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inktober 10 !! happy birthday sweatman we love u stay healthy!!!! i love sappy soft stuff ok

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So after much delay & stress & ultimately deciding that the only way I’d be able to like how it looks is by using the sketch lines & coloring it in grayscale, I finally finished this companion piece or w/e for that one fic I wrote nearly half a year ago lmao. 

After a couple weeks of secret “chapstick sharing,” your friends might start to get suspicious if your lips are uncharacteristically sparkly & you start to constantly smell like vanilla cake batter~ ;3c Tsk-tsk, boys, what kind of situation are y’all gonna have to deal with now~?

On Sentience Levels;

    Note: this is applicable only for the universe used by Sadist Senpai (dauphindekalos | beareroftheblueorb) in their Pokemon roleplaying, and should not be considered as anything near canon. As this is for a roleplaying-format, any information here is subject to change and alteration due to outside influences, and does not mean to reflect or force the hand of anyone who roleplays with him. 

    You’re free to employ this in your own roleplaying as desired, and alter it as need be.

    With that said…

With Archie being heavily involved in Pokemon rights and biology, he often makes note of a Pokemon’s base ‘Level Sentience.’ This is a rather simple system devised long before the War that defines how ‘sentient’ a Pokemon usually is in comparison to a human; it’s basically a IQ chart for Pokemon, varying based upon Species rather than individual.

    Which is entirely why, despite making references to it, he’s against the Level Sentience System. It’s impersonal and doesn’t portray correctly, basing assumptions on purebred six-IV test Pokemon against the ‘perfect human standard,’ and it is often used against Pokemon in a attempt to demean and lessen their worth. 


    Level 0 Sentience:

This refers to Pokemon who lack cognitive thought completely or the ability to process input of nearly any kind. Mostly, this section is filled with basic, single cellular beings; Ditto is the sole developed Pokemon inhabitant of this section, as it’s considered little more than a pile of primordial genetic sludge. 

   Level 1 Sentience: 

     This section holds base lifeforms. These are very simple Pokemon who are able to process input and have some basic cognitive reaction, but they lack many factors of sentience, such as the ability to respond to or process pain. These are usually more Primal or New beings, undeveloped and-or ancient. 

      Zygarde’s Cells count under this category. All Pollution Pokemon (Grimer, Koffing, Trubbish) count under this category as well. 

   Level 2 Sentience:

    This section contains all Pokemon who are not aware enough to be Commonly Sentient (Level 3) but not basic enough to be Level 1. Mostly, this is a variety of Bug Types and Fish-like Water types; they have the ability to adapt, yes, but it is usually in patterned, evolutionary ways. Some are very rigid, and can only survive in certain ways; others are easily confused, and show little signs of cognitive function. 

     Caterpie and most Starter Bug Types are in this category; Scatterbug has been considered for Level 3 Sentience due to it’s adaptive patterning. Wishiwashi, Magikarp, Remoraid, and Corsola are good example of Water Types in this category. 

      Due to their unevolved form, all Fossil Pokemon are categorized as Level 2. Omanyte and its evolution has been argued for revision from a variety of religious sects, but this has largely been ignored by the scientists in charge of identifying and reevaluating Pokemon Sentience. 

  Level 3 Sentience: 

   The most common type of Sentience. Most Pokemon can be found here, from Dog-like to Cat-like to Crab-like. These Pokemon are fully capable of processing pain and adapting to certain situations, but nothing overt. Most of these Pokemon are capable of Average Communication with others of its species or a species its evolved beside; for example, a Rockruff can, semi-easily, communicate with a Alolan Diglett (Tentatively a Level 2), but it may struggle with a Meowth.

    Chimecho and Slowpoke + Slowbro are the only Psychic Types in this Category, with all others being Level 4 and Higher. The former is supposedly due to a major researcher in Hoenn owning a dumb as shit Chimecho that ran into walls.

  Level 4 Sentience: 

   Level 4 is a tricky catagory. Much like Level 2, it contains Pokemon much too advanced to be Animalistic yet not so advanced so as to be Highly Advanced. Primarily, this contains a variety of beginning stage Ghosts, beginning stage Psychics, certain Birds, and some highly evolved Pokemon of varying origins. 

    These Pokemon drift between Level 3 levels of Communication and a more Powerful form bordering on Complete Communication. Some are social, others not so. Abra, the first occupant and origin of this Level, is well capable of communication and adaption: it just seems to avoid such things, leading to the separation of it from its evolutions. 

