Day 20

Dinner - two words: SO GOOD.

(Five actually descriptive words: thai turkey meatballs with zoodles)

As backstory to this dinner, I ended up leaving work 2 hours later than I usually do and was so ready to eat before I even got on the metro. Naturally, the whole way home, I was thinking about what in my fridge and/or pantry I could throw together to cook. I decided I was in the mood for something warm, not just in terms of temperature, but you know, something warm. So I thought, why not do something with a thai curry? I love how the richness of the coconut milk and red curry paste balance each other out, but still give you that deep flavor that’s really rich and, you guessed it, warm :)

I bought ground turkey on my grocery run the other day that I had yet to use/throw in the freezer, so I took that out and combined it with chopped basil, ground ginger, curry paste, crushed red pepper and a little bit of coconut milk. I’ve heard that adding zucchini to meatballs is a great way to add body - not to mention an extra serving of vegetables - so I added in one grated zucchini as well (after squeezing the water out). After forming the meatballs, I seared the outsides in a pan with hot melted coconut oil for a few minutes and then poured a simple sauce (coconut milk, red curry paste, tomato paste) over the meat and let it simmer.

While the meatballs were finishing cooking, I spiralized two zucchini and cooked them for a few minutes in a pan with olive oil. Once the meat was done, I served the meatballs over the zoodles, poured some extra sauce over it all and sprinkled some cilantro on top for garnish. 

Three words: dinner is served.


Day 32

Breakfast - Chicken and green/red/yellow peppers sauteed with coconut aminos, tomatoes, onions and a splash of apple cider vinegar. Mixed greens with avocado and olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The non-breakfasty food is a dead give away that this was one of those really lazy weekend mornings where I slept in and didn’t eat “breakfast” until after 11…

Lunch - I met up with a friend in Georgetown to walk around and we ended up at Sweetgreen for lunch - mesclun with grilled chicken, avocado, a hard boiled egg, purple cabbage, peppers, and tomatoes. Lemon squeeze, balsamic vinegar and evoo as dressing. 

Dinner - The last of the leftover cauliflower mash, grilled mahi (seasoned with lemon pepper, cooked in a little bit of coconut oil) with the rest of the olive/tomato relish I made the other night. Served over kale sauteed with bacon and sun-dried tomatoes, seasoned with black pepper and a little bit of salt. As if kale isn’t good enough already, adding bacon just makes it that much more fantastic.

Day 38

Breakfast - Sorry, no picture (was in a bit of a rush this morning, so ate while simultaneously putting on make up and considering if I wanted to change my outfit for the third time) but it’ll probably be really easy to use your imagination…two hard boiled eggs (salt and pepper), fried plantain (fried in a little pit of coconut oil) and steamed spinach (nothing added).

Lunch - Baby spinach salad with purple cabbage, grape tomatoes, grilled chicken (coconut oil and pepper) and sliced radishes. Served with Tessemae’s lemon garlic dressing.

Day 35

Breakfast - One of my favorite combinations of things to make for breakfast (when I have time): two fried eggs; compliant bacon; one sweet potato, sliced up, tossed in olive oil, black pepper and rosemary, roasted in the oven; avocado; coffee. I think the only thing missing that would really put this over the top would be some sauteed kale and sun dried tomatoes. Great way to start a Tuesday :)