it when you opened your mouth on a sigh. His fingers slowly trailed up your body and then back down, tracing burning patterns into your skin but never quite touching you where you needed. Dean played your body like a fiddle, had been able to since you could remember. He noticed more of your responses than any other lover you’d ever hard, and he knew that despite how much you often complained about his teasing, it made you get off much, much harder later on. 

He let you squirm for another moment or two before finally letting his fingers slide over the slick-soaked lips of your pussy, a low groan leaving the hunter’s throat as he felt just how wet you were. “Shit, Sweetheart,” he breathed, watching you gasp and arch up into his touch. You were so damn responsive, and it turned him on like nothing else. He was hard as a fucking rock in his jeans, straining almost painfully against the zipper. He pulled his hand away, ignoring your whine of protest as he stuck his slick-coated fingers in his mouth and moaned at the taste. He wanted nothing more than to devour your soaked pussy, but judging from the look you were giving him now, that would have to wait. The hunter shifted so he could push off his jeans and boxers, kicking them away before positioning himself over your flushed body, the head of his cock nudging against your entrance and earning a keening whine from you as you wrapped your legs around his waist in an attempt to pull him closer. He pinned your hands next to your head and winked before pushing into you with one smooth thrust.

You cried out as he suddenly filled you to the brim, your cunt contracting around him slightly and pulling a grunt out of him. He gave you a second or two to adjust before he pulled out until only the tip of his dick was inside of you, pausing there long enough for you to start squirming before slamming back in, setting a hard but steady pace that nearly had you coming right then and there. He hit your g-spot nearly right from the get-go, sending you spiraling to an entirely new level of pleasure. His lips left yours to leave a burning trail down your throat, stopping when he reached the crook of your neck and sucking a deep mark into it as he continued to thrust into your tight, wet heat. It wouldn’t be long, you knew. You didn’t mind, though, because that only meant that when he inevitably woke you up for round two in a couple of hours, it was going to be an agonizingly slow burn.  

“There she is,” the hunter crooned in your ear, snapping his hips into yours with a muted clap. You gasped at the particularly hard thrust, your hips bucking up into his and pushing his cock even deeper inside you, earning a moan from both of you. Dean picked up the pace even more, the only noise in the room the sound skin meeting skin and your shared cries of pleasure. You were already getting close, your pussy tightening around his rapidly thrusting cock, and you could tell that Dean was too. The hunter was starting to lose his rhythm, his movements becoming sporadic as he leaned down to claim your lips in one last bruising kiss. 

You weren’t sure who came first, but you figured it didn’t really matter as white light exploded behind your eyelids, the knot in your gut snapping as wave after wave of ecstasy coursed through you. Dean had tensed over you, his face buried in your neck as his cock pulsed inside of you. “Jesus, Sweetheart.” He breathed against your skin, shifting so that he lay on his side and pulling you into his body gently, his arm around your waist and his softening dick still inside you. You were both breathing heavily, trying to catch your breath as you came down from your respective highs. You sighed happily, snuggling back against the hunter’s chest and letting your eyes drift closed, though you weren’t quite asleep yet. Dean kissed your hair softly. “Love you, Sweetheart.” He murmured.

“So how was your weekend of abstinence?” Sam grinned teasingly, crossing his arms over his chest as he watched you and Dean step out of the Impala, looking tired but smiling nonetheless. The whole thing had gone better than you could have ever hoped, with your parents insisting that the two of you came back for Thanksgiving and brought the younger Winchester with you, your father giving Dean his blessing whether the two of you ever got married or not.

You exchanged a significant look with your boyfriend, both of you trying to suppress a smirk as you thought about exactly how not-abstinent the last three days had been. Sam made a disgusted noise in the back of his throat, glancing between the two of you incredulously. “Oh, come on, guys! Really?”

Alright, so...

