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You go to your dash, scroll down to where you see the “x replied to your post blah” and then it shows the reply underneath.

You know, this thing





The hardest part is getting the block quote indented part to not be dumb. You have to click on the last part of the reply that’s indented, hit enter, type some stuff, un-indent it, go to the the front of the random bit you added to un-indent it, hit enter again, and then highlight the other person’s reply and block quote it again.

That last bit was probably confusing to read, but I have no idea how to show it in a picture without having a thousand of them. But once you fiddle with it a little you figure it out.


Prince!Jun {Req}
  • would probably do royal sports like horse riding and archery
  • also secretly like plants + flowers but we’ll get to that later anyway
  • prince!jun would wear nothing but the finest white suits and does not care if he gets a speck on it tbh
  • looks intimidating because he’s so tall + handsome
  • but is actually the most caring prince the kingdom could ask for
  • like, sometimes, when he goes out to just stroll around the village he’ll help out an old lady carry her groceries or get a fruit on a cart that’s too high for a little kid to reach and pay for it- things like that
  • but although he is very sweet, he does have this headstrong confidence
  • it confuses everyone tbh bc he’s so nice yet so…..conceited…..like wot-
  • prince!jun is also known for his heartbreaking ways
  • as in all the princesses from outlying countries chase after him and he’ll hand-pick one and woo her then after a month break off all contact
  • when servant!minghao asked him why he doesn’t just pick someone, jun says its “too much commitment, it’d be a distraction! i got a kingdom to run, hao”
  • it drives the king & queen nuts honestly
  • but on a bigger picture, jun’s future kingdom was currently preparing to go to war with another country
  • the current strategy was that instead of fighting, jun’s father planned to compile so many soldiers that it would intimidate the other country
  • problem? not enough troops
  • solution? ally with the kingdom with the most number of troops
  • and when negotiating, you need to give one to get one
  • in other words: an arranged marriage between prince!jun and you, as your father was the king of this military-strong kingdom
  • oh when you found out, you were furious as hell like the horses in the stables probably heard you shouting at your parents
  • you: at least tell me who i’m marrying! // your mother: you are to be wed to the son of the first kingdom, prince junhui. // you: wHAT
  • and it was not the this-is-so-awesome “wHAT”, it was the you-gotta-be-freaking-kidding-me “wHAT” bc ofc youve heard of prince junhui and his playboy ways as it was popular topic of gossip among the maids
  • for you, this was your worst fear, having to marry someone who won’t even truly love you. just like everyone else in your life
  • jun’s reaction was more quiet. after his parents told him, he stormed off to his garden to think
  • when minghao came to look for him and asked him how he felt about it, jun only gave him a fake smile and said “they’d be the luckiest person to be with me then" 
  • minghao: “wow….”
  • you arrived five days later and met the royal family and the queen & king were quite lovely and jun was ofc such a flirt and would always wink at you and give you compliments but you always shrugged them off which made jun kinda like “whoa ok….”
  • and although the kingdom was beautiful and your room was gorgeous and the castle staff were all nice…..you missed home more than anything
  • the wedding was announced two months after your arrival (it was going to be in the summer next year) and when you had seen it, you felt your heart sink so you decided to take a stroll around the palace to clear your head
  • while going on this walk, you discover a beautiful garden that was kind of hidden because it’s behind the palace, near the servants fields
  • you’re admiring a bunch of white orchids when you hear someone clear their throat and you jump and see…..jun
  • jun smiles at you and goes “like those? i grew them by myself.” and you’re so surprised like “you like gardening?” and he has this playfully hurt look on his face while he puts a hand to his chest like “yes, i like gardening! who wouldn’t like flowers? they’re as beautiful as me” and you know he’s joking this time so you laugh
  • and then jun is tilting his head and says “you know….you’re different” and you ask “what do you mean?” and jun goes “well…..and hear me out, okay? i’m not trying to be cocky but…..usually people fall all over my feet the second they see me. but you…?” he pauses with a chuckle. “you just shrug me off" 
  • you: "well, looks aren’t everything to me, junhui. and it doesn’t help when we were both thrown into this whole crazy situation against our own free will…” and jun is nodding but then says sadly “but since when did we ever have free will, right? our whole lives were planned before we were even born” and you’re just whoa,,,,,yes,,,,,maybe this prince is much more than girls and fancy suits
  • but then jun is clearing his throat and looking embarassed, like he said too much. then his eyes brighten and he asks you “would you like a tour of the kingdom? you know, since you’ve been stuck in this castle for the past two months” and always up for an adventure, you grin and tell him “sure!”
  • and when you both are in the village, you come to see that jun, as usual, is a sweetheart to all his people. he looked so natural just helping everyone around, it makes you happy. on the tour, jun shows you all his favorite street food, introduces you to a lot of villagers that he knows by name and you both watch some street performances then go home
  • jun when you both are going back to the castle: “so what do you think of the kingdom?” // you: it’s beautiful. thank you for taking me around, junhui // jun: “you can just call me jun, you know” *smiles* “and next time i’m taking you to the ocean!" 
  • and this becomes a thing, you both just going for tours around the village and as promised, jun took you to the ocean and he loved the way your eyes lit up and when you told him that your kingdom was also by the sea, he then realized that you missed home
