I’m so fed up with “why I need feminism” posts; particularly from women in North America. There are countries out there so horribly backwards that a man can legally beat his wife for being disobedient, and then there are women here posting “I need feminism because when I play video games online, people always tell me to play healer.”

If that’s your idea of oppression, you don’t need a social movement, you need some basic control over your own emotions.

This is complete bullshit. I know for a fact that women are significantly more likely to graduate college than men, and after doing my research, it turns out it’s the same in the UK.There are a lot of places where women trail men in achievement, but the classroom is not one of them. 

Of 19 fields, men only outnumbered women in 5 of them. Two of them had less than a 60-40 split. Meanwhile, women significantly outnumbered men in fields like law, biology, and medicine.

Now I’m waiting for people to tell me that the success of women in college is somehow related to women’s oppression.