i am so torn apart.

I dont know whether to participate in

Whomageddon: April 15th
Tompocolypse: April 23rd
Sherpocolypse: April 30th (or 27th?)
Padapocolypse: May 5th

I’ve heard people being excited about it, and some are saying, don’t do it because it was only funny when it was the mishapocolypse. It was April Fool’s so it was acceptable, but I don’t know if it’s okay this time around. Should we do it?

Okay, I suppose I'm done my Mishapocolypse spam...

On this blog.

Considering I’m going to be a part of Tompocolypse (23rd), Sherpocolypse(30th) and Whomageddon(15th)

I’m going to make a side blog that lets me indulge in them without losing a follower.


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