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“What would I even get for him?”


My favorite anime of 2016 part 1 part 2

Boku dake ga inai machi, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, 91 Days, Kiznaiver, Dangan Ronpa 3: The End of Hope Peak’s High School

you don’t learn to love her. because learning to love her is like turning her into a routine you get used to, like you’ve been trying and you’ve just now seen parts of her you’ve never noticed before or maybe didn’t pay attention to. like the bad habit you’ve picked up and only just now become aware of the burning cigarette between your fingers, the money you’ve lost, the need for a fix, the jagged edges of your nails. no, it doesn’t work that way.

so, let me tell you what she’s like.

she’s always. not just coming to. not just on her way. you love her by means of night and day. she’s constant. you trace forever on her skin when she sleeps, the expanse giving you a universe that waits for you in it, just under your fingertips, and you want to explore the things that have inherently existed there. beautiful things, you’re sure. and so you don’t teach yourself to look for all the ways you can love her because you just do, like things that begin and end only to begin again— always the sunset, always the sunrise. 


smug from cradle to grave: a novel by jeon jungkook

aaaa tsukihina for @nai-nye for the haikyuu rarepair exchange!!

i really liked the “learning sign language to communicate with the person they are crushing on” prompt,, too cute

(i looked up the jsl for “i like you” and the grammar/order is diff to asl etc etc so i kept the captions in japanese too!)


“Being in close contact like this does heighten my emotions. Through physical contact, our presences are felt more keenly… Makoto-san? It seems your body temperature and pulse are suddenly rising. This is dangerous! So this is the heart-pounding effect of love…? It may be best to limit this pose to shorter durations.”

bawson smut fic: prompt: “I can’t believe you talked me into this”

the lovely @mindykahling prompted me and this is what happened – originally, Mike and Ginny almost snuck into a pool so that fic is half written and I may end up finishing it anyway, cause why not? enjoy! 

(dedicating this to @oddlyfamiliar because she’s great and deserves nice things <3)

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“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

The words are mumbled into her neck as he sucks a mark that she will no doubt scold him for later. She giggles, glowing and tipsy. 

They’d snuck out of the celebration, the Padres had finally won the World Series, Mike Lawson was the proud owner of his hard-earned ring and was going to be making the announcement of his retirement from baseball next week. 

All of this was wonderful and what he had been working towards his entire career but at the moment, he was far more gratified by the whimpers he was coaxing out of the pitcher in his arms.

Since they got together they had been incredibly diligent to never cross a line anywhere they could get caught: never in public, never at Petco, even kept to themselves at away games. They didn’t so much as sneak a kiss over the course of the past two years. Mike figures with the season over and his retirement coming up so soon, Ginny decided to throw caution to the wind. Mike is having just a bit of trouble reconciling their usual strict rules with Ginny’s new found enthusiasm for exhibitionism. 

“I barely talked you into it, it was more of a suggestion which you happily agreed with, old man,” her voice is a little hoarse and his hands tighten around her. They should not be doing this, this was not the time for them to out themselves. 

“You’ve corrupted me, rookie,” he works his way up her neck to plant kisses into her open mouth, sweet and tangy from the cocktails she’d had. 

Ginny’s body is loose and pliant against his, she’s half leaning against the wall, half against him. She grinds into his hips, making his teeth clench and his patience wane. 

She’d said she’d wanted to show him something privately, a “retirement gift” of sorts, but the look on her face was more than telling, enough for Mike to be suspicious of her motives. Turns out, she wanted to show him the lack of panties under her dress; she’d grabbed his hands and laid them on her ass, letting him feel where she was bare under the sheer fabric. Mike barely had the strength not to press her up against the wall and have his way with her then and there, celebration and hoards of people be damned. 

They were secluded but not hidden and there was still a small voice in the back of his head that was worried about getting caught. However, that voice was growing weaker and weaker the more he lost himself in Ginny’s arms. 

She gets impatient and grabs his hand, shoving it under her dress and pressing him where she needs him. He gasps as he feels how wet she is, her thighs sticky and glorious. His head almost knocks into hers as she shudders.

