whoop doodles


…I’ve just realized just how many characters I’ve drawn in the exact same pose as the two top doodles…whoops

made some more cuphead sketches of some of my favorite characters, they’re pretty messy so i might clean them up (although the Beppi one looks really good for a sketch :3) i’ll definitely be doing more of these once i’m back to normal business and all.

Whoops I’m in a furry/anthro doodle mood I had to draw myself and my feline children in what is basically how they look in the Fighting Dreamers Universe with natural colors and also clothes and SLIGHTLY more humanoid
(Patches wearing that LESBIAN FLANNEL NOW)

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just a cute little kacchako valentine’s day comic <3333333

(Izuku and Iida helped Ochako buy and make the chocolates; normally she’d never make any b/c she has no money to buy the ingredients and she’s used to buying pre-made meals. but she wanted to try making some for once <3)

(Bakugou is not used to getting valentines lmao)

can we please just go back to error messages that actually fucking tell you what the hell went wrong. i’m so tired of Hip Websites going “whoops! whoopsy-doodle! we had a fucko! Oops! Oh no! oh no!” whenever there’s an error. just fucking tell me what happened so i can try and fix it

ice ice paladin‧₊˚


some assorted school studies/doodles that I did over the week :D (other wise known as the “i-forgot-bendy’s-fucking-tail” collection)

Spud helped me realize that bendy would have a *lot* of scars with how much he’s getting into fights. Plus, with how dark toon’s skin can be, scars would probably be really painfully noticable and scar over in a light gray or white. (The scars on his face are supposed to be a little less noticable but it was a little hard to do with pencil)
I also just wanted to show off his forked tongue and teefers :9

Oh shit!!!! My hand slipped !!! Oh no!!! @the-vampire-inside-me

does the confusing fate of damien make your heart shatter?

does will losing his sanity over the tragic loss of all of his friends make you lay in the shower for hours crying?

are you fucking confused over who killed markiplier?

try to fix it your broken and shattered heart that the team stabbed 37 times, beaten, strangled, drown and shot, in that order, with JIM!!