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There is a difference about making jokes on tumblr about a celebrity, and posting or @ Ing the jokes on social media to them. WHEN COMMUNICATING WITH THEM ON SOCIAL MEDIA THE ONLY THING YOU SHOULD DO IS ASK QUESTIONS, BE KIND, TELL THEM HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM, OR MAKE A HARMLESS JOKE AND YOU HAVE TO THINK THAT JOKE THROUGH. “Get a job” is not a harmless joke. Leave those jokes on tumblr. You never know the mental state of the celebrity, sending it to them might fuck them up. So please, in the future, think about what you are saying to them. They are human, they make mistakes, they have feelings, just like the rest of us. If u did it in the past, learn from your mistakes. The only thing the celebrity deserves is kindness. So be kind. Don’t be an asshole. Spread love.

somebody who is less lazy than me find every line that has been said by a non-doyle (not doctor grey) fed, and then look at how many of them have been insubordinate, mean, or just plain rude. wash said that he and donut and lopez and sarge had friends in the federal army but we ain’t seen hide nor hair of them,  and it’s making it a lot more difficult to sympathize with doyle who seems to have commanded an army of rabid cardboard cut outs. it seems like all the blood gulchers are only friends with the new republic?

like we haven’t seen any news be disrespectful which makes me feel like kimball is keeping her troops in line and doyle is not

also wash has never been on the front end of the abuse that kimball has been geting. like. kimball has been targeted with some very gendered slurs!?!?!?

it’s a show don’t tell thing

give me one fed showing kimball some respect and i’ll feel like this isn’t a one sided argument. maybe then i’ll agree that the feds aren’t a bunch of assholes. but right now all i’m seeing is a bunch of white bleached assholes

Yesterday I felt all bad and emotionally terrible and today I just don’t care about yesterday’s little incident anymore lmao good thing I’m not a very emotional person

Why Stephen sells the show

When I watched the first episode of Arrow, I knew I was a goner. Not just because of my love for comics and Green Arrow, but for the characters, the actors, and their acting. I know how people love to boast how none of the actors on Arrow actually know how to act. They couldn’t be more wrong. This one scene, this one split second, told me that I should watch out for Stephen Amell. 

Do you guys notice how Oliver transitions from poised to kill to best friend? Blink and you’ll miss it. I saw that and I was complete hooked on Stephen Amell. That’s how I knew that he would be something big, beyond the CW. And look where he is now, on TMNT2. Stephen Amell’s acting is all in the eyes. And that is something indescribable. The way he pours his feelings and thoughts into his eyes is something only a handful of actors I know can do. And what mighty eyes those are…*swoon*. 

I feel like jbuffyangel would have noticed this. Nothing passes that women. 

I’m not going to make this super long because I just woke up but this is in response to people who think asexuals aren’t oppressed.

1. Yes, we aren’t murdered or harassed on the streets etc etc but that’s because NO ONE KNOWS WHAT ASEXUALITY EVEN IS
2. When I came out to my friend I was ridiculed and had to go months with him using every second to mock me until I finally stopped talking to him and he stopped texting
3. When I came out on my other tumblr I got multiple asks telling me to kill my self because I’m a ‘special snowflake’/‘typical tumblr girl’
4. When I first came out to people who previously told me multiple times “you need to hang out with us more” they all just stared at me and after that wouldn’t even acknowledge that I was there.

The point is: it’s not that we’re not oppressed, it’s just that we’re so underrepresented that no one knows what we even are. And if think we shouldn’t be in lgbtqiA spaces because we’re not “oppressed enough” then I hope you realize soon how ignorant that is.