Bob Morley Imagine: Secretly


Summary: Reader and Bob are secretly dating. However, their characters just got together on the show and on a conference everyone teases them about it. It makes them, especially reader, feel uncomfortable. So reader confronts the cast members about it and Bob unintentionally reveals that they are dating which makes cast freak out.

Word count:1353

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I couldn’t decide if this con was disaster or the best time of my life. It was the first con when I and Bob were a couple. The problem was that no one knew.

We had decided to keep it a secret. In fact I didn’t know why, but it was Bob’s idea. He thought that it would be better because it would prevent us from getting various kinds of reactions from fans. Because this fandom could be really harsh towards the actors and make our lives a living hell.

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Working on thank-you gift-fic for people! This one is for @rozf, who requested Cherik Regency AU…


The River Thames had not been designed, precisely, for leisure swimming. This was true even along a pleasure-garden tributary, and true even on a summer-soaked day, and true even for the passengers aboard the Prince Regent’s flower-bedecked yacht, though they were learning this fact to some dismay.

Erik Lehnsherr had not been aboard the yacht. In fact he’d been swimming stealthily behind it and plotting to sneak aboard and violently dismember one of said passengers, Lord Shaw. He treaded water, and contemplated the sudden arrival of fashionable aristocrats in his river of vengeance.

He contemplated in particular the one beside him, who’d not fallen in drunkenly laughing, nor jumped from the tipsy party to save a lady who’d already saved herself by swimming to shore. No, the boy next to him, treading water and gazing right back, had seen him.

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The spouse and the lover - Moral Dilemma 1.

You are an EMT on the scene of a car crash that involves your spouse and the lover you didn’t know s/he had. They are both gravely injured, your spouse’s injuries the worst of them. You can tell it’s unlikely s/he will pull through. Meanwhile, his/her lover has a neck wound that will prove fatal if pressure isn’t applied soon. Whom do you choose to work on?

Would you…

a) Work on your spouse; even though s/he cheated and probably won’t pull through, your loyalty lies with them.

b) Work on his/her lover; they can definitely be saved, and even though you may hate them, saving them is your job.

Okay, go….