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What you say? Girl, this my bad. You ain’t know? Texas women do it bigger. What? Say it ain’t so. In the south, it don’t get realer, baby. Pot full of grits, I’m hotter than your mama’s supper, boy. Better get with it. Better watch your mouth, I might burn you, boy. You goin’, uh, downtown, gonna work. Good love like dessert. If you scared, go to church. Whoo-whoo, I’m a lover. Hold on tight now, little country boy I ain’t no girl, I’m a boss with voice. All I’m needin’ is a baby to love me like a warm biscuit on a Sunday morning. I got what you want, I’m aiming to please. I got what it takes, I sure got the means. I got what you want. Sugar, honey, iced tea. All eyes on me, oh, oh, baby. I’m a whole lotta woman, from the way I walk and toss my hips. I’m a whole lotta woman, from the sound to my voice to the gloss on my lips. I’m a whole lotta woman, anything I see, I want, I get. I’m a strong, badass chick with classic confidence, yeah.
—  Whole Lotta Woman by Kellly Clarkson
Album Review: Meaning of Life by Kelly Clarkson (2017)

Kelly Clarkson is back and channeling the inner diva we all know her to be. The album is both a liberation and embrace of a new lease on life. There is a little bit of a “fuck you” mentality on some of the songs which is nice to hear. Most of the album focuses on Clarkson’s love of divas like Aretha Franklin and her influence is extremely apparent. Yet unlike most other albums of hers, there is little to no country music influence. Even her sweeping ballads were more evocative of the divas of soul than Reba. My main complaint is the song “Go Higher”, which does not even remotely sound like Kelly Clarkson. Either the songwriter’s voice is too prominent, or Kelly is not the main singer. It really doesn’t fit. 

Key Tracks: “A Minute”, “Meaning of Life”, “Whole Lotta Woman”, “I Don’t Think About You”


La Nueva artista de Atlantic Records y ganadora del GRAMMY, Kelly Clarkson celebró recientemente  el lanzamiento de su octavo álbum de estudio “The Meaning of Life” con una presentación llena de energía de su más reciente sencillo “Whole Lotta Woman”, durante la cuarta entrega de la series musicales “The Nashville Sessions”, la canción fue interpretada en directo desde el famoso War Memorial Auditorium. Clarkson también cantó esta semana en los programas de Televisión “The Tonight Show” dirigido por Jimmy Fallon, además de Today Show, y The Ellen DeGeneres Show y Howard Stern Show.

“The Meaning of Life” es el álbum que Kelly Clarkson estaba destinada a hacer con Atlantic Records, una colección de elegante y sensual pop inspirado por el alma que inmediatamente ha pasado a formar parte de los clásicos de Atlantic Records. Habiendo sido lanzado la semana pasada, Newsday elogió “The Meaning of Life” como: "El mejor álbum de su carrera,” mientras que “People” dijo que el disco era: “Un impecable golpe de retro R & B.” Associated Press describió el álbum como: “El sonido de la libertad,” y el Times coincidiendo en que “La famosa voz de Clarkson nunca falla.”

Un Pack de Remixes adicionales del álbum con canciones como “Love so Soft" también saldrá mañana (de 3 de noviembre) en todas las plataformas digitales via DSPs todas – Los remixes fueron producidos por el Nominado y ganador del GRAMMY: Dave Audé  y Mr.. Collipark.


Kelly Clarkson ⭐ Whole Lotta Woman


Kelly Clarkson - Whole Lotta Woman [Nashville Sessions]


Kelly Clarkson performs “Whole Lotta Woman” on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (10-31-17)

This the Meaning Of Life!

Okay now I’ve actually listened all of the songs and been streaming it from yesterday evening till now… Aside from Love So Soft, Move You and Meaning Of Life… My favs from this album are Heat, Medicine, Cruel, Would You Call That Love, I Don’t Think About You, and Go High.

I absolutely Love this Meaning Of Life Album. It might not be the album or songs that we usually hear for this era. Like the songs from Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Adele and other big pop stars. However, this album got it all. From pop, soul, sassy, jazz, ballad, a little bit of country, metallic, instrumentals are full on and the beat and the vocals?! IT’s ALL IN ONE. Millennials today might not appreciate the music but I don’t care, like what Kelly says… she don’t care even if people doesn’t love or like this new music of hers cause in the end SHE LOVES THIS MUSIC AND THIS IS HER WHAT SHE REALLY WANTS. And I am happy for her. This music is the bomb for me. Cause it’s only stands up for its uniqueness. It’s hard to make a review on the whole album cause one there’s only one thing I can say for the whole songs and album. PERFECTION. Especially her vocals… Damn!

So please if anyone who read this, I recommend you to buy her new album and please support Kelly Clarkson music/songs/album Meaning Of Life. It’s worth the money and time. Plus you can have a bonus that if you’ll buy and support this one. For sure your life gonna change and find the Meaning of Life. Hahaha…



So in celebration of Kelly Clarkson’s new album (Meaning Of Life) coming out in a few hours, I decided to make a medley based on the songs we know plus the track previews in order of their appearance on the album. Enjoy!!

(also I’m just gonna tag some of my fave Kelly blogs because I think it’d be cool if they saw this, but you don’t have to watch if you don’t want to lol)

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