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Sondertale: Chapter 1: Part 2


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First rule of being a Sans: You must always be prepared for a gag ;)

Also I’m really liking how the traditional panels are looking. I think it makes the comic look more…official? I dunno. All I know is that I’m digging it and I think I’m gonna stick with it :) Hope that’s okay with ya’ll!

Intercom Prank

Way back in elementary, a couple of us decided to play an elaborate April fools prank. Little backstory first: So, my old elementary lets the students do the daily announcements themselves over the intercom, supervised of course, but all of us who did it still got to learn the secret phone code that activates the school-wide PA system.

Anyway, we had this great idea to blast a whoopie cushion over the intercom during the middle of lunch hour, the phone for which was located directly behind the administrators desk. Knowing we couldn’t just ask to use it, we got our teacher in on the joke, and she staged a fight with one of the students on the other side of the school. Hearing that there was a fight, the principal ran off to intervene, leaving just the administrator. Two of us distracted her with some questions and papers while the other snuck around her desk and typed the code in to the phone. She realized what he was doing as soon as the broadcast started, but it was too late. He quickly squashed the whoopie cushion, and the sound blasted through the school, and we all scampered out as fast as we could. Later we found out that the whole cafeteria went silent as soon as the broadcast started, so everybody in the school heard it and rioted.

We were legends after that.



I’m making this and if you wanna be apart of it

Here are some lines you can voice act:


 "heh the old whoopie cushion in the hand trick. it’s always funny.“

   “i’m sans. sans the skeleton.”

 " quick behind that conveniently shaped lamp.“

 'i’ve gotten a ton of work done today. a skele-ton!”

   “you didn’t gain any LOVE but you gained love.”

 "even when you ran away you did it with a smile.“ 

  "just give up…i did" 

  "nah, i’m rootin’ for you kid." 




 "The Internet! I’m quiet popular there. I’m just a dozen away… from a double digit follower count! Of course, fame has a steep price. A jealous troll has besieged my online persona. Always sending my bad puns in a goofy font…”  



 “So I will hold off on Snail Pie for tonight.” 

  "You want to know more about me? Well, I am afraid there’s not much to say.”

   “You only wanted to say hello? Well then. ‘Hello!’ I hope that suffices.”  

 “What a miserable creature torturing such a poor, innocent youth.“ 

  "Hee hee hee. My child, it seems as if you must stay here for a while. But looking at all the great friends you have made…I think…I think you will be happy here." 



 "You’re standing in the way of everybody’s hopes and dreams!”

 "Are you… hitting on me!?“ 

  “I can feel everyone’s hearts beating as one!”  

 “Hey ASGORE….is that your ex?”   


 "Nice day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. Perfect day for a game of catch…..“

 "Human… It was nice meeting you….Goodbye.”   

 “I just want to see my wife. I just want to see my child. Please.”  

 ASRIEL CHILD lines:  

 "I always was a crybaby, wasn’t I, Chara?“  

 "There are a lot of Floweys out there”

“it feels like they all really love you." 

 "Frisk…Don’t you have anything better to do?”


 "Howdy! I’m FLOWEY! FLOWEY the FLOWER!“  

"You idiot.”

 "In this world, it’s kill or be killed"   



 " I am the GOD of this world.  And YOU? You’re HOPELESS.  Hopeless and alone… “

 "Golly, that’s right! Your WORTHLESS friends … can’t save you now." 

 "Call for help. I dare you.  Cry into the darkness! " 

 "Mommy! Daddy!” “Somebody help!”  

 " See what good it does you! “ "But nobody came. insert psychotic laugh here  Boy! What a shame! Nobody else… Is gonna get to see you DIE!!!”


 "Let’s see what good your determination is AGAINST THIS!“ 

 "Because you 'love’ your friends.”   

 “You’ll do it.”

 “I’m not ready to say goodbye to someone like you again!”



 "What’s this? It seems we’ve forgotten the most important ingredient! A HUMAN SOUL!“  

“They’ll put you… in the dungeon. It’ll suck. And then you’ll die a lot. Really sad, you’re gonna die. So sad it’s happening.”  

 "Did you. Just flip. My switch?“   “OOOOOHHH YEEESSSSS" 

 “We’ve grown so far apart, darling…how about another heart to heart?”

   “Who needs arms with legs like these?“ 


 "really not feeling up to it right now. sorry.”

 "I call it Dapper Blook, do you like it?“

 “After a great meal, I like to lay on the ground and feel like garbage.”


 "Yo! You’re a kid too, right? I can tell 'cause you’re wearing a striped shirt.”

 "Yo! Are you Sneaking out to see her, too? Awesome… she’s the coolest right!? I wanna be just like her when I grow up… Hey, don’t tell my parents I’m here. Ha ha. “ 

 "Yo… did you see the way she was staring at you…? That… … was AWESOME! I’m SOOOO jealous! What’d you do to get her attention…? Ha ha. C'mon! Let’s go watch her beat up some bad guys!" 

