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Everyday 1.0  • Bad Dream  • Poly w/Namjoon  • Trying To Find A Job  • Missed Call  • Appreciation  • Vampire Yoongi  • Teasing You When You Accidentally Fart  •  Missing Movie Night  • Vampire Yoongi & Human Reader  • Overworking Reader  • Accidentally Moaning  • Telling Yoongi Your Pregnant 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 •   Finding Your Journal  •  Taking Their Clothing  •   Missing An Important Date  •  Winning The BBMA’s

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J-Hope has a crush on reader  • Rude To Reader Due To Misunderstanding  • Teasing Reader For Falling Asleep On Namjoons Lap  •Finding Out Their Best-Friend Is Dating Jimin  •  Teasing Yoongi For His Crush On You

geekyzelda replied to your post:So I might’ve just now learned how to reply to…



You go to your dash, scroll down to where you see the “x replied to your post blah” and then it shows the reply underneath.

You know, this thing





The hardest part is getting the block quote indented part to not be dumb. You have to click on the last part of the reply that’s indented, hit enter, type some stuff, un-indent it, go to the the front of the random bit you added to un-indent it, hit enter again, and then highlight the other person’s reply and block quote it again.

That last bit was probably confusing to read, but I have no idea how to show it in a picture without having a thousand of them. But once you fiddle with it a little you figure it out.


Reconfiguration - Phoebe Delos - Yu-Gi-Oh!
A few minutes delay is all it takes to change the course of lives, and Atem is not certain if he should thank the gods or curse them for this shift in his destiny. For what did it mean for his fate, this chance to know the world again in his own flesh? What good can come lingering so solidly in a world he is meant to leave? [Puzzleshipping, Canon Branch-Off]
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Did you bring the clothes I asked for?” Yuugi asked, wiping the scrutiny from Atem’s gaze as he turned his focus down, onto the duffel at his side.

“Yes, I think I got it all.” He shrugged the strap off of his shoulder as he stepped forward, offering the bag to his partner. “Pajamas, travel futon, and two sets of clothes, including an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt.” He turned an uncertain eye Honda’s way, looking at him over Yuugi’s shoulder. “I had assumed aibou was staying at your place tonight.” It wasn’t something he got to do often, but Yuugi had gone over to Honda’s a good dozen times or so in the last couple of years, when weekends were quiet enough, homework was light, and he wasn’t working in the shop or going to museums or tournaments for Atem’s sake. Jounouchi was always a third on the trips, but sometimes Bakura or Otogi would tag along, too. Now and then Anzu would even join them for the evening, though she usually avoided the place since Honda’s sister lived at home and Johji would toddle around after her, demanding all of her attention if she were there.

And yeah, Atem couldn’t join them since he had to work in the game shop, but he was happy to meet Yuugi and bring him his clothes. Honda’s house was the opposite way from school, after all, and it was always a pain for Yuugi to have to come all the way home for his stuff, and double back to Honda’s. It was just practical to ask Atem to bring the clothes halfway, so Yuugi wouldn’t have to cram them in his shoe locker all day.

But Honda was shaking his head, a rather satisfied grin on his face. “Close, man, but no cigar.”

“Right,” Yuugi agreed… and reached up to push the bag back into Atem’s arms. “And the clothes aren’t for me.”

Atem blinked. “What do you mean?”

Yuugi grinned. “They’re for you.”


Chapter 7 is up!


You held Sam’s eyes just a moment before ducking your head with a quick, bursting laugh.

“Wow. That’s a pretty good line,” you said, challenging him, waiting for him to laugh too, to make it all one of your inside jokes that Dean would roll his eyes at later. 

When Sam said nothing though, you looked up again. He had a soft smile on his face but those eyes of his, intently fixed on you, were nothing but sincere. You blushed deeply.

“Wait. Was that a line?” you demanded in a half-whisper, leaning forward. 

“A pretty good one, according to you,” Sam said.

“But…what? You’re flirting with me?”

Now Sam laughed, deep and rich, giving a small shake of his head and pulling his teeth to graze over his bottom lip. You watched all of this with your heart in your throat, waiting for his answer. 

“Have been for the past year,” he said. “But thanks for noticing.”


More imagines!

Love and Other Questions - Update!

Guys. Guys. I’ve got the best prank idea ever. You know what it is? Write a fic with nice, manageable 5k chapters, and then… Then write a 14k chapter for it. It’ll be great. Especially when you planned for this to be a light writing week! haha April F–oh, wait, no, that–that’s pranking myself. Crap.

Anyway, the new chapter, “Marmora,” is up now on AO3, and yes, it really is 14k. This is a big update, in more ways than one. ;)

I Published a Book!

I’m officially a published author, you guys! As of today, my book can be found here.

Amelia Hale’s college is all fun and games until she dies and comes back. Now her life is filled with disgruntled ex boyfriends, her dead best friend haunting her, and demon ghost hunters. Needless to say, Amelia’s life gets complicated very quickly. Especially when the lead demon takes an interest in her that’s more than just professional

It’s 500 pages worth of content, you guys know I have no self-control when it comes to writing. It’s only 3.00 unless you have kindle unlimited, so go check it out! I’m going to be posting the first two chapters of it on Tumblr today, just so you guys can have a little preview. I’m so excited! It’s actually out there now!

First chapter is here.

Second chapter is here.


Commission for the always darling and beautiful @getinmypantskbcw! Thanks so much for allowing me to draw you gettin’ thos smooches from Big Fry, y’all are the cutest! <3

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