  • and so he gets minghao and asks him to research as much about your kingdom as he can because he has this amazing idea for you
  • jun when he took you to the archery area and you beat him: "no way! nobody beats me at archery. one more round?” // you: *roll your eyes and smile* okay but youre looking at someone who has been trained in archery since they could walk
  • sadly for jun, he lost his second round and he’s just so determined, its kind of cute to you
  • and you’re all wHOA rED LIGHT, DID I JUST SAY JUN IS CUTE- 
  • and your mind is all like “pfft you like him, don’t deny it" 
  • but yes, you begin to slowly trust jun the more you hang out with him and you also start developing a crush on this cute and headstrong prince who secretly loves to garden
  • and you felt your crush hit so hard when jun surprised you with a dinner in the garden pavilion consisting of all the staple foods from your kingdom and you were like !!!!! this guy is too cute….
  • so among the candlelight, you thank jun for all this and he smiles and says "anything to make you smile” and youre blushing and jun has this smirk like “awwwww, is (prince)ss Y/N blushing?” and youre like “hush and eat your mussels" 
  • later, jun produces a bouquet of white orchids- just like the ones you were admiring that day in the garden two months ago
  • jun: "i know our wedding is ten months away but, if you’d like….i’d like to court you properly before we’re married. would you give the honor to do so?” and you grin, take the flowers and fling your arms around jun’s neck and he laughs and says “is this a yes????” and you pull back and say “yes! of course i’d love to" 
  • and so begins this fairytale romance where you both are like yin and yang, balancing each other out
  • when jun is getting too cocky, you can just flick him on the forehead and he’ll stop like "jeez your flicks are beestings!” and youre like “good!” and then you both are laughing
  • like prince!jun is so different now, more humble
  • and servant!minghao is so happy for his best friend and even the king & queen notice the difference bc jun is no longer being passive, he actually participates in the meetings and comes up with solutions for the problems of the country
  • jun always taking you on dates to the ocean and when you ask him why he does that, he says “because it reminds you of home. if you’re going to be taken away from that, i’d like you to at least see something that reminds you of the place you love” and thats when you knew: you had fallen in love with him
  • and jun also tells you why his garden is so special to him when you both were just relaxing under the cherry blossoms
  • jun: “when i was little, my grandma used to always take me out here whenever i wanted to play. she taught me the different types and i began to love flowers as much as she did. but then…..she passed away when i was eleven.” and you’re just like speechless bc what do you say to that? so instead of speaking, you gently hug jun. “she was my biggest supporter. she would’ve loved you. you’re just like her. kind, fun and down-to-earth.” jun says and smiles down at you and you smile back
  • you: “i would’ve been honored to meet her” and jun keeps looking at you in adoration and youre like “what’s wr-”
  • you dont finish the sentence because jun is kissing you and youre like !!!!! oMGGGG FIRST KISS but you kiss back ofc and it goes on for a few minutes until you both are breathless
  • jun: “i…..i love you y/n" 
  • and youre just so wowed (plus…..prince jun stuttering? oh goodness) but: "i love you too, jun” you reply quietly
  • servant!minghao just happening to walk in on you two but when he sees you both kissing, he immediately turns and walks back with a big smile bc his best friend is no longer afraid of falling in love and he’s happy for him~
  • and you both are so cute and jun learns a lot from you and everyone can see that he’s maturing really fast
  • if you two argue, jun is the one who apologizes first and makes it up to you with white orchids
  • jun also spoiling you and making sure you have the best because you deserve the best
  • jun getting nervous whenever you’re all dressed up fancy bc dAaanggg you look good ;-;
  • a month before the wedding, things began to get busier. people were starting to arrive for the wedding and you and jun were being pulled away for tailoring and you both always had to do rehearsals for the wedding
  • and like, jun pulls you out to the garden three weeks before the wedding
  • you: “what are we doing?” // jun: “remember those flowers i’ve been secretly planting and wouldn’t tell you about?”
  • ofc you remember. you were so curious bc jun said you’d like them more than the white orchids. “yeah, are they blooming?” and jun nods “youre gonna love this”
  • and you both stand in silence and then, just as the sun reached it’s lowest point in the horizon, jun points “look now”
  • and before you, a million of pink heart-shaped flowers begin to bloom and lightly illuminate the dark garden
  • “wow….” you say, breathless from the beautiful sight. “what are these called?”
  • “bleeding hearts,” jun promptly says with a smile. “i thought it’d be fitting for what i’m about to do”
  • and youre like ??? just as jun gets down one knee and you put a hand over your mouth bc you know what he’s going to do “jun….”
  • jun’s not listening though. “y/n, i know we have to get married anyway but i’d feel better knowing you want to spend the rest of your life willingly with someone like me. you’re the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me and i know that i’m not perfect but i promise to try my best. i’ll treat you like a real queen/king and make sure you’re happy every day. i promise to be there for you and to never leave you even if things go rocky between. Y/N Y/L/N…….will you marry me?”
  • you: *almost crying and squealing and youre knocking him down with a hug* “YES! Yes, of course I will, Jun!” you say as he’s laughing and holding you
  • jun: “thank you. for everything. i love you.”
  • you: “i love you too, jun." 
  • and you both lived happily ever after ^^
  • b y e im gonna cryyyy prince!jun would be so cute ;-;

