So Battembang was named after this fella. It translates to the place of the lost stick. The man in question was a great chef and the area was the rice bowl of Cambodia. He loses his stirring stick, so he cuts a stick from a rosewood tree and stirs the rice with it. The rice turns black. The farmers come back from the rice fields after a hard days work to find they are served with black rice. They refuse to eat it and make the chef eat it. Next day he turns black, and has amazing powers. There you have it, the lost stick city.
The locals go to pray for good luck from him - if someone is dying, or if they are starting a new business, etc. A happy outcome means he is given large offerings in gratitude eg: a whole roasted suckling pig. The one we saw looked delicious. Apparently, the deity can eat his fill for the time the incense is burning, but anything left over is ok for takeaways by the family.