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six of crows au where kuwei doesn’t exist

  • nina and matthias never have that moment where they realize they’re on the same side and therefore can’t trust each other
  • by some miracle they make it out of the ice court alive without nina having any parem
  • wylan never finds the courage to stand beside jesper on the way home because he’s too shy in his own skin
  • without the promise of reward for the scientist inej doesn’t consider her dream of hunting slavers possible, which means she never tells kaz so he has no reason to ask her to stay in ketterdam with him, and inej goes on thinking he doesn’t have deeper feelings for her
  • they go back to the barrel empty handed and their friendships never strengthen and most importantly to kaz—they never make their millions
  • pekka, heleen and van eck are still at large 
  • kaz never gets the help he needs to find inej’s parents
  • there’s really no reason to work with wylan again since raske is better with demolition after all and they’re not working with jan anymore
  • jesper’s life lacks chaos without any big heists and he goes back to gambling regularly
  • and poor matthias
  • he still meets his fate the same way when it’s found out he’s not in hellgate anymore. but the sad difference is it would have all been for nothing….

spoiler: it’s just not realistic.jpg stop acting like the story could exist without him. he’s a crucial character thanks bye

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Hello! I just stumbled upon your amazing artwork today and wanted you to know how much I'm in love with it! I'm especially fond of your Boku no Hero (BakuDeku ftw) and One Piece fanart! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I cannot wait to see more from you~

lemme just…do this unnecessary cross over because i love both series so much…cuz you’ve urged me

but yes hi HELLO THANK YOU! ;;0;; I wheeze in joy when i come across OP and BNHA fans let alone Bakudeku shippers 
cuz it’s not a common thing (at least for me) so i’m happy to please both sides! 

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If Rinehart died his teeth green and put on a top hat and cloak. He would slay cosplaying as black hat.

He’d never cosplay anyone ever, he’s already beautiful and perfect.

Besides, I already have a character with sharp green teeth - Rabbit!

Steve “Not a Straight Man” Rogers

Well…. I’m crying.

No I’m sobbing.


Well, I’m sobbing because of art.

And the art that caused me to be in this pitiful is none other than ‘Spring Day’ by BTS.

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'Spring Day’ is easily my favourite comeback so far.

After all, it is the most honest, sincere and beautiful piece they have released.

The song is just so pure, so heart wrenching. The production is fantastic and their voices….

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Many people say that BTS does not have good vocalists because they cannot hit a lot of super high notes. True, if a voice has all the falsettos in the world in is nothing without emotion. And emotion is something that BTS can deliver not to 100 % but rather to an infinite amount. Their voices carry pain, longing and sincerity.

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Now why am I mentioning sincerity so many times? Well, an artist without having sincerity is a writer with no pen or paper or any method of writing. Sincerity is essential, it is what captures the attention of the listener because it allows the reader to be able to relate. Even if the listener cannot relate he or she might want to retry to understand.

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Spring Day achieves just that. After all, the song is honest and so is BTS. These are emotions all feel. These are the emotions that remind us that we too are humans.

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And the music video, of the music video fits so well! The MV creates the feeling that this is not simply an MV, but rather is a coming of age movie, meant to showcase, pain, longing, confusion but also hope.

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The shots of the, passing each other, only to at some points get together feel so sad, so painful and interestingly beaver when they are together for me, although there is a lighter feeling it still feels like something is still missing for them. Because they still keep running and they indeed are cut of by the train carrying Jungkook himself.

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But at least they are together. At least they no longer have to suffer alone but can share the burdens that they have. They are each others ‘light’

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The MV also allows for so much interpretation from the first watch.

One might take them as a random choice. However, the clothes could also mean that they have let their old selves go. They could mean the they feel worthless, like they can be  called ‘dirty’ at any moment and discarded. Or they could mean that they have washed there ‘stains’, their pain.

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The scenes at the staircase and at the carousel when they seem unable to find each other can be seen as painful as them losing each other.

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Or it could be that they still haven’t found the others yet. 

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Maybe, there are all in front each other…Maybe they haven’t looked properly.

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The train with Kookie that passes BTS could mean that Jungkook is leaving the past behind…

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Or he could simply be going forward, not yet knowing of the people he will get to meet, the same people who are in the same compartment as him.

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And the shoes that hand from the tree… are they can mean death, the murder of their own selves.

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But they could also mean that BTS has exchanged their pain for appreciating and loving themselves. Because they are no longer alone. No, this time they have each other. And so they are letting their old selves die in hopes for a better future them to be born.

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And more interpretations can be made. They just depend on how people feel at the moments and what they want to believe. I like the idea that they simply search for each other, but that proves difficult at first cause they do not know exactly whom they are searching for. I like to believe that this MV is a look, a battle for the future. But I also love reading others interpretations.

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And that is what this song and music video.

So thank you BTS, for once again getting out of you comfort zone and creating this masterpiece.

Thank you for bringing us all together.

Thank you for creating powerful music that speaks to all.

But also there are other people that deserve to be thanked.

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People who sit silently and work endlessly to make this happen. Thank you to all the staff and the crew. Thank you to all those who helped make this happen, whether you are the MV director, or the person bringing the brush to the make up people.Because these people are too a huge reason why we have these MVs.

Thank you to all those that help with the creation of the songs.

Thank you to all whom advertise these boys, to all whom support them.

And thank you to my fellow ARMYs, who no matter what shit we get from others, continue to support these boys.

BTS has released one of their most beautiful works yet.

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So lets support them!

ARMY loves you BTS… I love you BTS!