     All Baby Psychic types can be found in this category. Because of this, Cosmog would be considered a Level 4 Sentient (and a prime example of one). Chatot is also a prime example of a Level 4 Sentient Bird-like Pokemon due to its ability to understand and repeat human speech; Oricorio is also considered a Level 4 Sentient due to it’s extremely adaptive nature and ability to recognize and participate in culture.

  Level 5 Sentience:

    This category is composed almost entirely of Psychic and Ghost types, with a few rogue Dragon types and a few Legendaries. All of the Pokemon here are almost or perfectly Human like; with intelligence that either equals or surpasses the Human Average, these Pokemon are able to communicate with their Trainers and others with ease. Gardevoir/Gallade, Alakazam, Slowking, and a singular Meowth are prime examples of this category.

     Any Ghost type that may have been once human is considered a Level 5 Sentient due to it’s prior human form. Honedge and Yamask are good examples of this. Gengar, despite being theorized to not always occur from a human death, is considered a Level 5 Sentient due to it’s very human-like nature. 

     For some reason, Alolan Exeggutor is in this category. Apparently, the cumulative processing power of four or five heads (plus a enormous spine) makes it just as intelligent as a human. 

  Level 6 Sentience: 

    This category is solely composed of Legendary Pokemon. The true technicalities of this category are often argued, due to the lack of physical evidence relating to whether or not a Legendary Pokemon was truly more intelligent than, say, a Gardevoir

    Believers in this category theorize that, due to a Legendary’s importance to the world, most have some sort of innate Psychic power, no matter if they have that as a type; and, with many legends referencing a Legendary’s connection to their ‘domain’ (like Groudon to Volcanoes and Kyogre to the Sea), it’s theorized that Legendaries may have some level of Omnipresence (awareness of everything).

     And, finally… 

  Level 7 Sentience (True Omnipresence):

    The sole inhabitant of this category is Arceus. 

    Simple as that. 

    No, Omanyte is not being put in here anytime soon.

     Hail Helix, a Level 6 at best.

    Of the Mundane;

   Like all my notes, this will be subject to change and alteration based upon interactions or notations made by partners. I’ll probably make a post relating to if (when) it does.

  • psychic: let me read your mind
  • me inside: a month without uploading he comes back with a tag (whoo)
  • that no one even tagged him he’s not a challenge to drag (ouch)
  • so prepare for an attack and by that i mean cringe - cringe
  • cause this motherfuckers bout to be dragged by his fringe
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  • that people ship with his friend cause they think it’s kawaii
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  • reasons why dan’s a fail
  • i’ll give you some
  • you never tweet you overeat all you do is cry and sleep
  • you’re jokes are shitposts and memes with no originality (uh huh)
  • your family’s sad your flopped your law degree at university
  • and anything embarrassing that’s from your past you just delete
  • you were vegan for like three weeks then what you missed the meat? (milk)
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  • you try so hard to be peaceful and diplomatic
  • but can’t make toast without tumblr saying you’re problematic (boo)
  • i could go on there’s more if i check
  • there’s more things on this list than chins on your neck
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  • i think it’s just to hide that you’re secretly a furry
  • *cough*
  • i’m joking
  • obviously
  • ..
  • okay that went deep
  • repress it? yup
  • before i start crying let’s wrap this shit up
  • i’m gonna go and masturbate, then cry into a slice of pizza (feelings)
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trust | noun |
a: belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc.
b: one in which confidence is placed 

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1. dean winchester | supernatural
2. katsuki yuuri | yuri on ice
3. nico di angelo | percy jackson and the olympians
4. patroclus | the song of achilles
5. dr. remy/ thirteen | house md
6. aristotle | aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe
7. magnus bane | the shadowhunters chronicles
8. jake peralta | brooklyn nine-nine
9. mrs. hudson | sherlock
10. sana bakkoush | skam

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Whoo!! I’ve worked on this on and off for days and it’s finally finished. This is a pic of everyone in my system- because I’ve joked about it being kind of like a disorganized summer camp running in the background of my head before. 

From top to bottom, left to right, that’s Takumi, Inigo, Henry, Vio, Ingway, Robin, and Oswald! 

(obvs i don’t mind anyone tagging this as kin, lmao.)

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already by taemin, mama by jhope, awake by jin, 1 verse by jhope, i wait by day6, last goodbye by akmu, vente pa’ca by ricky martin ft wendy, one more day by sistar, home by ailee, shooting love by laboum + whoo by rainbow

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