Look! I made these Who-liday themed prints! They are adorable, JUST LIKE YOU.

You can buy one for $5 (Ood, SilenceStrax) or you can buy all three for $10!

In case you are as terrible at math as I am (I had my cat work the calculator), that is basically one print for free. Mostly this is out of holiday charity and love for my fellow Who fans, but also it is because no one is gonna buy that Silence print unless I force him on you in the combo pack (too scary or something? I don’t know what you people want from me).

Each print is 5x7, which is a standard frame size. That means it’d be hella easy to pop these suckers in a store bought frame, throw ‘em in a Christmas bag, and then launch them off of your roof in the direction of your loved ones homes via trebuchet, as is traditional.

However, because I am a quality craftsman, these prints are printed on gloriously thick and snowy paper, which means they can easily be turned into Christmas cards by writing heartfelt seasonal greetings on the blank side, with no threat of bleed through! (unless you use blood. don’t use blood. i mean, i know nobody is using blood these days but still, my cousin Robert might be on here and you can never be too careful.)

Watermark not included!

Professionally printed on enhanced matte paper!

Hand signed!



Doctor Who: Summer Wholiday

(These pun titles are pretty bad, sure, but they have a long way to go to reach kierongillen levels of awfulness, so that’s something??)

This Docco strip is only a few months old (it appeared in issue 13) but it’s my absolute favourite of the bunch. It has the right level of family hijinks and insanity. Also if you’re a fan of other time-and-space-travellers then there miiiiiight be a couple of unofficial easter eggs in there for you.

I’ll post another Pond comic tomorrow! Don’t forget that issue #15 of Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor comes out today!

(And now the legal bit)

Doctor Who, the Daleks, the Cybermen, TARDIS and all other characters and logos are trademarks of the BBC and are used under licence unless otherwise indicated.


Sad real talk all- humidity is just too high right now for me to cast more. We keep swinging between highs of 50′s and 70′s here and every change brings in more moisture. My goal of a nice release of Holiday Who’s is out of the running.

Right now I have another 6 Whos:

Two Snowwho’s:

Two Holiday Cheer:

And Two Glacier/Ice Whos:

I plan to go ahead and list these 6 on Wednesday the 14th to ship in Friday which may give them enough time to squeak in before Christmas for those who celebrate. Since weekdays are hard days for releases, I’ll release one of each at 10 AM CST and the other half at 10 PM CST to try to give times that hopefully work!

Thank you everyone who has been on the lookout for them, but nature has been against me! But I wish to at least get out what I have! (Quick photos snapped so I could get this up. I’ll be posting more and better soon!)

Hello Whovians! In addition to launching our advent calendar today, we’re going to do one more thing to kick off December right. The holidays are a time for family, friends, good cheer, and it’s also the season of giving, so we thought- what better time than now to have a Doctor Who giveaway? 

“Tell me more” says the Twelfth Doctor

Our friends at Harper Collins were kind enough to provide us with 10 copies of each of their Doctor Who books, including Doctor Who: The Secret Lives of Monsters (their newest!), Doctor Who: The Vault, Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Notebooks, The Official Quotable Doctor Who, and Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Lives and Times. To give them away, and keeping in the spirit of things, we want to know what everyone would like for the holidays! 

Is it that crazy glow-in-the-dark sweater you saw on the internet last week? Or perhaps a life-sized TARDIS that you can use to reenact your favorite Doctor Who adventures? Maybe it’s just to spend time with family, or to get presents for all of your friends, or to find the best cookie recipe of all time? 

Regardless of what everyone celebrates, whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Thursday, or anything else, tell us about it in any form you’d like (text, video, audio, drawn in a piece of fanart, etc.) by posting your holiday wish to your own blog using the hashtag #Happy Wholidays.

We’ll randomly select 10 entries to win next week and we’ll be reblogging our favorites until then. The deadline is Sunday, December 7th at 10AM EST. Good luck, and happy holidays! 

And we’re so so sorry to people outside of the Fifty States, but this giveaway is only open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States (including the District of Columbia.) BBC America’s full terms and conditions can be found here.

Literally, all I want for Christmas is to start my sonic screwdriver collection, or a model TARDIS. Not only because they’re completely unique as a tool, and a constant among the doctors, but also because they’re a personal reminder that there’s a way out of every sticky situation, @doctorwho .

Last week we held a Happy Wholidays giveaway where we asked everyone to tell us what they wanted for the holidays, and the response was overwhelming! We received drawings, text posts, photos, and some entries made us feel a lot of things all at once but that was just dust in our eyes we swear. 

We randomly selected 10 winners to receive a set of Doctor Who books from our friends at Harper Collins, and here they are! - 











And bonus winner myinnerfangirlisbreakingfree 

Thanks to everyone who participated. We’re always so impressed by Whovian creativity (which has NO BOUNDS!) We hope everyone has a lovely holiday and that everyone’s holiday wishes come true, and we can’t wait to watch ‘Last Christmas’ together on Christmas Day!