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Name and it’s meaning? Zoe means life in greek which is nice I guess

Place you’d love to go? Singapore <3 or I really miss Iceland. 

Best memory? spending the day at the Mediterranean with a friend of mine, having gelato and pasta.

What you look for in people (friends, love interest, etc.)? i think highly of people who get my jokes and do interesting things.

One thing in all of existence and time you would change? Why? That’s a lot of power to give a chick who can’t decide on breakfast. I would change how people perceive relationships. I just don’t think its fair to constrict people and give them a limited chance at how they should be happy. 

What do you look for in life? I’m always planning my next trip abroad. I love to travel and it’s what keeps me going.

One thing you would say to a young you? it’s okay to make mistakes, make them often and without regrets. also don’t work for your parents for the rest of your life, get a real job.

Why are you on Tumblr? John Green told me to do it

Would you be willing to listen to your followers if they needed to talk? Always.

Favourite holiday and why? Canada Day. I just have really good memories of volunteering in my home town and cutting watermelon, seeing the fireworks at the legislature, my mom making a Canadian flag pavlova, and going to a Canadian pub in Paris to celebrate.

No question. Say something here. Something you wish you could have said to someone, but never got the chance.  The summer before I moved away, a friend of mine moved away as well. He was the one friend I had in senior high and my year off. We never kept in touch afterwards. I wish he knew how much I appreciated him and missed him


1. Kindly explain your URL

2. Least favourite event in History:

3. If you could move anywhere in the world where would you go? (This is a permanent decision, choose wisely)

4. Favourite quote. Go.

5. You have volunteered to drop The One Ring into the the fires of Mount Doom. Who is your Samwise to your Frodo?

6. Favourite food porn?

7.What is your stripper name?

8. How do you plan on saving the world?

9. You meet Stephen Hawking. Plot twist: He asks you, “Why.” What do you answer?

10. Name that one creative project you never got around to doing. (psst you should do it)

11. Last thing you wanna hear before you die?

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Tumblr URLwholockcat

Age: 16

Languages: English and French

Original Stories: Y

Fanfiction: Y

Fandoms: Avengers, Homestuck, Hetalia, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Marvel, Harry Potter, Glee, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Supernatural, Dangan Ronpa, Off, Merlin, Firefly, Stargate, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Torchwood, and a few more.

Preference: anything!

Refused Content: self-input.

Strengths: grammar, spelling, being picky about typos, characterization.

Weaknesses: still finding them.

Previous stories writtenDear Tony

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Welcome aboard! It’s a pleasure to have you here and I hope you enjoy your stay. Please take a seat anywhere you like. When you’re all nicely settled in, I’d like to direct your attention to the pre-flight film. It’ll tell you everything you need to know about flying with us.

If there’s ever anything I can help you with, please feel free to ring your little bell and I’ll do my very best to assist you.

In all seriousness, hello. *waves*

quiet-meme-thief asked:

I wasn't sure if this would come up in your tag, so here's your URL in Vancouver. wholockcat(.)tumblr(.)com/post/39903227744/in-case-you-cant-see-everythingcanadian-is

woaah this is amazing :D i wasn’t sure you would actually do this 

thanks :D

i got tagged!

 oh my im so excited! never done anything like this before ! thank you Wholockcat

questions i have to anwser

1: All time favorite song?( oh god darn it! thats bloody hard!) i would have to go with 

2: Place you want to go the most in the world (can be absolutely anywhere) ANYWHERE?! i would absolutely love to go to Bhutan. im not religious but that place is just so calm and spiritual! i would LOVE it! 

3: Who’s your favorite Avenger? (Movieverse, and pick ONLY ONE) ONLY ONE?! oh buzzcock. i would have to chooooooose… TONY STARK/ IRON MAN! (it is the heroes only right?) 

4: What is your favorite comfort food? my favorite comfort food is no food at all normally, when i’m sad i stop eating but if i had to chose it would be popcorn. 

5: Last thing you ate? sugar roasted almonds x3 

6: Pet peeve. Pick one. i had to google what it was x3 but it would be people who corrects other people but are wrong themselves. 

7: One person you couldn’t live without: my mother. 

8: First fandom you were in? Harry potter :3 from i was like 5? 

9: Nicest thing anyone’s ever done for you: my ex boyfriend, ran in the middle of school, down to the newly open mall and bought me a rose, because i felt i needed one. 

10: Bananas or fish fingers and custard? fish fingers and custard! 

11: Hiddles or Cumberbatch? DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!!!!! okay… okay okay okay… hiddles!!! 

questions for the one i tagged

1. favorite movie

2. concert or movie premier? 

3. who is the funniest actor?

4. david tennant or benedict cumberbatch: 

5. favorite youtuber:

6. how long have you been tumblr addict? 

7. last candy you ate: 

8. favorite pick-up line: what was the first fandom you were in?:

9: what word do you use most?: 

10: are you my mummy? 

11: what is the scariest thing you ever experienced?

good luck owo!!