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uhhh yknow, a lot of the criticism and "hate" toward teahouse is because the comic is really cissexist and so was the creator response to that criticism, "it's just a harmless joke" etc, context is pretty important and im actually pretty disappointed to see you reblog that agreeing with it, considering

I have never read (or heard of) “Teahouse” except for seeing Jess Fink reblog that post earlier today.  (The reason I reblogged it directly from their tumblr was so I could have the whole post show in my reblog.) I found a lot of their advice on dealing with internet hate applicable to my own situation, without knowing context of theirs.

Thanks for bringing this up to me, though, context is important. And had I known the whole story, I probably would have made my own post.  My bad. =(

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the company is owned by a rapist, so its not really surprising that his ads look like this

I’d heard about his legal history, I just wonder how his business advisers let him get away with it. I mean, I know it “generates controversy”, but so would, say, a cosmetics company that advertised like “guaranteed tested on animals” and I don’t see how these ads are any measure more appealing than that would be. It’s like “American Apparel, attractive to sex offenders”.

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i agree, ivy is not great to her either, but depending on the depiction she can be a lot better to her or only a little better, but i still consider their relationship way healthier in general

that’s true, there’s a LOT of variation with ivy’s and harley’s characters in general – joker’s too, but i feel like people tend to think it’s more “obvious” when someone gets him wrong (bc lol girls acting different? no1curr and insert other ridiculous thinly veiled sexist remark here)

i guess i root my interpretation of them mostly in the animated series, since that’s where both harley and their relationship came to be, and i feel the most accurate and enjoyable representation of that? and even there ivy was fairly abusive – she was just far more emotionally abusive than physically, which is something that’s more of a trigger/sore spot for me personally, so that’s probably why i’m harsher about ivy/harley in general? which is a personal bias and has little to do with fact, probably.

that said, they get up to all kinds of kinky hijinks and no one can tell me otherwise. (the friends you can have kinks/sex with are sometimes the best friends) 

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i really liked constantine too, dang

Oh good! I thought the movie did a lot of nifty visual things and I thought it put together a pretty compelling story. 

I mean, TO BE FAIR, I love Keanu Reeves A LOT and perhaps that colored my view of the film a little. But still! Totally enjoyable! I’m always super confused when people talk about how unwatchable it was. 

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how is it

so far so good? Like I said, I’m only through volume 1. And I’m not super invested in it emotionally yet, but it’s very quick moving, lots of things! are! happening! in a way I find enjoyable. I’m already a sucker for the whole evil boarding school thing already so it kind of had me out of the gate. I think, for the most part, the dialogue is pretty good. Everyone’s hair looks great in the art. Nothing is blowing my mind with love yet but also nothing is making me want to throw down the book in disgust yet. 

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YEAH I GET THAT, its ok to like him i get that, just wow what a big jerk

NO YEAH HE REALLY IS!!! i actually hated him pretty much 98% until the most recent book he made me…really mad………….wow