I was going to stay quiet about all of this, but I’ve been seeing a lot of upsetting comments on social media, so I’m going to voice my opinion. I’m sorry if the following offends anyone, but if it does, you should ask yourself why. My ask box is always open if you want to discuss this, want a shoulder to lean on through all this. I promise I won’t bite. 


So, in case you’ve been in hiding and haven’t seen, Kai will not be attending the Dallas show for the North American EXO tour. What?! I know! Supposedly, the host company who’s in charge of putting the tour together screwed up somewhere along the way, and 7/8 visas for the members were good to go, but Kai’s was not. They seem very optimistic that he’ll be able to attend the rest of the shows, which says one thing to me: someone was careless and didn’t pay attention when working on paperwork that might have been needed for this. There was probably a typo or minor information left out, and while I’ve never had to apply for a visa, I do know one thing, you really have to make sure everything on the paperwork is spot on. Regardless of what government you’re working with, they don’t have time to waste on trying to gain correct information, so they want it right the first time. Basically, someone at MMT probably got fired today, which is sad when you think about it.

Why is that sad, Rie? They screwed up! Jongin isn’t coming to the show because someone might have made a careless mistake! They should be fired for not doing their job right. Well, true. If we are to assume this is the situation at hand, it’s true that this is a HUGE mistake. EXO-Ls are not fans you want to piss off. SME isn’t a company you want to piss off. The fact that Kai is EXO’s best dancer, and the one who sort of holds the rest together dance wise isn’t able to go because someone might have fucked up, is a big BIG deal. I get that. However, we also don’t understand the circumstances in which this mistake could have happened. The person could have had a full plate of work to take care of for this concert. They could have been working late into the night, tired, maybe hungry. I know when I’m tired and trying to write some of my fics, story wise that’s when I come up with some of my best plots and ideas, but execution is awful. I usually make a million typos or don’t end up making sense. That person could have been dealing with a bad situation at home. Maybe they lost a family member, maybe their dog died. Whatever the case, I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be fired, because in the real world, where thousands of people are looking for jobs, when you’re given a task you’re expected to carry it out the right way. I just feel awful for the person who might have been struggling when working on this and is now suffering consequences for a human mistake.

I am also extremely EXTREMELY pissed off at some supposed “EXO-Ls!” Why? Because Jongin has nothing to do with this. It just happened to be his visa. To say that it seems fishy and like Jongin doesn’t want to come is RIDICULOUS! How could any real EXO-L say that KIM JONGIN, KAI! of all the members doesn’t want to come. I’M NOT EVEN A KAI STAN AND KNOW THIS IS PROBABLY UPSETTING HIM MORE THAN US! Whenever I see photos of the guys out and about or at fan events, Kai is one of the few who ALWAYS seems to give so much love to the fans. He has one of the sweetest, kindest hearts I’ve seen. So for you to turn around and say that 2 days before the concert, when they’re probably slated to leave in a few hours on a plane to Dallas, that he woke up and said “I don’t feel like going” is STUPID. 1. That’s not Kai at all. He wouldn’t spend all this time preparing with the members, leading them on to believe they’d be performing on stage as 8 to just turn around and be like jk guys. 2. If it was something personal with Kai, MMT wouldn’t be taking the blame. MMT fessed up to their mistake and know they fucked up. 3. You really think SM would just pat Kai’s head and be like, that’s okay little Jongin. You can stay home and get some rest… DON’T MAKE ME FUCKING LAUGH! Kai is the best dancer on the tour. They’re already missing Yixing, another great dancer, they can’t lose Kai. That’s money they want in their pockets. DON’T BE STUPID. 

