What I Want for the Holidays...

What I want for the holidays is to shake Peter Capaldi’s hand for helping me get through a rough point in my life through his performance as the Doctor, and on a more selfish note, I would love to stand at the TARDIS console and pretend I could be the Doctor, even if it was for an instant. I know it could hardly ever be possible though because I’m not British or Scottish and I live in Ohio, USA. Of course, everyone wants to stand at the TARDIS console, so not very unique, huh? 

Grinchmas 2014 Audio

I recorded some audio of the Wholiday Singers from Universal Studios Hollywood’s Grinchmas this year. I figured I’d share the files for anyone who wanted to hear but couldn’t go.

Audio for the full show - ( x )Downloads - ( x )

Intro ( x )

We Need A Little Christmas / All I Want For Christmas ( x )

Christmas Don’t Be Late / Feliz Navidad ( x )

Who’s Who ( x )

This Christmas ( x )

You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch ( x )

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays ( x )

Bye! / We Wish You A Merry Grinchmas ( x )