Just dnd things

I’ve been kind of tossing around ideas for others skills in 5e. Mainly hobbies, and flavorful stuff, but some with practical uses. Such as cooking, hunting/fishing, carpentry/wood carving, crafting jewelry, alchemy, smithing, etc. I think they could be granted by backgrounds and or classes like other skills. 

I’ve been struggling as to how to implement some of them. Though I do have a couple ideas. Such as cooking. Meals have a dc and require ingredients. Simple stuff, like porridge, eggs in a basket, and the like have low dcs. While more complicated dishes, like stuffed cornish hen, or whole roasted suckling pig will have higher dcs. 

Hunting/fishing might work similarly. Depending on your location, you can choose to go hunting or fishing. Whether it just be in general, or stalking something specific. Low rolls might net you easy prey. Like rabbits, or cod. While if you roll high, you might come across a deer, or a salmon. Mayhaps even if conditions are right, you might even come across a magical creature. 

I also have some ideas for crafting magical items. Such as materials that might be used in their creation. For example, if you wanted to make a flametongue weapon, you would need to forge a blade in fire from the elemental plane of fire. It may also require a gemstone that holds a fire elemental spirit, to keep the blades internal flame burning.

 There were also just random materials that I thought about that could be used to make things. Hair from a yeti, the essence of a water weird, eye of a beholder, unicorn blood, roc feathers, a stone bathed in moonlight for several days and nights, Treant sap, wyvern tail venom, blood from a dragon’s heart, horn of a blue dragon, rainwater from the elemental plane of air, Nixie tears, and so on. 

I’m still brainstorming a lot of this stuff, and just kind of wanted to get it written down. If anyone has any thoughts, please let me know.