xprincesshabibix  asked:

do you know any recipe for waffles? Ps. I love your blog 💕💕

I have never made waffles but you could use my pancake recipe and put it into a waffle maker for 25 calorie waffles. Sorry I feel like I am not much help in this area, but I hope this helps you out! If you don’t want to make your own waffles I get the Van’s Whole Wheat Waffles because they are vegan. 😊

MBTI Types as Waffles

INTJ: Whole Grain Waffles

INFJ: Honey Waffles

ISTJ: Economy Waffles

ISFJ: Buttermilk Waffles

INTP: Whole Wheat Waffles

INFP: Cinnamon Waffles

ISTP: Nutty Maple Waffles

ISFP: Black Forrest Waffles

ENTJ: Vanilla and Almond Waffles

ENFJ: Maple Walnut Waffles

ESTJ: Perfect Belgian Waffles

ESFJ: Blueberry Waffles

ENTP: Blue Corn Waffles

ENFP: Chocolate Brownie Waffles

ESTP: Cinnamon French Toast Waffles

ESFP: S’mores Waffle Sundaes

Had some whole wheat waffles with peanut butter and bananas for breakfast today and I’m full longer than I usually am, so that’s nice. Salad for lunch, don’t know about dinner yet. Finished my first water and it isnt even noon yet. Also I haven’t had a coke in a couple of days, so yay! 

Yesterday when I went grocery shopping, I got some fruits and veggies for snacking on and forgot to bring some in to work today. Sigh. But! I have 3 days of carrots and celery and 3 days of cheese cubes doled out, so maybe instead of chips or popcorn with butter I can convince myself to have those.

I plan on doing the 7 minute workout when I get home, taking a shower, napping, and then going to work with my husband who is feeling a lot better. We have a couple shows to watch together. Overall I’m planning on having a good day.

So today was kind of a bust. I didn’t drink enough water or exercise because I slept all day. I didn’t get to the grocery store or do vision boards. Just. Ugh. Tomorrow I want to get up early, have a PBJ for breakfast, go to work, go to the grocery store and do vision boards with my friend. I want to get bananas, carrots, nuts, frozen whole wheat waffles for breakfast and snacks. I still need to look up healthy lunches for work but I think I’m just going to take the rest of the night easy.