Hey Guys, So I Know I Already Posted About This, But...

I feel like I need to post it again. So there’s a Doctor Who spinoff called ‘Class’ that includes teenagers fighting aliens, it’s basically like a British ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’, but more modern day with aliens and the Doctor.

Anyways, it’s in major danger of being cancelled.

Why? You may ask. Well:

It received very poor ratings as it aired in the UK due to horrible advertising (many whovains have still never heard of it), and it only airing on BBC Three (an online-only platform) and BBC One but really late at night (nearly midnight, it’s basically the super bad death slot for shows). While it’s doing fairly well as it’s now airing in america, it might not be enough to earn it a renewal.

So what can we, as fellow whovians do? Well there’s a list of things.

1.) Send the BBC a quick email expressing your desire for a second series.

2.) Get those ratings up! Watch it legally. If you’re in the UK, use. That. iPlayer!!! Either that, or order the DvD. If you’re in america, or know american friends, tell them to watch it! Watch it live, record it (you don’t even have to watch it), or see it OnDemand. Just made sure you do it legally!

3.) Express your enthusiasm about the show. Tell the BBC ( @bbcone /@bbcamerica ) or Doctor Who ( @doctorwho ) on all forms of official social media. Also make posts about it, make art, do whatever. Just make sure it’s all tagged up!

4.) Also, there’s a petition that’s gained a lot of attention recently, and I know, I know. It’s a pain, signing a petition. It’ll only take like 2 minutes of your day, so please give it a shot. It does ask for your address, so if you’re not comfortable with sharing that, maybe use a fake one? Just make sure your email is real, because at least something on the signing should be. That petition can be found (here).

So in conclusion:

Basically, please please please try and get this show renewed. It’s about time that our favourite Sci Fi show gets another spinoff. It’s good too, good acting, writing, vfx, etc. Plus there’s some references to the Doctor Who EU (Expanded Universe), as well as a guest appearance from the Twelfth Doctor in the first episode. It only got 8 episodes, and never really got the chance to spread its wings. So please, please give it that chance. Let ‘Class’ be the next big thing.

Thank You.

welcome to reasons you should watch bbc’s class, by me, a trashcan:

• a diverse cast
• canon gay relationship established in the first episode
• sikh boy that overcomes grief and his footballer stereotype to just be awesome
• strong m/f friendships
• it’s funny. like really funny
• canon relationships and poc aren’t fetishised or sexualised
• not one character is ignored
• does not fall into predictable tropes or use predictable plot devices
• poc and foreign characters that are proud of their cultures and educate others on them
• cinnamon roll alien prince
• a* character development
• a sikh educating a white girl on his religion, beliefs and choices
• the theme of morality and grief
• pop culture references
• relatable characters. none of them are perfect
• doesn’t shy away from sex or suicide
• smart girl that has been moved up a year but also has the funniest lines
• adorable relationships
• that also have things to work through like real life relationships
• alien war criminal that likes cat memes
• tackles issues such as homophobia
• teen characters act like teens
• the best one-liners
• kick ass girl that defies expectations and accidentally becomes an alien king
• the families of the teens are not just left out but included in the action
• the characters’ interactions with said families are important to them and propel the plot forward
• “I don’t like knives”
• polish cinnamon roll that manages to be chill all the time until his boyfriend is in danger then he’s a bamf
• disabled characters that aren’t defined by their disabilities
• the cast are awesome
• aliens
• it’s doctor who for young adults
• basically
• watch it



-“ We’re stuck here and we don’t have enough information.
   We don’t know if we’re being poisoned by radiation, and really,
   aren’t you all feeling a little angry when you should be feeling scared? “ 

Class Has Not Been Cancelled

Hey guys!

This is just a friendly reminder that Class HAS NOT been cancelled! 

To the people who want Class to be cancelled, stop fucking saying that. I have seen people upset and confused over false information. If you want Class cancelled, fine, but at least have the decency to let that person know that this untrue cancellation has yet to be confirmed. Give them facts not the bullshit Mirror article that started this whole rumor. 

To the people who read that it got cancelled and wanted to let others know, you have been misinformed. Many tabloids have been taking their information form the Mirror which is an unreliable source. BBC has not made a decision on it’s future, that rests on the the show does in America. If it does well then hopefully we will get a second series. The actors, the writer, and Steven Moffat have all confirmed that it has not been cancelled. Let me repeat, it has been confirmed that the Mirror was bullshit, and that Class has not been cancelled. They all hope to see more the show. 

Dear Americans who are worried about watching Class because they heard it got cancelled, 

 It has not been cancelled. That was a rumor that was confirmed to be untrue by the actors and the writer. BBC has not made a decision on Class’s future. The reason why they haven’t made any decision is because they are waiting to see how the show does in America. If you are wondering when it will be premiering in America, it will be airing on April 15th, right after Doctor Who. I would follow @bbcamerica for more information. The show has not been cancelled. If you are a teenager, I would recommend you watch it. If you’re an adult, I would still recommended that you watch it, but keep in mind that this is a show that takes place at a high school and it’s intended audience is for teenagers, so don’t be surprised if you find some of the lines cheesy (let’s be real guys, every high school based show/movie has its cheesy moments, it’s inescapable). 

Sincerely, The Person Who Is Getting Tired Of Hearing The Question Is Class Cancelled.