I’m going to go off for a second because I’m just so sick of this bullshit. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF FANS TURNING THINGS AROUND ON THE MEMBERS. Yixing can’t come because of his schedule and it’s “oh well why couldn’t he just move things around?” “What a selfish person, leaving behind EXO for his own gain.” Kai can’t come because of something COMPLETELY OUT OF HIS CONTROL and it’s “I bet he just didn’t want to come.” WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF EXO-L ARE YOU IF YOU ARE GOING TO TREAT THE MEMBERS OF THE GROUP YOU CLAIM TO LOVE AND CARE ABOUT THIS WAY?! GET THE FUCK OUT! SERIOUSLY. I AM SO DONE WITH YOUR BULLSHIT AND YOUR NEGATIVITY. In real life, I am one of the most negative people, and right now I’m typing all of this out of impulse because I’m really that mad. I’m tired of assholes who claim to be EXO-Ls making the rest of the fandom look like assholes too. GET OVER YOURSELVES. If you can’t love all 9 members then call yourself a XXX Stan, not an EXO stan. Stop hating on the guys for things they can’t control. Yixing didn’t set his schedule, his management did. Kai didn’t screw up his visa, MMT did. Next thing you know, all of this will be Suho’s fault because he’s the leader of the group and should be making sure his members are on top of things… JUST STOP.

*takes a deep breath*

Okay, I’m sorry for that but I swear this fandom has so much unnecessary drama that can be avoided if people would just stop hating and start loving more. Kai & Yixing are two of the sweetest, most precious members. They don’t deserve to have things like that said by the fans they’re supposed to trust. 

Anyway, the last thing I wanted to say, is that I ENCOURAGE Dallas fans to still go. After the way this whole concert’s been handled, I wouldn’t be surprised if SM keeps EXO from coming for awhile again. Not only that, military enlistments start in 2019 with Xiumin. Don’t let this one thing stop you from going. Does it suck, of course it does! Two days before the concert and you’re finding out the ticket you thought was for 8 members is now only for 7 really is awful. However, this is what Kai would want. He’s already being forced to stay behind, I don’t think he would want EXO-Ls to abandon the other 7 because he’s not there with them. While it sucks, I think the concert will still be great and enjoyable. 

I say all this to say, that I’m proud to be a real EXO-L. I have my favorites (and it’s so obvious) but I genuinely, and I mean GENUINELY, love these guys, each and every one of them. I’ve spent time laughing, crying, dancing, singing with them through videos and shows and road trips across TX. We’ve watched them struggle through bad news after bad news, but somehow, only God knows how, they manage to keep their heads up and carry on. They don’t let their fans know too often how much they are probably struggling with all this negativity that seems to surround them. I did not expect 2016 to start off this way: with injuries, let downs, illnesses, more let downs. It doesn’t have to stay that way though. What better gift could NA EXO-Ls give these boys whom we love so much than to come together to support them through thick and thin. I want us to show SM that we are worth coming back for, regardless of a company who fucked up. 

And while I’m on that company again, regardless of how much they’ve screwed up, the fact still stands that we are getting to see EXO, whether whole or incomplete. EXO IS COMING HERE BECAUSE OF MMT. There are so many EXO-Ls around the world who still haven’t even been given the opportunity to even attempt to see them. So, regardless of all the shit, we should still be thankful to MMT for one thing: they’re bringing EXO to us.

Back on track. Go to the concert. Support our boys. Scream for them. Scream extra loud when Yixing and Kai come on the screen. Chant their name. Root for the others on stage. Bring a tear to Suho’s eye by singing to them, by screaming saranghae, by filling those damn seats to the brim. Don’t let EXO think they are less than what they really are by making them play to empty venues. 

Dallas Concert Going Kai Stans, FIGHTING! EXO-Ls FIGHTING! I love you all so much, like my brothers and sisters. Let’s love. Let’s support these boys with everything we’ve got. WE ARE ONE!


“Miss Chandra, I know this is your job but I really don’t want to talk about my experiences. I’m the worst person to ask.”

His fingers clasped tightly on the plastic cup holding his coffee before taking another drag of his cigarette, his eyes watching hers. 

Perhaps it wouldn’t be bad to unload, but his grandfather was a Brigadier –– he was FAMOUS and his mother had a top job in the government. His resentment of the army wouldn’t exactly be something anyone would ignore in a paper.