“they have whole grain instead of buttermilk waffles…”
“they taste the same.”
“yeah, right after i pour a pound of chocolate chips on top.”

Early Bird Special

by manen_lyset

It was four in the morning, and my friends and I were still awake after a night of drunken debauchery. A final hoorah before Brandon Jr. was born, and our friend would succumb to fatherhood. Even though we’d mostly sobered up by that point, we didn’t want the party to end. We’d been sitting on the couch for hours rehashing our favorite college stories. Brandon stretched out, yawned, and looked at his watch.

“I should probably head home,” he said. “Gotta get a few hours of sleep before work.”

Those were the words we’d been dreading for hours. We’d been carefully tip-toeing around any topic that would remind us we needed to return to our normal lives. Anything that would tell us the night was over.

Chris shook his head. “You’ll fall asleep at the wheel. Just crash here tonight.”

Brandon stared at the couch, eyes half-lidded. “I really need to get home. If I crash now, I might not wake up until noon.”

I hugged the cushion I was holding against my chest, and rested my chin against its soft surface. I was wide awake. I’d gotten my second wind around two in the morning, and I was still feeling it. Not yet, I thought. I didn’t want the night to end. There’d be time for sleep and responsibilities in the morning. This was our time. Our night.

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said: Steve and Bucky use a secret word ‘fondue’ to disappear and have sex, but they’re not as subtle as they think they’re, teasing from the Avengers or saying the word at very inappropriate time, anything

It was a balmy spring evening that would have been great for an outdoor party had an alien attack vehicle not crashed on the goddamn roof two days before. Thankfully though, it gave Bucky an excuse to claim there were no acceptable seats in the penthouse so that he got to plop himself on Steve’s lap. And the air conditioning had already kicked on, so he got to claim being cold too.

It was just too bad that Steve was being too fucking adorable for him to be able to be content with just sitting there.

“I really am trying to watch the news,” Steve murmured as Bucky feathered kisses up his neck. Just to keep himself busy.

Clint turned up the volume.

Tony became extremely interested in picking the pills from his shirt.

They had gotten very good at ignoring Steve and Bucky’s tendency for PDA around the team. Steve pretended like he was trying to keep it at a minimum. Yeah, right.

“Let’s go out to dinner,” Bucky whispered, adjusting his position. He didn’t exactly fit on Steve’s lap all that well, but he liked sitting there anyway.

Steve glanced at him, and then looked back at the TV. “Dinner, huh? Where’d you wanna go?”

Bucky smirked, pressing a kiss to Steve’s jaw.

“Heard there was a new fondue place. Few blocks over.”

That got Steve’s attention in a way Bucky could feel. 

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