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WOOO!! AramisAyala (the #FloridaStateAttorney) was NOT playing around with the girls in that video when she got pulled over! I’m still screaming! And now y’all KNOW I had to talk about #WhoopiGoldberg’s comments on the whole #PlanetofTheApes vs #Deray situation. #ShiaLaBeouf is being problematic and racist yet again and this time the tirade got a lot of attention. I had to go ahead and drag it. I heard some #ArticlesofImpeachment were filed by #BradSherman against #Trump and I am so excited about it! This #TimeMagazine cover with #DonaldTrumpJr being caught ‘red handed’ has me gagging as well as #BetsyDevos’ latest trash decisions. The #EyrickaThompson story is maddening and has me wondering when violence agains the trans community will ever stop.


Whoopi Goldberg Attacks Justice Democrats

Whoopi Goldberg went after Justice Democrats and other Progressives for protesting in Nancy Pelosi’s office. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian and Matt Kirshen, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Watch more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvutDXKrLm4

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#Trump really is about to have whole nations fucking shook with swift ass decisions that haven’t been approved by #Congress. It’s funny how #Obama suggested doing the same thing in 2013 but didn’t after a lot of the people in the #RepublicanParty opposed. #GhostintheShell flopped harder than a pancake during breakfast time. Companies are going to continue to lose investments and have to lay people off if they ignore the very strong voices of minorities that are telling them to stop appropriating and whitewashing shit. We will make y’all pockets dry if you keep acting idiotic. Black men will NAWT continue to disrespect the black women (that look like their mothers) on my damn watch. #NeilGorsuch was just confirmed in the #SupremeCourt. If you were looking for a bit more white supremacy, the senate just confirmed it. I won’t allow it. Here comes #WhoopiGoldberg making some problematic hateration-holleriation-in-the-coonery built ass statements about black women wearing “white” women’s hair. I had to drag it.


What do you think on what Whoopi had to say about Deray McKesson??

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Think about it - "Sister Act 2"

This unbelievable post came to us as a submission, but the anonymous ex-concierge swears up and down that it’s 100% true.

He says, "I worked as a concierge at a hotel that catered to Japanese business men.  I had the following conversation with a very earnest and honestly confused patron:“

CONCIERGE: (answers phone) Guest reception, how may I help you?
GUEST: (on phone) I call about movies to rent.
CONCIERGE: Sure! Aside from Pay-Per-View in your room, we offer a selection of videos to rent down in the gift shop.
GUEST: Ah. Yes, I have question. [pause] Sister Act 2?
CONCIERGE: Yes we have that feature available.
GUEST: Starring Whoopi Goldberg. 
CONCIERGE: Yes, sir.
GUEST: [pause] Hhhhardcore Porno, no?

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They don’t do movies like that anymore! :/ 

itstracyerin Some of the fun celebs who were at the Harry Potter red carpet premiere! @whoopigoldberg, @chriscolfer, James Monroe Iglehart, @lievschreiber, @officialfrandrescher, David Hyde Pierce, @danfogler, Cherry Jones, Ezra Miller, @darrencriss #adventuresofthebroadwaybabes #butjustkeeptrusting #broadwaybinging #theatrenerd #broadway #broadwaybabe #ilovetheatre #HarryPotter @hpplaynyc