Podcast aesthetics - The Strange Case of Starship Iris

“Hello, hello? This is the Starship Iris, ID 45-Alpha-76-52-Tango, mission priority 7, under the command of Captain Tom Jasper, sector 284-325, requesting aid. We had—we had a catastrophic shuttle failure as the rest of the crew was returning from their final scouting trip on planet uh, 5925, cause unknown, and I’m the only—um.

I’m the only survivor.


Gods and Monsters - Sneak Peek; Chapter Three: Come Find Me

The police sirens started to fade from his ears as he blocked them out, the thumping of his heart becoming the only sound he could hear. He could see Bill talking to him, no, yelling at him. Trying to snap Richie out of it, bring him back to reality. But it was no use. He was gone.

Ben was silently crying as he sat in the ambulance, Mike on his left and Stan on his right, both too in shock to talk, to move, to do anything. Bill was the only one with adrenaline in his veins, he always was. He was their leader, he had to keep his pack safe.

Richie felt his body go numb as the realisation of what he had just seen suddenly crashed over him like a tidal wave. He let out a choked sob, alerting the other three boys attention behind him, and Bill watched in horror as Richie collapsed to his knees and screamed.

“He’s dead! He’s dead! He’s dead!” He howled over and over as Bill quickly wrapped his arms around him and pressed Richie’s face to his shoulder, kissing his hair, trying to calm him down. The police officers began to walk over but Mike stood up and begged them to leave them be, they needed their time. Stan whimpered and Ben wrapped his arm around him, patting his shoulder and biting back his own cries. Mike watched helplessly as Richie screamed and sobbed and shook on the ground, gripping Bill’s shirt for dear life.

He’s dead, was all Richie could think as his heart completely shattered inside his chest, Eddie’s dead. 

And now, so was he.


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Hello! This is secret santa for @mellifluousbable!

Their request was for “ereri fireside chats; Eren, Levi, and friends have a secret santa gift exchange” and well… here you have the precious boys exchanging gifts by the fireplace with Hanji and Armin (and let’s just pretend that Mikasa and the others are grabbing drinks and food from the kitchen or something, haha).

I hope this is to your liking, and I wish you and everyone a warm, fun, safe, and wonderful holiday season!


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Describe lesbian sex using Spongbob

It’s all in the technique! First go like this, spin around. Stop! Double take three times: one, two, three. Then pelvic thrust! Whoooo! Whooooooo! Stop on your right foot, Don’t forget it! Now it’s time to bring it around town. Bring-it-a-round-town. Then you do this, then this, and this, and that, and-this-and-that-and-this-and-that, and then…

retail is wild. i asked a customer why she was shopping today and she said she was going on a vacation because her husband left her for her sister. i honestly didn’t know what to say, told her i was sorry and she said “oh no that’s ok my sister is fat and ugly and has no teeth. who needs him, i’m doing great” and basically long story short she’s my idol