Things I’m Noticing in my Season 2 Rewatch: Part 1

1. Rose wearing a pink beaded necklace reminds me of something! 

Not saying foreshadowing, buuuuuuuuuuuut…

2. Chloe says Mylene’s hoodie is fake sheepskin, which actually plays into her environmental activism (mentioned in a webisode and pictured by her and Ivan protesting in Reverser). Subtle but consistent characterization there! 

3. I just realized Alya has a WALL of comics. Titles include Majestia, The Crawling Dead (lol), Time Patrol: End of Times, Les Miserables (in graphic novel form???), TNT, Vermeil, and others.

4. Alya has a wall of akuma sightings! We can see butterflies representing Chronogirl, Mime and Stoneheart (?) near the Eiffel Tower, Puppeteer a little ways off, and  then at the edge of the screen a magenta butterfly that’s probably Reflekta. Ones in the bottom left look kind of like Princess Fragrance but it’s hard to tell.

5. I looked up Damocles to try to remember the significance of his name, and it turns out it’s a story about a hero who admired a king and was offered to switch places with him for a day. In Dark Owl, the lucky duo say that he would stop causing havoc as The Owl if he could just “be a hero for a day.” Really cool that they threw that Easter egg in long before Dark Owl was aired!

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i hate when people say proof. this isn't a stem field this is speculation.

i sent this from tash’s account

but no really i agree, if we go into anything re: dnp with the intent to prove something, we’re inherently ruining the environment and our relationship with them. it’s toxic to think that way, and it always breaks my heart when i see people making an effort to pull things up as ‘proof’ or say that something has to imply, like there’s an ‘if….then….’ statement for everything dnp do (hi yeah my math nerd is coming out i don’t even want to talk about proofs okay) 

i think the issue with proof is one of entitlement, like we deserve or need to know this information we’re trying to prove, as though dnp owe us something. which is absolutely not the case, and i mean,,,how do we think dnp aren’t these real people who deserve respect and kindness?

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"You're not alone, dark one."

“I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Of course she wouldn’t readily admit her secrets to just anyone. Still…
She knew Nenela, the innocent healer, one of the Warriors of Light, that Nenela wasn’t alone. Remember to smile when talking to people. Don’t make mistakes. Don’t be disobedient. Don’t do anything that might upset them.

But if anyone found out… that she, too, got angry sometimes. Angry enough to hurt people. That she couldn’t speak without lies. That she couldn’t truly trust people. Then… she really would be alone. 

Those emotions… They were bad. Dark and suffocating, like the nights slept in that cellar in Ul’dah. She couldn’t be that. She had to be good. She had to. To do otherwise was wrong.  It’d mean she was bad. And if she was bad then-

“…I’m sorry! Imsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorry…”

Flu jab in right arm, whooping cough jab in left arm, today, to protect me and Baby Girl through the winter and beyond.

I can now say that whooping cough jab definitely hurts more to receive and that that arm is now really sore whereas flu arm is absolutely fine!

Glad got that done though, need to keep us safe! The Lovely Husband also got his flu jab so he doesn’t catch it and accidentally give it to me 🙂 💕

i hate college dudes who raise their hands to answer every question the professor asks, and even when the answer would be fine as just two words, they feel the need to basically regurgitate the entire wikipedia article on it.

prof: we talked about plato earlier on this semester. can anyone remind me who plato was?

dudebro, raising his hand so fast it breaks the sound barrier: Plato (/ˈpleɪtoʊ/;[a][1] Greek: Πλάτων[a]Plátōn, pronounced [plá.tɔːn] in Classical Attic; 428/427 or 424/423[b] – 348/347 BC) was a philosopher in Classical Greece and the founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world. He is widely considered the pivotal figure in the development of Western philosophy.[2] Unlike nearly all of his philosophical contemporaries, Plato’s entire work is believed to have survived intact for over 2,400 years.[3]Along with his teacher, Socrates, and his most famous student, Aristotle, Plato laid the foundations of Western philosophy and science.[4]

Pro and Con of Dating the Signs

Aries: Pro: Will defend you against anyone who tries to hurt you Con: SUPER defensive

Taurus: Pro: Will provide you absolutely anything you need Con: Clingy

Gemini: Pro: Playful and motherly. Makes sure you have a good time Con: Seems really distant 

Cancer: Pro: A sarcastic teddy bear Con: Mood changes very .2 seconds

Leo: Pro: Loves themselves and makes sure you love yourself Con: Wants to be the alpha in the relationship. Always.

Virgo: Pro: Super encouraging in whatever you do Con: Never stops talking about their problems

Libra: Pro: Very gentle around you, loves cuddles Con: Flaky. You don’t know when you’re gonna be able to spend time with them

Scorpio: Pro: Never leaves you on read, always makes sure to tell you that you’re enough Con: Trust issues

Sagittarius: Pro: Down for anything Con: Down for anything when they have time for you

Capricorn: Pro: Will hold you when you cry Con: Do you even have a soul

Aquarius: Pro: Once they open up, your bond is 10x better Con: You’ve got to keep up with with their crazy schedule

Pisces: Pro: Bakes you cookies and listens to you Con: Freaks out over everything

okay but

does anyone else get obsessed with a song to the point where you want to play it over and over again and then you get scared that if you play it one more time youll get sick of it and never be able to listen to it again and you can’t deal with that because it’s SUCH A GOOD SONG? because that happens to me more than i care to admit.

okay but

au where Lance is killed in a battle and starts haunting the ship

he doesn’t know at first and feels like everyone is just ignoring him when they don’t pay him any attention

when it finally clicks, he just goes to Blue, who he can actually talk to

sometimes he’ll just break down in Blue’s hanger and the other lions can hear it and it hurts because, even if he wasn’t their paladin, they were still fond of him

sometimes, if one of the others are near or in their lion, they can hear the cries through their bond with the lion

they don’t understand it and it scares them at first, but when their lion finally tells them why they keep hearing crying when near/inside them, it fucking hurts