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I had planned to be there and parked at Cobo by five thirtyish so I can pick up my press pass starting at six. Then I’ll be wandering the RenCen to find SPG for trick-or-treating until the rest of our lovelies get there. You’re welcome to join me!

Alright! Sounds good to me~ :3 I think I’ll be off in a corner, waiting till one of the people I’m going to hang out with comes XD Hopefully around 4 haha. So at least I won’t be lonely till everyone gets here a;wlkefja. Oh my god so excite for the con and to meet you and everyone *w*

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If you set up something your followers could donate to, by their own will, I’m sure you’d get some help, honestly. I’d do it, today. I know we don’t talk, but I find you inspirational and lovely, and I’d like to help you both.

Nobody’s having an easy time of it, though. So I feel bad accepting charity.

Maybe I can submit a doodle or silly picture in donor’s submit boxes?

That might work… I might feel better if I can give something back. 

I don’t know. But my paypal is glauzus… or is it done by gmail? glauzus@gmail.com. That’s what it is. Something

I cried myself tired and sore. Not thinking too well right now.

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What time are you getting there, doll? I’m only an hour and a half away, and I can get there early if you’d like!

Ah. I’m going to be around there at like 3:30…ish? 4? Depends on the plane really. owo You don’t have to go there early if you don’t want to~ I’ll most likely be a bit lost for a good moment while at the airport.