 "Yo… did you see that!? Undyne just… … TOUCHED ME! I’m never washing my face ever again…! Man, are you unlucky. If you were standing just a LITTLE bit to the left…! Yo, don’t worry! I’m sure we’ll see her again!”  

 "Undyne would beat up all of the teachers… well, maybe she wouldn’t.“


 "Ahuhuhuhu…Did you hear what they just said?” “They said a human wearing a striped shirt will come through." 

 "I heard that they hate spiders.”  

 "I heard that they love to stomp on them.“ 

 "I heard that they like to tear their legs off." 

 "I heard… that they’re awfully stingy with their money." 

Another Soriel headcanon:
While still in the Underground, Sans ironically starts a class clown aesthetic blog under an alias. He posts mood boards of whoopie cushions and heavily filtered photos with knock knock jokes written in Bebas Neue and calligraphy fonts. His intention was to make his bar friends laugh and troll Papyrus, so after its fulfilled its purpose he completely forgets about it… until Toriel makes her own personal blog and finds it. She absolutely loves it unironically, and it forces Sans to get off his boney butt and try to keep Toriel entertained, all the while she not knowing he’s the admin. Thanks to her promoting, it gains a cult following. Neither Sans nor Papyrus are happy about this.

anonymous asked:

How would the battle legends from battle tree react to a whoopie cushion prank done on them?

Imma do the old whoopie cushion in the hand trick. It’s always funny.


* As soon as she hears it she’s busting out laughing. She loves cheesy funny stuff like that.


* He’s laughing, it reminds him of the pranks he used to pull when he was younger.


* It definitely got him smiling but not before commenting on how childish that was.


* She’s surprised at the sound but starts laughing her butt off. She wasn’t expecting anything like that at all.


* He was actually going to pull the same prank on you, so you both end up doing it at the same time. It ends up being twice as funny to you both.


* He’s trying to hide the fact that he thought it was pretty funny, turning away from you before you could see his face.


* He’s commenting on what a stupid prank that was but at the same time laughing at it.


* He finds it a bit funny. but he’s used to these kind of pranks from his friends.


* She finds it hilarious, it’s a prank she sometimes pulls herself on Lana or Kiawe


* Having had this prank pulled on her numerous times already by people in Team Skull, she’s pretty immune to it by now.


* He wants to start laughing, he thought it was actually pretty funny. He’s trying to keep his calm composure though.


* Dexio would do these pranks to her a lot, she still finds them funny though every time. When you do it she still laughs then too.


* He’s surprised and jumps a little at the sudden sound. When he realizes what it was though, he starts giggling and telling you how funny that was.

Dating Dino..
Dating Dino would be like….
  • “IT’S A PRANK!!”
  • never a dull moment when you guys are together
  • he always plays pranks on you like plastic spiders, whoopie cushions etc.
  • always buys you food, even if you claim you arent hungry, gotta keep you fed well
  • constantly worries about you and always makes sure that everything is well
  • likes being able to protect you and have responsability over you since hes the youngest
  • was really shy to hold your hand or have any sort of skinship but after a while his moves are confident and bold
  • texts you as often as he can so you know he’s doing well
  • calls you when he misses your voice
  • sends you photos of food he wishes he were eating with you
  • lots of food dates and constantly trying new food
  • tries to plan cute dates for you like picnics with a packed lunch and everything
  • although he’s talkative, some nights he stays quiet because he’s just glad to be able to be with you
  • talks about the future and plans things you have to do together
  • constantly getting teased and being called the ‘baby couple’ whenever you visit the members
  • late night drives and stargazing dates where he holds your hand
  • reminds you nonstop how precious you are to him in case you ever forget
  • forces you to participate in dance offs with even though you claim you cannot dance for your life
  • always comes up with new ideas and weird games for the two of you to play
  • popcorn and movie nights turned cuddle sesh with both of you asleep on your couch
  • simple dates in cute cafes and him grabbing onto your hand to pull you closer during the colder seasons
  • trusts in you the most and tells you everything
  • has so so fallen for you
  • loves teasing you whenever you get scared
  • but lowkey he’s probably scared too
  • puts you before everyone because you’re his baby and he wants to marry you

I’ll let you in on a little secret, Detweiller. 

Every adult you’ve ever known was a kid at sometime in his life. You think we don’t remember summer vacation? Riding our bikes down the creek. Catching polliwogs in a jar. Camping out under the stars. Well you’re wrong! Sometimes I sit there in my office, looking out at you kids in the playground and I think, “They don’t know how good they got it. In a few years, they’ll be grownups like me and all those good times will be memories for them, too”. So go ahead. Put a whoopie-cushion in my chair. Put fake vomit on my carpet. Give Vince a blowjob in the locker room. Make fun of my “big, saggy butt”. But don’t ever say I don’t care about summer vacation, ‘cause those memories are the only part of childhood I got left.


