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"Zeldris" for the ask meme

  • Why I like them: I like how he’s a really stoic, no-nonsense person, because it makes for excellent teasing material, hehe. But on a more serious note, he gives off the vibes that he’s the leader of the TC or could at least easily lead them, despite being so young, and I find it interesting that he has the highest (?) Power Level so far (I like OP/confident characters). He’s quite mysterious, so that makes me curious. He cares a lot about his brother and respects him, despite him being Esta, so that’s also a bonus imo.
  • Why I don’t: His hair defies physics. It’s impossible to understand and therefore to draw asdgjkfd.
  • Favorite scene: Where he sits on the throne of Camelot with that smug smile being all like ‘I own this shit’. I also like the scene where he comes in to save Esta while he’s being fried by Escanor’s hot ball. It shows how much he cares about his brother.
  • Favorite line: I don’t really have one. The only thing I can come up with is the one he said to Mel: ‘There’s nothing to talk about. The only things that exist are our rage towards you and desire for revenge against the four clans.’ (calm down there edgelord)
  • Favorite outfit: Well, he only has one so far, but I like it when it’s coloured black, haha. 
  • OTP: It’s not really an OTP, but I do like Zeldris/Gelda. It seems like he cared a lot about her, and I really want to know what the nature of their relationship was.
  • Brotp: Estarossa and him are the best pair of bro’s (though they’re literally bro’s lol). 
  • Head Canon: He likes to sleep in, as it’s the only time he lets himself unwind. He’s also a fairly deep sleeper, so Estarossa sometimes kicks him out of his bed to wake him up.
  • Unpopular opinion: I don’t think that there is one? So I’ll go with that he doesn’t show off his knees for some weird fetish, guys. He has fabulous knees, leave him and his poor fashion choice alone. 
  • A wish: For him to reconcile with Mel.
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: For him to die. That he gets defeated as easily as Esta, and that his supposed strenght is just hype. That the manga ends without ever going too deeply into his history (with Gelda)/motives. 
  • 5 words to best describe them: Collected, serious, brutal, edgy, caring (somewhat)
  • My nickname for them: Tomato, Zelrawr, Tigrr, Edgelord *gets killed*
Who to fight - Skulduggery Pleasant edition

Skul: He literally came back from the dead because he was so pissed at a guy who wronged him. Wouldn’t risk it.

Val: She’d win. Except in the beginning, but who would fight a sassy 12 year old emo horse girl (tumblr’s words, not mine)? Seriously, if you do, I will come and end you.

Ghastly: You don’t really stand a chance. Unless you pretend to be his friend, gain his trust for 200+ years and then unexpectedly stab him. That might work.

Tanith: Ahem. There is literally no way you could win that.

China: She’d beat your ass and you’d thank her.

Fletcher: You could probably win, if you can keep him from teleporting. Aim for the hair.

Billy-Ray: Uhm yeah, you’re gonna die. Especially if your name is Jethro. The only way to be permanently safe from Billy-Ray Sanguine is to be Tanith Low.

Vincent Foe: He’d throw you into a wood chipper or (on wednesdays) just blow up the entire world to get rid of you. 

Scapegrace: Careful, he has a zombie army and a very protective boyfriend. 

Clarabelle: What the fuck, why would you ever hurt this precious weird little flower petal??

Dexter: Please don’t hurt him he’s a national treasure. He’d grill you anyway.

Saracen: Don’t, unless you have magical eyebrows to hypnotize him with.

Caelan: Just attack during the day or near a body of water and you can’t really lose.

Donegan: Don’t be fooled by his British Gentleman attire. This man wreaked enough havoc by publishing books.

Gracious: You could probably win if you manage to baffle him with extreme nerdiness or embarrassing memories.

Darquesse: hoe don’t do it.

Lord Vile: oh my god.

Derek: He will throw some carefully chosen words at you that will stab you right in the feels and you will die and he will laugh. Do not mess with the Golden God.

The Map of the World of Red Queen

Disclaimer: Locations of Norta, Lakelands, Naercey, and The Wash are canon. Names of countries are also canon. Locations of other countries, lands, and names of cities are purely my own headcanons.


  • Ciron - Capital: Vergal
  • Montfort - Capital: Mount Sun
  • Tiraxes - Capital: The Dales
  • Prairie - Capital: Saelis
  • Piedmont - Capital: Vallia
  • Norta - Capital: Archeon
  • Lakelands - Capital: Wintershold

Radiated Areas

  • Longless
  • The Cog
  • The Wash
  • Naercey

Cities in Unclaimed and/or Disputed Lands

  • East of Ciron
    • Mekstac
    • Finks
    • The Canyon
    • Vael
    • Vern
  • South of Piedmont
    • Norlaens
    • Jaks
    • Atalan
    • The Hass
    • Oreld

kouginoweek​ day 1: moments

“There’s no betrayal in friendship.”

You know what I like?
The baby-blaster AUs and etc. without there being an evil Gaster. (Or any evil, tbh. (Flowey, Chara, the Player))
Like, instead of them running from the lab, it’s mostly them kinda freaking out because Gaster (their rad science dad) just disappeared into the goddamn void. Nightmares because of this sense of forgetting something or someone.
Stuff like that is great.
Things like Gaster going ‘whoops I made some kids’ and sometimes taking notes on them but otherwise just attempting to raise them are the best.
Him just… Disappearing and the bone bros going all 'oh shit’ and 'oh man what if someone thinks we killed him we gotta skedaddle’ and running all the way to freaking Snowdin.
Them hiding because they think the royal guard will attack them, and Grillby finding them trying to steal his garbage and then taking them both in.
Maybe Gaster shows up at some point and goes all 'hot damn grillbs you did a mcfreaking good job at taking care of my weird kids thnx’ and Grillby’s all like 'np you spooky bone dude lol do u want a burger or maybe some alcohol’ and Gaster’s all like 'yee thank’


Title: Geronimo
Pairing(s): Gavin/Ryan/Jon
Rating: Slightly NSFW
Word Count: 4,100
Summary: The five times Gavin wanted nothing more than to say “I love you,” and the one time he did.


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