This is the kind of shit you see on every whoneedsfeminism post. The purposeful derailing and misrepresentation of every feminist statement to try and make it seem ridiculous. 

If the police needed to check your clothes for DNA they wouldn’t ask what you were wearing they would ask for the clothes you were wearing in order to keep them as evidence. 

This is not what the OP is complaining about. 

In the very rare case that a rapist would keep “trophies” asking the victim what they wore would be of no use. Asking the victim if anything had been taken from them is far more useful. 

This is not what the OP is talking about.

If the police genuinely needed those details to try and corroborate a story or a witness then they would ask and clarify the purpose for asking about clothing details. 

This is not what the OP is talking about. 

What the OP is clearly talking about is victim blaming, the suggestion that clothing plays a part in the rape of a woman. The OP didn’t say “I need feminism because the police sometimes need to talk about clothing to corroborate witness testimony or for DNA samples” and the people who responded to this would clearly understand the context, but where is the fun in that?

If you admit that people (because yes, the OP says ‘people’ not ‘police in the process of an investigation) asking about the victims clothing is a genuine issue, one that feminists are right to address and one that rape victims are concerned about then you don’t get to play your game. You won’t get to make jokes about the OP’s clothes or tell them that they don’t need feminism, or tell them they don’t understand police procedure, tell them that they are feminazis, that they are twisting the truth.

“That is not what the OP is talking about” is just a statement that gets in the way of justifying victim blaming and having a grand time while you are at it. 

I’m so fed up with “why I need feminism” posts; particularly from women in North America. There are countries out there so horribly backwards that a man can legally beat his wife for being disobedient, and then there are women here posting “I need feminism because when I play video games online, people always tell me to play healer.”

If that’s your idea of oppression, you don’t need a social movement, you need some basic control over your own emotions.

What Feminism Really Is

The tumblr blog womenagainstfeminism uploads submitted pictures every day of people who believe that they don’t need feminism because it’s “unnecessary, wrong, and causes women to think they are more powerful than men.”

Let’s take a deeper look at the definition of feminism

Pretty straightforward, right?

Oh, what’s that I highlighted and underlined there?

Equality. Not inferiority. Not the belief that women are better than men. Not the belief that women want to overpower men. But equality. Feminism is the belief that women are and should be equal to men. Every person, regardless of gender, sex, race, ethnicity, nationality, et cetera deserves equal treatment from everyone else.

In this day and age, I would have hoped that we are intellectually advanced enough to at least understand a concept before we form our opinions on it. To womenagainstfeminism, the people who submit their pictures to them, and anyone who is not a supporter of feminism. You sadden me. How can you attack a concept without even understanding what it is? Please educate yourself before you start making accusations. Now I wouldn’t mind if your accusations against feminism were based on actual fact, such as the argument that how thoughout the history of feminism many women have died unnecesarily at the hands of men for their cause. I would have actually taken interest and analyzed your side of the argument, because it has a basis in fact. The opinion in this case was that the deaths were unnecessary; you could then explain your reasons why you believe that through historical evidence.  That is an intellectual and creditable argument, because the views are and can be supported through true facts and evidence. But the claims and beliefs you have about feminism cannot be taken seriously, because your claims are based on misconceptions and false beliefs. If you had written an essay about not supporting feminism because it “makes women too powerful” or “that men were created stronger”, you would get a zero because there is no fact that you have based your opinion(s) on. That’s all your beliefs are. Opinions. Do the world a favor and keep your thoughts about feminism, or anything else that advocates for equal human rights, to yourself until you can learn that to make claims against a concept, you must first actually understand what the concept is. 

This is why education is so important. Education makes sure that claims and arguments are based on the facts. Without it, everyone simply has their own beliefs about everything solely based on propaganda and misconceptions. 

Sincerely, the enlightened world

If you would like an actual feminist blog based on facts to follow, check out whoneedsfeminism.tumblr.com . This wonderful and heartwarming blog has submitted photos of people saying why they support feminism. (I know. It’ so great! *squeals in excitement*)

To those who have always been an advocate of feminism:

Thank you. You gave me something to believe in, something to fight for when I thought I had nothing left. I would not be here today without you and your support. I have not given up and will not give up because of you. But more importantly, the world relies on you. The world needs you if it ever has any hope of advancement. Keep being the role model that others would be lucky to have in their life. You’ve done a wonderful job so far.

To those who previously did not believe in the feminist cause but now do:

You’re awesome. We will always accept those who come to the light side. You chose wisely. my friend :)

To those who did not believe in feminism and still don’t believe in feminism:

Whatever. We’d rather have enlightened and accepting people over biased equality-haters any day.