Get on my level, Scrub. >wO *Thus Chara was born* (LOL not really)

An animated comic for all my animated followers. xD I wanted to go in a super silly direction with this one.. I tried to animate frisk in my own personal style a bit more than I usually do.. I think it flowed pretty darn well and I love the results :D

Also. Fart/Whoopie cushion jokes! /WOOT/ /FTW/ omg I am so Immature sometimes..

yugyeom is so cute and here’s why:

-he posts vids of him dancing
-he cries after pranks cause he doesn’t ever want got7 to break up
-his revenge on his members are just silly jokes like a whoopie cushion and throwing fake bugs at them
-he’s tol but wishes he was smol
-his smILe
-he loves all his fans no matter where they’re from
-his voice
-his laugh
-his cute shy reaction to fanboys
-his love for bambam and the other members
-his name is so cute
-when he speaks english


things that keep me up at night:

• dirk and john inciting planet wide prank wars over the smallest shit. it starts with a whoopie cushion, ends with the mayor’s manor filled with shaving cream. at first everyone’s like haha why not let’s all join in and then eventually it’s just “yep same old shit every day” and the two r covered in oatmeal and ugly green and orange paint all alone after everyone bailed and they just look at each other like “man. wanna just make out?” nobody is surprised except for dave. rose and karkat could sense the sexual tension for miles and gossiped about it with kanaya and dave, who didnt believe it until it was too late
• dirk and john meeting if sburb was an MMO and being asshole friends for years and then finding out who they rly are (ie, daves slightly older bro, janes slightly younger cousin) and not speaking for months outta awkwardness which they both feel shitty about until theres like a prospit & derse fair (like the darkmoon faire in WoW) and they meet on the dance floor and spam /dance and /yell all night long. they end up going on a sburb dates bc the game is also kinda like animal crossing and then john just shows the hell up at dirks door in texas and they just fucking play it on the futon except they hold hands and its nice
• john and dirk marathoning movies when everyone gets sick of them talking over about which parts the best or dirk redubbing the shitty parts and john either laughing or defending the movie. when everyones gone johns like “hey.. u wanna watch my fav movie as a kid?” probably half embarrassed. pops in con air, they cringe and make fun and have a great time. johns like hold on and runs to get his salamander and bunny plush from all those years ago and hands it to dirk during the final scene, reenacting it like he always used to and dirk actually laughs (its the first time johns heard anything more than a breathy snort). he wants to hear more of it he realizes, and casey sits on dirks shoulders like theyre best buds for the rest of the night. the three of them pass out on the couch for jane to find in the morning. she highfives dirk when he wakes up

Your standard FFXV leaks:

  • The game lasts 2 hours with no sidequests, and 4868 hours with them
  • Ardyn is 50000000 years old and actually Titan’s ex boyfriend, which is why he sends the boys and magitek troops to fight him
  • Luna dies after giving Noctis her Netflix password
  • Regis comes back in the form of a ghost, possesses a magitek soldier, and helps the party like Zelda in Spirit Tracks
  • Ravus tries to make Totinos Pizza Rolls and accidentally turns up the oven too high, summoning Ifrit who he fuses with to make the ultimate pizza
  • Noctis sits on the throne like in the 13 trailer, not noticing the whoopie cushion Prompto placed there before
  • The game ends with Prompto evilly stroking his chin, and it’s revealed Ardyn in the form of Chaos is now living in his goatee like how Voldemort lived in the back of Quirrell’s head
  • This sets us up for XV’s sequel, even though Square has said there will be no sequel. Trust me I’m a random guy on 4chan I know more than they do.

vivilartista  asked:

Do any of your OCs have weird obsessions over a specific thing?? Like ponies or the color pink or whoopie cushions or etc.?

The dragon sisters definitely! Like Glaciera has an obsession over reading romance stories, Saphira has an obsession of the color blue and makes sure everything she has is associated with that color, Sakaris obessions over sweets, mostly cupcakes and many more i cant think of right now ;u;

i kinda feel like we're projecting on sans when we make PTA!sans headcanons

like for one thing, sans is uber lazy. he would not go into ‘glowey eye mode’ when linda says something that is bigoted. it takes way too much effort. he would be the parent who sleeps through the whole thing and wakes up once and a while to deliver witty one liners and go back to sleep (which would manage to irritate linda and hellen greatly if we’re talking about the actual stereotype here)

he also wouldn’t call these people names like 'stupid bitch’ or fucktard or other names that i’ve seen around this tag. he’s not an asshole. he wouldn’t stoop to these people’s level. he’d maybe plant a whoopie cushion on hellen’s seat once every few months, but other than that, he wouldn’t do much in retaliation. he’s not a very active character (talking about the whole ‘active/passive’ character types but i suppose he’s not very active physically either)

and trust me fams, i get that you want to give these entitled, stuck-up, white suburban moms what you feel they deserve, but you don’t have to project onto this lazy, short ass skeleton to do so! make your own characters who give these ladies (and man, apparently there’s one assbitch named david idk) what for!