Bellamy has only been ready to tell two people that he loves them. Clarke in 4x06 and Octavia in 4x10. And both first times he didn’t get to.

Two weeks ago in 4x11, he told Octavia.

He still has one person left and one last chance to tell her and I don’t think he’s going to let anything stop him this time.

First impressions

The best way to describe Samuel Blenkin is, just imagine Tom Mackley playing Scorpius. He’s already made the role his own. He’s amazing. Completely different to Anthony or James.

I adore Mark Theodore as the Sorting Hat. The thing I loved most about Chris was the time he took over every bit of movement, and Mark does that but in a completely new way.

I’m really happy with Jamie, although he’s nervous and was shaking in the blanket scene.

Thomas made me laugh so hard I was in physical pain during the baby or a holiday scene. He was funnier even than Paul Thornley at his best, and it’s easy to see how his Albus is the same as how Theo’s Albus will be once Theo loosens up.

Theo is stiff and nervous. I kind of want to give him a hug. But when he’s on stage with Samuel they act like an old married couple which is pretty sweet. I’m sure he’ll improve when he relaxes.

Just a note before I forget, in the first scene on the train platform, Ron slipped James a bag of sweets behind everyone’s backs. An adorable little detail.

This is really cool and exciting. I miss Annabel’s cloak swirls more than anything. But I love Ron and Hermione and their relationship more than ever before. Rakie is phenomenal. James is killing it as Draco. Whoever let Mackley have a speaking role… I don’t know whether to curse them or thank them. He’s a show stealer any day.

More to come later!


Disclaimer:  Gordon Ramsay as represented in this fic is a representation of the exaggerated character he portrays on reality television, and is by no means meant to be Gordon Ramsay himself.

Gif source:  Gordon

Imagine being Gordon’s personal assistant and keeping your feelings for him to yourself, only to find out he’s been doing the same after he goes on a date with someone else to make you jealous.

——— Request for anon ———

He was your boss.

That alone was enough for you to think once, twice, and three times before ever making a move. Sure, Gordon flirted, but then again it was in that harmlessly ambiguous way that could easily be interpreted as friendliness, especially when paired with the numerous times you’d seen him treat other women in much the same way. It wasn’t as if you were dwelling on it, but when you organized and helped with nearly every aspect of of the man’s life, it was hard not to notice.

And if you said you hadn’t been feeling as if your balloon had been deflated after telling him a goodbye from the backseat of the taxi when you’d dropped him off at his place the night before, you’d be lying. Why? Well, because he had a date that he’d been sure to gush about all that day. Part of you, despite how awful it made you feel, hoped it didn’t work out with that supermodel he was taking to dinner. You supposed you would figure out when you reported back in to get him ready for the GQ photoshoot that was scheduled early in the day after.

“How did your date go, Gordon?” was that too eager? Either way, it was out there now, the first thing you’d said to him past your initial, “Good morning,” upon letting yourself into his place to find him grabbing his keys from a table, right on schedule per usual.

“Oh, she’s wonderful, of course,” Gordon flashes you a smile that, had you nod been preoccupied with internally screaming at his words, you would have pegged as fake.

“Oh,” you begin, manufacturing your own smile that could rival a Barbie doll in its stiffness as you lie, “that’s wonderful. I’m glad it worked out.”

“Are you really?” his smile drops immediately as you turn to lead him out of the home, open front door in your grip before his annoyed voice stops you, “Well, prepared to be disappointed, because that was a big fucking lie. She was boring. Beautiful, but the space between hear ears is vacant. Demanded we go to one of my restaurants, predictably.” Your eyes go wide as he goes on, the reason behind his mood changing so drastically in the span of seconds confusing you, “The date went horribly and I was glad to dump her out at her place afterwards. If I had spent the night with who I really wanted to be with, I’m sure it would have been a whole hell of a lot better.”

“Who did you want to be with, Gordon?” your breath catches in your throat as he steps closer, your grip on the doorknob tightening reflexively.

Gordon scoffs, face turning red as he runs a hand through his organized mess of hair, “How can you be so oblivious? I’ve wanted you for the longest time!”

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yearning + biospecialist for the prompt please and thank you

“What is this?” There’s a lack of emotion in the question, almost no inflection at all, that’s the first sign of trouble.

“What is what?” Jemma asks, already knowing precisely what Grant’s discovered on her dresser. She knew she should have hidden it behind her unmentionables.

He flashes the application at her, stalling her mid-stretch. 

“Right,” she says, hoping her voice doesn’t sound as guilty to his ears as it does to hers. “That. I should think it’s rather obvious.”

He sets the application for transfer down innocently enough, but there’s a weight to the motion that feels like he’s just dropped a live grenade in the middle of her quarters. He sits on the edge of her bed, somewhat sideways so that his feet are still firmly on the ground but he’s facing her.

“Field work? Seriously?”

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10 interesting facts about yourself?

Thank you!

1- I used to model when I was younger (like 7-9 years old) and was even part of a talent agency but one day I went to an audition (cough cough my parents drove like 8 hours to an audition and lugged the entire family around) in NYC and I didn’t wanna sing in front of the director. From there on in, my parents quit advocating for me and there went whatever little career I had. Tbh looking at it now I’m so glad I was not involved in that mess.

2- I played trombone in six grade and I progressed quickly–> I finished the book in one year (most people complete it in two years). However, my parents wouldn’t let me do it the next year, ya know why? They thought trombones were for boys. Okay then.

3- I danced recreationally from Kindergarten through Grade 11.

4- The reason why I did not dance in Grade 12 was because I wanted to try tumbling at a cheerleading gym instead. Tbh, I slightly regret it and the learning environment there was not the best. It’s funny because this was at the time where I followed cheerleading like crazy and now I don’t even follow it anymore.

5- There is a Nintendo Game Cube, Playstation 2, some Sega system, Wii, WiiU, and now an Xbox console in my house. I also used to have a gameboy, a regular Nintendo DS, a Nintendo DS Lite and my siblings have also had that large Nintendo DS and quite a few others. I used to be an *extremely* avid game player. Now not so much.

6- The first episode of dance moms I watched was Season 1 Episode 4, the one with the huge Christi and Abby fight at the end and also the one where everybody got solos. I watched this episode AFTER I decided not to do auditions for the dance performance company at my school. Tbh, I wouldn’t have made it anyways (that is, until they later formed a second company but my parents said no to auditioning).

7- I started following dance in and around 2012, starting with tons and tons of Autumn Miller videos. Her videos were like gospel to me at the time.

8- I went to Canada with my family once when I was 12. We did jack squat. I feel like it happened just so we can say “oh, we went to Canada 🙃🙃”

9- I took six APs total across the span of high school. No 5’s (well a 5 on Calc AB subscore but not the whole thing so……), four 4’s, and two 3’s. The 3’s were both on the English APs too. Struggled with those classes so hard.

10- My room is always messy 😝


The non-Amber highlight of the Whedoncon weekend: winning Prom Queen & Queen with @gay4maclay!!!!