Haha sorry that my FF banner making game is too weak right now. Just trying to make this real quick. Nothing fancy. Yeah so I was supposed to do this on my birthday, which was on Halloween, because that week was goooooood. So many things happened, so lemme tell you all about it haha. 1) I was called in for a job interview. 2) Yaoicon tweeted me, telling me that I won something. [ Not that big of a prize tho. Just some luggage tags haha but STILL. It felt great xD ] 3) Celebrated Halloween/my birthday with some friends at a house party, Korean restaurant, and karaoke. [ If I get at least 5 messages that says “Post Halloween”, I’ll post 1 or 2 photos from that day hahaha like anyone would care if I post my selfies.4) Gained 1.8K+ followers! You guys are just freaking awesome! Seriously, I reached 1K like 2 months ago and 2 months later, BOOM haha. I love you guys (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ. “You are the source of my joy.”  And lastly, 5) Got hired from said job! I’m not a neet anymore haha *\(^o^)/*. Though, I might not have time to make graphics or even watch my shows on time anymore :’(  ANYWAYS, it was a really great week. So I was like hey, why not do another FF to celebrate those blessed moments and appreciate my followers at the same time? And now, here I am doing this :). (Also, the new tumblr width is probably fucking up the quality of the banner right now (¬_¬). I mean, I wouldn’t know. I’m currently using this extension that brings the width size back to the traditional 500px, so it looks ok now. *sigh~ I hate the new width). Also, whenever I put some punctuation mark to divide your names, it creates a div and just puts them in a new line for some reason. So I apologize if all your names look like they’re in one run-on paragraph “orz. That was the only way to avoid the listing format hehe. If any of you have another solution to this, let me know! I’d highly appreciate it ^^.

