WATCH CLASS ON BBC ONE - STARTING MONDAY, 9TH JANUARY 2017, 22:45 GMT - also available on demand on BBC iPlayer

If you are in the UK, contribute to the ratings. If you’re outside of it, spread the word.

Class is the most recent Doctor Who spin-off, telling the stories of what happens after the Doctor flies away in his TARDIS, leaving people to deal with alien trouble on their own.


Alright so this is hella important for BBC Class fans. Please please please sign this petition for a second series of Class. Hopefully the BBC will notice it if it gets all the signatures needed!


If you want a shorter link, here it is:


Please please please sign this. At the time I’m making this post, only another 140 something people need to sign in order to reach the goal.

Please try to spread it around to anyone you may know who likes the show too! :D

If anyone is nervous about giving their address, maybe use a fake one? Maybe something like: ‘6969 Gayness Ave SE’

This is probably the best photo that I got all whoniverse!
Matt Smith freaked out when he saw me and immediately called me Amelia Pond, as he put his arm out to hug me. I then asked if we could reenact the scene in Angels Take Manhattan for my photo and he got so excited and immediately grabbed my book and sat on the floor. I later showed him the picture and he said that it turned out so well and he was really happy with it!
Such an awesome man.


“Miss Quill is a part to die for. She’s morally ambiguous but strangely likeable. I didn’t want her to be too arch.  I wanted her to feel real, and yet not real!  That was the challenge.  Finding just where to pitch it.”–Katherine Kelly