Thank you for reading!

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PS… Who’s ready for Not Today? Not me that’s for sure

i wasn’t originally going to make a “me too” post.

i don’t want people to associate something so horrible and dirty with me. i don’t want to talk about it. i don’t want to think about it. and i figured… well, so many other women are already doing it, they don’t need me to, right?

and then i kept seeing, over and over and over again, feminists and radical queers, saying things like “women and femmes victimized by men and mascs”, “feminine people/femmes,” and being told to be aware of “masculine privilege” that supposedly protects us from sexual violence. i just stopped typing this post for like ten minutes because i don’t know where to start, i’m just so tired. this post is going out to those people who say things like that.

your attempts to gender neutralize the systemic nature of sexual violence is hurting women.

i don’t know why you don’t see butches, gender nonconforming women, masc of center people (whatever language you’d like to use, i know you know to whom i am referring) – as your people. do you REALLY not know that we are traumatized at the same rates, that we’re targeted for assault and harassment in ways that sometimes look different, sometimes don’t look different at all, have the same background of being raised in this patriarchal system as you? have you never spoken to any of us? or do you just see us as a handy rhetorical boogeyman to make “opposite” claims about, because you’re unable to name the agent of male violence? do you ever drop your removed ideological lens and notice how things actually function for us? you are asking your sisters/siblings who have OVERWHELMINGLY been targeted by sexual violence, are sexually punished for our deviance, have grown up with trauma written into our DNA…  to apologize for taking up space, in exchange for being granted a modicum of community.

why do you believe it only happens to women that patriarchy is saying are desirable, if we know that rape is about power? that it’s a structural problem? is that not the whole point of the me too campaign, to show visibility of how MANY of us are affected, that this is SYSTEMATIC? do you really, truly believe that women can avoid sexual victimization by changing how they dress? isn’t that what rapists have always told us? you are actively making it more difficult to come forward. people who look like me are AFRAID TO COME FORWARD. we won’t be believed. so we stay quiet. if you actually have butches, gnc women, and non-male masc of center people in your life and you don’t know about what we go through, its because we’re too ashamed and afraid to tell you. stop pushing us out and taking away our ability to speak about what happens to us & our bodies. if you’ve parroted the language above, i hope you feel a sting of shame reading this.

the reason we say “me too” is to raise visibility on how few of us have been lucky enough to escape - how ubiquitous the threat is. that this isn’t a private, quiet concern. if a huge portion of us are being discouraged from sharing our histories, you don’t see the whole picture. that this is a systemic problem inherent to our misogynistic society. that we cannot alter our behavior and dress into safety from it. that’s not how any of this works. 

i am a butch lesbian who has more reason to say “me too” than i can count. and i need you to hear me. 


There’s nothing you can do.

Supergirl Recast (1/?): Katie Cassidy as Kara Danvers

Harry’s silent treatment.

Requested: Harry mad at Y/N and giving her the silent treatment.

When Harry was mad, his silence was enough to make you fidget. When Harry was mad at you that was something else. He’d stay silent, cold eyes as he avoided your gaze, a deep frown with his eyebrows and his lips in a straight line and even though he always tried to not give in to your sheepish expression and cooes, he never told you about it. 

It was when you told him that you can’t go out with him on yet another date night that he took it upon himself to stay quiet. 

“I’m sorry. Something came up and I have to go.” You gave him a sheepish smile. “But we’ll have tons of time next week, baby.” You put your hand on his shoulder. 

Harry looked at you, rolling his eyes. “This is the fourth time you cancel on a date.” 

“I know, baby and I’m so sorry.” You sighed.

“Whatever.” Harry mumbled, getting off the couch and walking upstairs and into your room with a harsh thud of the door closing.

You couldn’t tell him just yet; the reason behind all the cancellations and late night shifts. Not yet. 

So after you left and came back home to find him sleeping on the couch, the telly still on, showing a classic movie you haven’t seen bore, you felt sad but you knew it’d be worth it - or so you hoped. You knelt down beside him, stroking his hair gently. “Harry,” You said quietly. “Harry, love.”  

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@c2ndy2c1d jack and johnny watching a scary movie

YOU GOT IT BABE. I have this weird au headcanon that Jack went back to the past–but only to Johnny’s timeline, and he’s stuck there. So I ran with it. Sidenote that I know it’s canon that Johnny is “afraid of very little save for clowns” but for my purposes he get spooked by anything “scary”

There was a strange sense of exhaustion weighing heavily over Jack’s shoulders as he stepped through the threshold of his and Johnny’s small apartment. 

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 And just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell, if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so.

And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Word Count: 12,039 yikes!
Chapter Index
◇ Soulmate!Au, Slowburn, Angst

Over the short magnitude of time that Min Yoongi has been a part of your ever moving life – his decision or not, you have come to discover one thing about his complex character, and that is: when you think you have him figured out, he does something to throw your entire thought base off balance and send it spiraling into the depths of somewhere unknown.

This is what happens the following Monday when he ventures into your shared English Literature class.

Now, when you had told Jungkook to pass along your reply to Yoongi, you weren’t sure he had received it. Because you had yet to acquire a text message from him. That’s right, not a letter, word, sentence, or paragraph had you received. In fact, you were starting to wonder if Yoongi had indeed changed his mind regarding the friendship or not.

To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise you.

Because, after all, trying to guess when it came to Min Yoongi was trying to guess the weather. There was a fifteen percent chance that the New’s was correct and a seventy five percent chance that something irrational could happen and everything would change.

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