whoop idk

*connor’s phone rings*

jared: *reads the contact name*

jared: dude. you still call your father “daddy”?

*connor answers his phone*

connor, not breaking eye contact with jared: hey evan

jared: *spits out drink*


MANIPULATION: Do you know who you can truly trust?

(So… people seemed to like that past comic. So…here it is! Tada XD)

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #37
  • Phil: *gets Dan a whisk for Christmas*

Royalty AU - Crown Princess Marinette of the Dupain-Cheng Twin Kingdoms

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(Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Nathaniel, Alix, Kim) (other classmates coming soon)

So it’s 2AM and I’m reading some fics and suddenly my mind is spinning


You know how one of the mysteries of Inuyasha is how chill Mama Higurashi is about her 15 year old daughter time-traveling through an enchanted well to go back a few centuries into an extremely dangerous world with a half-youkai she (Mama) barely knows and some other strangers she’s never met to repair a broken magic jewel and fight monsters, not to mention missing weeks upon weeks of school in the process? Kind of weird, right?

but…but guys…

what if she knows

What if Kagome, after returning to the feudal era to live there at the end of the series (regardless of your opinion on whether or not the well stayed open)…what if she kept some kind of journal or other record? Wrote down all her experiences, her story, how things ended…and what if that record made its way down the generations into Mama Higurashi’s hands?

And she knew, even before Kagome fell down the well the first time, she knew.

She wouldn’t tell Kagome directly, of course, for fear of disrupting the flow of time, but it sure helped her to stay calm when her daughter came home with stories of jewels and bandits and monsters and frustrating hanyou. 

She knew that, as dangerous as it was, that Kagome and her friends would win their battle in the end, and that her little girl would be safe, and that that gruff, dog-eared stranger would grow into a good man who her daughter would love and would protect her and give her a good life. She knew that it was ok if she wasn’t all over her schoolwork, because there was no use for a diploma in the feudal era.

She knew, and as such understood that she didn’t need to stop her daughter from taking this scary, dangerous journey. She just needed to support her, and it would all work out–because it already had, nearly 500 years ago.

I just… 


Ardent Love (M)

Summary: It is that time of the year when your husband disappears behind his office doors, stacks of papers piled high on his desk, and fails to return home until the wee hours of the morning-if he returns at all. As the days pass by and his side of the bed grows colder, you decide that if he is too busy to come home, you’ll just have to go to him. 
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Smut, romance || Husband/CEO! Yoongi
Word Count: 3,900+
Warnings: office (desk) sex, riding, oral, etc.
For Prompt #2: “Shh, let’s just see how quiet you can be” which was requested by @baepsaewhalien and an anon|| This was meant to just be a drabble…
Other Drabbles

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The door falls shut with a gentle clink, the noise resounding in the small office space and you blink back the nerves and excitement as Yoongi peers up at you from where he is seated behind his large, oak desk, glasses falling gradually down the bridge of his nose. He says nothing at your presence, simply cocks a brow in muted amusement and motions for you to take a seat on the leather couch that is nestled in the small corner of his work space. You follow his instructions silently, heels clicking along the tiled floor as you move over to take a spot on the plush cushions, hands coming to rest on your lap. There is a familiar itch that comes with these meetings, a pleasant buzz of eagerness that lingers just below the surface of your limbs.

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