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The Not So Ugly Duckling

Part 3 (and also the final part!) of the Disney Park Face Characters AU! I’m so glad that you guys have seemed to enjoy this AU as much as I have! It’s been making my day going through and reading your tags<3 Makes me really excited to start on the next Disney AU(; 

It was colder out than she had been expecting. Lucy shivered at one point as she and Natsu walked along, wondering when the temperature had dropped and how she hadn’t noticed until now.

“Here,” Natsu surprised her by unwrapping the flannel he had tied around his waist, the one that Lucy had previously thought of as crazy back in the locker rooms. She felt her cheeks warm when he laid it over her shoulders, wrapping her in the warm material.

“Th-thanks.” Lucy wished that she could say the chill was responsible for her stutter, and that it had nothing to do with the boy’s kindness.

“Don’t mention it.” He shrugged, sticking his hands in his pockets as they fell back into step. “You’re still new here, and I figured earlier that you’d dress for daytime, so I brought it along just in case.”

Lucy tried not to read too much into the boy’s words. She’d been working at the park for a little over a week now, and she had already grown accustomed to how the boy functioned. He was just a naturally good, genuinely nice guy. She didn’t want to embarrass herself later on by looking too hard for something that wasn’t really there.

They were coming up on a strip lined with vendors’ carts that were normally decked out in Disney gear, such as stuffed animals or souvenir mugs with Goofy’s face on them. However, now they were all packed up and closed down for the night; a metal door locked all the merch inside each cart.

The fact that they were all obviously sealed shut made Lucy all the more confused when she felt Natsu grab her elbow, bringing her to a quick stop. He held up one finger, asking her to wait as a grin slowly spread across his features, making the girl’s heart rate quicken before she could help it.

He jogged off as she berated herself for the upteenth time about falling for the boy’s charm. Lucy followed his outline as he headed on ahead of her a few carts up, stopping at the one in the very center.

She cocked her head to the side as she tightened her grip on the shirt wrapped around her arms.

Lucy couldn’t make out what he was doing since streetlights didn’t project that far, but her ears perked at the unmistakable sound of one of the metal doors being lifted.

The girl began to panic. Was he breaking and entering? Was he stealing right now? She saw him bend over the counter, his feet hovering a few inches off the ground as he appeared to be stretching for something towards the back shelves.

Lucy hid her face in the flannel.

She heard the metal door being slid back into place, and she heard his footsteps as his sneakers smacked the concrete as he jogged back, but she didn’t lift her head until she felt him place something on it.

Her eyes widened in surprise as she took a step back.

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Let's Get To Know BTS!

So, a friend of mine has just recently gotten into BTS, and she asked if I could make a post to help her learn everyone’s names and things like that. 

So, here we go! I’m going to go by age, oldest to youngest. 

Jin (Kim Seokjin)

Jin is the eldest of the group and takes position as visual and vocal. He’s a the ‘princess-diva’, and is also very awkward. His favorite color is pink, and he’s not afraid to flaunt it. 

SUGA (Min Yoongi)

Suga takes his rightful place in the rapping-line. He’s best known as 'Motionless Min’ because of his extreme laziness. But don’t be fooled by his title, he’s a hardworking producer/composer who spits out raps that leave you breathless. He’s pretty quiet and reserved….(he’s also the cutest, fluffiest human being on the entire planet)

J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) 

He’s your Hope! J-Hope is the 'circle of life’. Or in other words, he can rap, sing, dance and produce. He’s full of energy and excitement, and he’s known as the member who doesn’t know the definition of embarrassment. 

Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon)

RapMon is none other than Bangtan’s leader. He’s the lead rapper, as well as a singer, producer and lyricist. He seems like the most 'normal’ person in BTS, but we all know he’s a little weirdo. He’s hella smart, and he speaks English! (He’s takes his rightful spot as number one on my favorite leader list. He’s so talented and just…ugh. Namjoon stop.)

Jimin (Park Jimin)

Jimin is in charge of being a little sh*t charm in BTS. He’s known as the 'Bagel Boy’ because of his baby face and sinful body. He’s in the dancing and singing line, while also stealing yo girl in the process. Nobody can quite hit high notes like he can, and he knows how to move his body fluidly. 

V (Kim Taehyung)

This here…this is V. Completely 4D and adorable, he’s known as Bangtan’s Alien. He’s part of the singing line, and surprisingly enough, his voice doesn’t match his face. His vocals are very deep and powerful! And don’t be fooled by that cute face; he’s an alien who can and will abduct you if he chooses. 

Jungkook (Jeon Jeongguk) aka The Golden Maknae

This is sass master Jungkook! Known further as the Golden Maknae, he can pretty much do anything and everything…excluding sports. He’s a little ball of innocence who must stay pure forever. Until he’s legal. And then the entire ARMY will pounce on that. 

And there you have it! I hope this helped! <3

so many people wanna talk about steve’s crap characterization in post-avengers fics but no one talks about bruce’s. 

if there’s one thing whedon did right, it’s showing audiences that hadn’t seen the incredible hulk that bruce has a cap on hulk. in india, his eyes don’t even go green when he lashes out at natasha. tony’s jabbing him with a little sparky thing and bruce is completely fine. he’s even under control when everyone starts yelling and he picks up the scepter–hulk only appears after a freaking explosion and when bruce gets dropped like, 20 feet. 

but so many popular avengers fics have bruce completely in the background or relegated to stupid cameos. bruce will not hulk out if someone insults tea or if tony drops something in the lab. chill. 

The Rich and The Homeless

“Excuse me sir–” He coughed dramatically a few times. “ ‘Ave you got any change so I could possibly get some medicine? What 'ave I got? I got a’ massive case of the chlamydia, it’s just eating my dick alive like some deranged leech! I mean, how could I possibly fuck any lovely babes with my cock on the fritz? Won’t ya please do a kindly service?” He pouted his lip and gave the stranger puppy eyes, but he received the look of utter disgust and the stranger just walked away. “You know, my cock has feelings! Ah well.” The young Frenchman held the stranger’s wallet in his hand and grinned to himself. 

He whistled and strolled down the street as he went through the man’s wallet, tossing it to the side after he pulled out all the cash and what looked to be gift cards. He looked at himself in the window of a retail store, seeing his shaggy hair and paled complexion, his clothes were very worn out with dirt strains and a couple tears. He just shrugged and gave a wide smile. “Still sexy.” He laughed to himself and walked along but came to a halt when he spotted across the street. “Oooohhh, rich bitches. My favorite.” He quickly jogged across the street, ignoring the cars honking at him, then slowly made his way to the young man who would probably be wearing expensive brand clothing and if he wasn’t by himself, maybe with a chauffeur or any sort of service.

“Allo folks!” The young Clopin still had a deep emphasis of his french accent. “Got any spare change to keep me out of the arms of a gang member and out of the clutches of the human trafficking ring?” He gave a pitch-perfect smile. 

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Maleficent having this huge habit if completely clinging onto Aurora while she's sleeping and Aurora will often wake up hot and sweaty and notice feathers all over her and arms and legs wrapped incredibly tightly around her. Aurora will try and push her off but the minute she does get her off of her Maleficent just whines and then clings back onto her. Aurora sighs cuz her girlfriend is super clingy but she secretly loves it