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Mc going on a fun exercises (any kind of sport) with the RFA boys (+Saeran and V pls). Like who'd be pro or suck at it? How's their reaction~ Thanks♡

*me, slamming my fists on the table repeatedly* SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS!


  • Yoosung wearing swimming trunks and a bro tank playing 2 on 2, one team is him and MC and the other is Seven and Saeran
  • him and MC kill it together 
  • normally he sucks at sports but he thinks volleyball is really fun, and as long as MC sets him up he can spike the shit out of a ball
  • Yoosung is also very talented when it comes to literally throwing himself on the ground to get the ball
  • and its easy to beat the choi twins, because they have no teamwork skills
  • from MC and Yoosungs side you hear lots of “nice job, babe!” “got it!” “great hit!”
  • and from the choi twins theres mostly “Seven, get it!!!” “thats out, asshole” “fuck!” “shit!”
  • Yoosung and MC are smiling and high fiving and the team work is adorable and incredible
  • but keep in mind, this is the only sport be can come even close to playing well


  • he would look so cute in gym shorts
  • and with his hair in a high, tight ponytail
  • he probably joins in on some guys’ random game of bball while him and MC are out to impress them
  • but he’s actually not very good at all
  • Zen is all talk but no BASKETS tbh
  • MC giggles from the side of the court as they watch Zen signal that he’s open and EVERYONE ignores him
  • and they bust out laughing when Zen finally gets the basket ball, shoots, and misses miserabley
  • he plays until he FINALLY makes a basket
  • “babe, babe!! did you see that?!”
  • “whooohoooo! thats my basketball star Zenny!”
  • as soon as he makes the shot he’s like “alright i’m done for now, good game guys”
  • he runs over to MC and then says with a hushed tone
  • “i was awful, wasnt i?”
  • “i dont think ive ever seen you flop so hard”
  • “i do it all for you”


  • the kings game
  • ball chess
  • GOLF
  • picture Jumin wearing his best golfing outfit
  • he looks so dorky but he thinks he looks so good
  • he’s so good at this game since he has to play it with snobby rich men all the time
  • teaching MC to putt by doing that lame flirty thing where you wrap your arms around them
  • and he does it every time they have to putt
  • “Jumin, i think i got it now”
  • “oh, i know. i just like doing this”


  • did y’all really think Seven DOESNT have a ping pong table at his place?
  • he always folds one side of the table up so he can play by himself
  • wears a sweatband every time he plays
  • forces Vanderwood to play ping pong with him all the time
  • usually ends with Vanderwood chucking his paddle at Sevens head
  • “what do you call a gorilla that always wins a game of table tennis?”
  • “king pong”
  • him and MC can play ping pong for HOURS
  • Seven wins every single game, but sometimes he’ll pretend to be really shitty so MC can have some actual fun and win
  • every time MC scores once they do a victory dance and shout and tell Seven he sucks
  • and he’ll be like “dammit! MC, please teach me your ways”
  • “you will learn in time, young grasshopper”
  • can juggle like 16 ping pong balls at once


  • owns 30 baseball hats
  • really bad at it, though
  • he has so much fun but hitting the ball with the bat is hard, ALRIGHT
  • prefers pitching!
  • when him and MC play together its almost like they can read each others minds from across the diamond
  •  when their team loses:
  • “maybe we should just stick to watching baseball”
  • “can i still wear my hats?”
  • “yes, V”
  • he wraps an arm around MC and pulls them close playfully
  • “deal!”


  • lacrosse
  • Saeran hates every boy who has ever played lacrosse
  • which is why its so fun for him to smash into them
  • normally he plays attack
  • but if MC is on his team they both play midfield
  • he likes being able to run around the entire field with them and work together
  • Saeran is constantly covered in bruises
  • probably gets penalized a lot because if anyone touches MC on the field he will actually attack them
  • the entire RFA comes to all of him and MC’s games to cheer them on
  • do this on the field together all the time