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Niall: *buys a huge ass present from Petit Tresor for Ben's daughter, visits her and post an insta pic, writes comments she can't wait to see her again* Freddie: *turns one* Niall: Um... Whom? PS: Even if he does say a late happy bday, it's a little too late, since he didn't bother going to the party. No one did. Only the same five people who are involved in the situation from the beginning.

Oh my, can you imagine?

Niall, two days later: “oooh, sorry, I’ve been on a plane for 48 hours, unfortunately I landed too late again, what an endless misfortune, but heeey, that a birthday you had Freddie son!”

Another year on this website, I just can’t quit you all. There are ships to be shipped, and ladies to be loved and amazing people to talk to. So thank you for making it so hard for me to just up and leave.

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And to all my followers, THANK YOU. Some of you have been with me through many fandoms and interests and for some reason stayed. I appreciate each and every one of you and I wish you all the best in the new year. Happy Holidays! ♥