whoniverse confessions

People always complain that Eleven doesn’t mention the past companions often enough. This never really bothered me until that scene in “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” when he said he never had a gang before. Umm, excuse me, Doctor? Have you forgotten about that time you saved the world alongside Donna, Rose, Martha, Jack, Sarah Jane, Mickey and Jackie?

I hate when people say they won’t watch Classic Who because the Doctor is not attractive. First of all, Five is plenty hot, excuse you. And there are super hot companions in every Doctor’s time so if you really NEED good-looking main characters then there they are! But mostly it makes me think those people are really shallow. I don’t watch the show because characters are hot, I watch it because I love the story!

’The Sarah Jane Adventures has a strong female lead and other leads that are people of color that aren’t stereotypes and well-developed characters on their own. I think it does much better than the main show which admittedly has some racism and sexism problems. However, it doesn’t seem like many people watch the spin-off so they miss out on this. which is a shame.’