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Can you give the whole story about you and Sam? Sorry if you've already done that, do you have a link to an older post or something?

Okay so we met a little over two years ago (July 25th 2008 to be exact) while we were going to the same summer camp. I liked him and by the end he liked me and asked me out. We dated until December of 2008 when I broke up with him for some stupid reason. He started dating this girl Andrea in like February and then we started talking again. A little over a month after that she broke up with him. Him and I dated again for a month, then he broke up with me. We still talked every night though even when we weren’t dating. Then that summer when we went back to summer camp we were back together, but he broke up with me at the end because he didn’t want to do long distance. He started dating Andrea again but then in November broke up with her for me. We stayed together until this past July where we had a horrible, horrible breakup in the beginning of camp. I basically didn’t even want to look at him while I was there. Then after camp ended and I had some space we decided we could be friends. But of course that never works out. I encouraged him to ask out this girl Julia (which he did) but then I started falling for him again. In October we were at a reunion in New York and he cheated on her with me. (Note: we started talking again in August and had gone to talking every night on the phone before the weekend he cheated) He came to my house for a weekend in December, I saw him last month for his birthday and saw him this weekend. This whole time he’s been telling me that he loves me but he doesn’t want to end a functional relationship again for something with me. But I’m just slowly getting tired of feeling like I’m something on the side. So today he told me that we shouldn’t hook up anymore because he can’t be the type that cheats but he wasn’t going to let me out of his life and that we would still do the same things as always and I told him that talking on the phone with me all the time was technically cheating so he basically might as well just not have me in his life anymore.

I think that’s all. I left some details out but yeah.