whooo there ya go

listen i’ve lived through the mcrmy, the mcrmy 2.0, the patd split, the patd fandom’s excessive use of “f*ggot”, the initial danger days reaction, ‘it’s been five years jon’, bandomtfln, the ryan and brendon bagel memes, the tai breakup, the mcr dogs/unicorns/sass/fronkeh memes, the milk fic, ‘spencer smith flawless b*tch”, thanks pete, the cobra split, i can’t even name them all. i am so tired. please lay me to rest. please let me escape this hell website

Golden Bantam Fanger for WC Scroll or gems?

makin another post cause I’m lowkey desperate

this fluff needs a new home so I can get my hands on a WC scroll. I’ll accept straight out trades for the scroll or gems. I’ve also got a ton of festival accents up for gems, including Warped, Scavengers Gear, Igniteus, Tesla Coil, Sun Seamstress, Festival Lady, and more!

Full list of skins and accents under the cut:

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