“Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.”

I’m kind of a crazy Whovian. I watched six seasons of the new show in a month and the entirety of the classic show in about six. I’m also the daughter of a physics teacher and just generally a geek, so I love it when science fiction has some non-fictional science backing it up.

As such, every time I hear the iconic line made famous by the Third Doctor, I end up making something akin to this face:

Why? Let me explain. I’ll start with two definitions.

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I mean she slapped me a *lot* - and Alex slaps you hard. And then she’d go - I’d be like ‘Okay. We’ll *pretend* on this next one ‘cause it’s not in the shot.’ And she’d go 'Alright, alright, alright;’ then she’d go - do the scene and she’d go - [mimes her walloping him with all her might] - BANG. I’d go ’….aaaaAAAUUGGHH. MY FACE.’

But it’s cool 'cause it’s Alex so there’s something wonderfully erotic about it. [Audience cheers, then cheers some more. Matt smirks.] She is literally the most erotic woman you could ever meet. She’s fabulous. And so, ya know - part of me goes 'Ah, it’s great though, isn’t it.’

[Matt’s now utterly distracted.] Um, and what was the next bit of the question?

—  Matt Smith. [In the previous panel, Alex Kingston had told the audience to ask Matt how many times she’d slapped him.] // Whoniverse Sydney
I mean, she slapped me a lot. And Alex slaps you hard. And she’d go like, ‘Okay, we’ll pretend on this next one cause it’s not in the shot.’ So she go like, 'Alright, alright, alright.’ *imitates slap* But it’s cool cause it’s Alex and there’s something wonderfully erotic about it. To me, [Alex is] the most erotic woman you could ever meet.
—  Matt Smith on Alex Kingston slapping him (x)

Happy Mother’s Day Alex! 

I’d be in like a pub in England or something, and this was before I said a word [on screen as the Doctor], and people would be like ‘big shoes to fill,’ you know. It got to the point where people would say it so much, I’d just turn and go, 'It’s lucky I’ve got big feet, in'it!’ You know, cause I was an idiot.
—  Matt Smith on initial criticisms after his casting (x)