“Please, Mike,” she’s begging and her voice is so wonderfully desperate in his ear. She’s rocking into his hand and he caresses her because how could he not? She moans a little too loudly when he thrusts two of his fingers into her; he brings his unoccupied hand up to cover her mouth. He stills the hand between her legs and waits for her to look at him.

Ginny always gets quickly lost in her pleasure with him. He’d asked once if it had been like that with her other partners, because it’s like as soon he’s between her legs she forgets where she is and has barely any control over her body and the sounds she makes. The first time he ate her out her thighs had clamped so hard around his head his ears had rung for minutes afterwards and she’d scratched his back so badly she’d needed to put band-aids on a few of the marks she’d left behind. She’d been embarrassed but Mike had been entranced, grateful, turned on, proud, completely and utterly in love.

She’d admitted she’d never experienced sex like she does with him. Ginny had explained that with him, she didn’t need to hold tight to her control because he made her feel safe and adored. That subsequently led to him making love to her slowly and passionately; not only to demonstrate his willingness in keeping her safe but to ground himself as well. She’d always overwhelmed him, but hearing out loud that he was the only one to make her lose her mind was devastating in the best way. 

Mike found such comfort in her body and was ecstatic that she felt the same that he’d wanted to show her he cherished what she allowed him and would never take it for granted. 

His palm is soaked and he presses himself, hard and hot, into her and he wishes they were anywhere else. He can imagine so perfectly what it feels like to be inside her it takes everything he has to wait until she looks at him. When she finally meets his eyes, coming out of her haze, he smiles down at her, dropping the hand that was over her mouth and chuckling at the disgruntled look on her face. When she tries to rock her hips again, he moves to pull his hand away from between her legs but she grabs his arm, keeping him in place. 

God, he loves how unashamed she is in how much she wants him. It makes him feel shaky, makes his chest puff out and the hairs on the back of his neck stand up; makes him want to worship her for as long as he can, as much as he can, whenever he can. 

“Two choices, Baker,” he watches as she squirms against him, eager and frustrated at his lack of movement, “we leave right now, I take you home and make you forget your own name, or we go back out to the party and continue to celebrate our win. Your choice.” He selfishly rubs the heel of his hand into her, letting her know his preference. 

She gasps and tries to chase the feeling but he stills his hand again. She takes a few deep breaths and rolls her shoulders. He’s completely unprepared when she smirks at him, pulls his hand out from her dress and sucks at the two fingers that were inside her, licking her wetness off him and moaning a little.

He almost falls over. 

She drops his hand, rights her dress as best she can and steps around him, leaning up to his ear, hot breath washing over him and he shivers involuntarily.

“Meet you at the car in 5,” and with that, she walks down the hallway, head held proud and unashamed. Mike watches as she throws a look over her shoulder that makes him grin widely.

He takes a moment to gather himself, licks his hand just because he can and dashes after her.

Happy retirement to him.

Hey! I am alive and doing well! Sorry for disappearing without saying anything, and for making some of your worry… I was spending wayyyy too much time on here and abruptly felt the need to take a step back (getting hit in the face with a 16-unit semester really makes you evaluate how you spend your time). I might spend a little time on here now that I’m getting into the swing of this semester!

I can also report that over break I finished my first playthrough of the Mass Effect series, and played my first session of DnD!

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Youngjae's hair isn't blond anymore :'(

My dear anon,

It’s true!!! Youngjae’s hair was colored darker before the Meet Me Under the Moonlight fanmeeting!!

To be honest, I would have liked a little bit longer with his his stunning strawberry blond hair…

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But the darker hair he has now looks so nice on him too!! He looks so soft and handsome and gorgeous!!! 

It also makes me happy that a lot of the pictures so far make it seem like the color still has some hints of the strawberry color because I’ve been loving those pink/peach tones on him so very much!! And he’s still over here stealing my breath with how flawless he is…

Ahh, even though I was loving the whole blond!Jae concept, this new hair is still so nice…

And Choi Youngjae is still ruining me with his perfect visuals!!!

The fact that The Glass Scientists started about 2 YEARS AGO and it still hasn’t even been a full day in the story yet