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So why should I believe that everything will be alright?
That everything will be alright

If only we were free to breathe
And why should I believe that everything will be alright?

That everything will be alright
Imagine how good we could be

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The RFA +Unknown finding out you don't eat often. Not like in an anorexic way but your just really bad at taking care of yourself and forget to eat sometimes

ooh thats me tho lol, i literally forget to eat at all sometimes, like its not that i dont want to, i just forget.


-he already has a personal uuh dietist/cook, so he cant understand how you just forget to eat? especially when the cook brings the food to you??

-he’ll try to make you set alarms to rememeber, but you always just snooze them and forget again (me lmfao)

-he takes a break every 2 hours or so, to call you and make sure you eat

-will stay on the phone with you until you’re actually chewing on something


-as an actor he has to keep his schedule, so he’s super attentive of when to eat and drink.

-he just suddenly realizes there isn’t any dirty dishes whenever you’ve been home alone, and asks yoi about it


-“whoops??……whoops?!! princess, you have to eat, please remember your health is important to me!!!! i’ll help!”

-by “help” he means putting sticky notes everywhere so you get reminded to eat every 3 seconds


-this boy loves playing, and if theres 1 thing i know about that, it is that you get so caught up in games that you forget the outside world, so he knows you don’t mean to forget, it just happens.

-after discovering how rarely you eat tho, he’ll cook all of your meals for you. every single one

-always cooks for 10 people, jesus christ yoosung, chill


-she has given up on her own health a long time ago, but gods be damned if she will ever let you do the same

-as her work schedule isn’t super organised she will send you lots of text troughout the day, reminding you to eat and drink, like

-“remember the sandwich i made for you” -“oh i also cooled down a big bottle of water, please have it at your side at all times and take a sip every 5 minutes


-lol same?? honestly both of you have terrible eating habits, when you actually eat its mostly junkfood.

-sometimes both of you will set out to start a new healthy lifestyle, which you do….but only for a few weeks, until you fell back on your old habits

-seven will make sandwiches for you to eat tho, but you cant really live on only sandwiches

-its a wonder neither of you haven’t collapsed yet


-will tease you about your bad habit of forgetting to eat

-“are you completely detached from your physical needs?! i know you aren’t. you’re very needy on other needs…but you have to eat….you know things are really bad when I have to remind you to take care of yourself”

-is the type to place food in front of you and refuse to let you do anything until you’ve eaten up

Exo reaction to calling them Oppa

Whooop Whoop here it is!! Hope you like it!! Again if you guys would like me to do ot12 please specify!


“what did you just call me?
“Don’t lie to me Jagi I heard you say something differently “

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“Oppa can you help me?” You asked as you stood on your tippy toes trying to reach something up high on a shelf. He suddenly stopped what he was doing and looked at you shocked.
“What did you just call me?” 
“Nothing. Can you help me?”
“Not until you say it again” He teased you

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You had both made a bet because he thought that you were at some point going to call him Oppa soon but you refused so when you did he rubbed it in your face and did a happy dance
“Jagi guess you owe me Twenty dollars and a date now”

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It soon became a habit of yours and he still couldnt help but smile and giggle each time you called him that

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Flustered Nini!! Nini is flustered. He would really like you calling him oppa but he most likely wouldnt admit it. So each time you called him oppa he would hold back a smile and a bite his lip

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*Takes a while to process that you just called him Oppa*
“D-did you just call me oppa?”
“well is there anyone else around” You giggled at his confused state

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“I knew you would fall for my charm sooner or later Jagi” He tries saying something witty fighting back the smile clearly shown on his face
“Why are you smiling like that?”
“Who me?

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“It took 75 years jagi!! You finally said it!!!” Kisses you all over your face and hugs you really tight

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“What about calling me Xiudaddy instead?” Im sorry I had to

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Last night I accidentally painted over/fixed this ancient thing from 2012. 

i was supposed to be asleep dangIT