i woke up early bc of another nightmare and roxy wouldnt stop poking me with her sharpass claws (i didnt get mad tho bc how can someone possibly get mad at a cat for being affectionate) and now ive been up for awhile and im just? hangin out.

i think today has actually been good so far. ive been sampling some new music, just sort of hanging around, eating, and actually using tumblr for the first time in a little while. ive kind of… distanced myself from this website lately because i hate all the baggage i have. it really is time for a change

ive already set up my new blog, its just a matter of following people, starting to post shit, and deleting my main on this account lol

anonymous asked:

Anakin for the character thing??

  • do I like them: i love my trash son <333o
  • 5 good qualities: he’s incredibly strong, driven, compassionate, very skilled with mechanics and flying, and like me he hates sand <3
  • 3 bad qualities: well i meannnnn he kinda turned on the jedi and killed them?? he can be very mistrusting, and is quick to anger as well
  • favourite episode/etc: ahhh i LOVE him in clone wars and i also like him in episode iii, i mean i love anakin always…except you know the wholle killing business hahaha
  • otp: him and padme~~~
  • brotp: him and obi-wan!!
  • ot3: ~~~~~
  • notp: sand
  • best quote: “ You’re asking me to do something against the Jedi Code. Against the Republic. Against a mentor … and a friend. That’s what’s out of place here. Why are you asking this of me?”
  • head canon: tho anakin doesn’t like sand, he also doesn’t like snow?? it’s too far of an extreme, he doesn’t hate it like sand (I JUST CAN’T GET OVER THIS) but he would prefer not to be around it. so obi-wan throws snow balls at him >:3
WATCH | The Wholls animated video for 'Angry Faces'

WATCH | The Wholls animated video for ‘Angry Faces’ @thewholls

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A new animated video has surfaced for Bedford four-piece The Wholls’ track ‘Angry Faces’. The animation, provided by internet cartoonist Jake Lava, fittingly mirrors the lyrics and tone provided by The Wholls. ‘Angry Faces’ is a track that spits venom and to a lot of people is very relatable to 21st century life. Also, Jake Lava’s work maybe familiar to those of you that might’ve stumbled across…

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antiblackish asked:

forreal like if you got 5+ pages i gotta look at im jus not gon follow. chances are i'll find some bullshit that dont add up on them anyway

its also usually the people wholl call out ableism at the drop of a hat but…. make their would-be followers read 5-6 long pages worth of bullshit……. smh

james barnes is the type of man wholl walk up to tween who think theyre cool when theyre cursing and say ‘fuck is a bad word, dont fuckin say it’

Mic Lowry x Rihanna x Drake x Zayn Malik

@WeareMicLowry x @rihanna x @Drake x @zaynmalik #SongCovers

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With them performing at the prestigious RADAR event next week, Mic Lowry continue to bring their better acapella versions of the two biggest songs from Rihanna and Zayn Malik.

We’ve seen them grown and are definitely the contenders…

To get the RADAR Tickets click here…

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