whole world shakes


They’ve been passing a joint back and forth for the last hour when Even speaks up.

“Did you know I can hold the whole world in the palm of my hands?” He declares proudly, his voice raspy with smoke.

“Even, your hands - big as they are - are not that big, the Earth is-” Isak breaks off when he feels Even’s warm hands cup his face.

“See.” Even whispers, lying so close to Isak that their noses are almost touching.  “The whole world, right here.” He shakes Isak’s head gently to emphasise his point before leaning in and kissing him gently.

“Oh.” is all Isak can say.  His voice definitely doesn’t crack.

“It’s cute that you were gonna talk science to me though, babe.” Even winks and Isak rolls his eyes.

He wonders sometimes how he can be so in love with Even.

Then Even goes and does shit like that and Isak remembers exactly how.

  • [Torbjörn standing on the point using Molten Core while Ana is behind him.]
  • Torbjörn: And this….
  • Reinhardt: Eh..? What are they doing?
  • Torbjörn: Is… to go… even further beyond!!
  • [Ana Nano boosts Torbjörn]
  • [Everyone else on Torbjörn’s team starts flinching]
  • Soldier: 67: No stop it Torbjörn, if you do this now it’s going to drain all the time you have on the point. And I say you need every second as it is!
  • [Roadhog and Junkrat becomes shocked and awe in fear.]
  • Lúcio: It’s… unreal! How is he generating that much power?!
  • Torbjörn’s turret: Do it dad!
  • Tracer: Too much!
  • Genji: Huh?! What’s going on? Torbjörn is putting out more energy than before. I… I should go, I don’t wanna get yelled at again.
  • Soldier: 67: Stop it! Stop it now Torbjörn!
  • [The map starts crumbling into an almost wreck]
  • Zenyatta: It feels like the whole world is shaking apart. What is Torbjörn doing? If he doesn’t stop this everything is going to be destroyed!
  • [Zarya trips over and falls onto her rump]
  • Zarya: Please, somebody make it stop!
  • [Torbjörn finishes his transformation and stares at Junkrat, who then screams in agony]
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The one where you know what you want.

Finally, the fifth addition to the Divorce Series AU. I was inspired by two books written by Colleen Hoover, โ€˜November 9 and Hopelessโ€™, I highly recommend giving it a read. They are amazing.ย  Let me know in my askย box if you guys are enjoyed this part.ย ENJOY! :)

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Uncaught criminal (Bruce Wayne Imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request: One shot where reader works with Bruce & he often finds her spending sleepless nights & he asks her about it because he really cares about her & she breaks down saying that she suffers from nightmares about her rapist & he comforts her?
Summary: you, Bruce’s secretary, finally admit why you’re at work all night
Word count: 781
Warning(s): Mention of rape
Note: I’d like to thank @batfam-imagines for helping me tackle this request :D

I had been working for Bruce for a very long time, years. I am his secretary. I always work over time, Bruce thinks it’s because I just can’t schedule other times with clients overseas, but I really just don’t want to sleep, the nightmares only get worse over the years, so I opted to overwork and abuse coffee as much as I could. 

It was a regular evening, or well night, the work building was fairly empty, only a few security workers and cleaners around.

I was trying to finish some paperwork so I have less to do the next day when I hear the elevator door open.

 Probably just security, I thought, but then I saw the one and only Bruce Wayne marching straight towards his office, which was right behind my desk.

 At first he didn’t seem to notice me, so I just went back to work. Suddenly he came to an abrupt stop right next to my table, turning his whole body towards me.

 “Miss. Y/l/n what are you still doing here at this ungodly hour?” He questions raising an eyebrow. 

“Oh I was just trying to get ahead with this paperwork, tomorrow’s going to be a very busy day so I doubt I’d have time.“ He just nods in understanding, before going to his office to do whatever he came here to do.

When he came back out he leans on my desk, “Would you like to come to the 24/7 diner down the street with me. You’ve been here all day and you’re surely hungry,” He asks. After a moment of thinking, I stand up and grab my coat from the hangar, before walking in to the lift with him. The walk there is quiet, no talking, no nothing. When we reach the door he opens it like a gentleman, the warm air a stark contrast to the cold air outside.

We sit down waiting for our food and just talk, about our lives, work and so on, so forth. Later he would walk me home for the night, even tho that’s the last place I would want to be, he doesn’t need to know that. 

This goes on for weeks, he would show up late in the evening and go to the diner with me. We get to know a lot about each other, we even started calling each other by first name. But all good things come to an end, don’t they?

I had fallen asleep on my desk, the nightmares soon kicking in, the images running through my head- very gruesome, very real. Then I start to shake ,the whole world starts to shake. Is it a earthquake? That’s never happened before.

Soon I snap out of my dream world, back in to reality. My breathing is heavy, cheeks tear stained. Bruce’s features come in to view, so he was the one shaking me awake. 

“Y/n, y/n are you alright?” He asks, a firm yet not forceful grip on my shoulder. I burst out in tears, the memorise to painful, the wounds still fresh. Bruce pulls my chair towards him, turning it so I was facing him, my hands covering my pained face. 

He doesn’t ask anything, he doesn’t do anything, just stays there, listening to my sobs. I feel some strange sense of security, for the first time. For the first time I feel like I could tell somebody, trust someone. 

My sobs calm down, to a point where I could talk. 

“I was raped,” I say quietly, his eyes following my own as my hands come down from my face. He was quietly listening, not pushing for info, not asking questions, not blaming me. 

“It happened a few years ago, here in Gotham.” I go on. “They never caught him, no one ever got charged, he’s probably still out there, praying on unknowing victims.” Another wave of sadness hits me, tears flowing once more. 

“Is that why you’re actually here every night?” He asks softly for the first time, I just give him a quick nod. He seems in thought again, so I feel like I could or should elaborate.

 “The nightmares keep me up all night, and when I do sleep, I have no escape from them. They’ll always haunt me.”

“I’ll help you” he vowed. And that he did.

 He found me the best help out there, therapist, psychologists, you name it. He even offered for me to stay in the manor, which I did decline, but he said that the offer is still valid if I ever needed it. And even tho on the outside he seemed hardened and quite emotionless, I knew that deep down he cared.


With love,

anonymous asked:

Ooohh definitely 'sob' but like I challenge it to be totally happy/sexy in its origin! Already feeling worried over the S/G angst-fest coming out soon!

For the other anon that asked for this as well!ย 

This is a small part of my upcoming Model!GenoAU that I am working on.ย 

Iโ€™ve posted some other snippets here and here.ย 

At this point in the fic Sid and Geno have hooked up at a few times, the Pens have just lost to the Rangers in the 2015 playoffs. Sidโ€™s very emotional.ย 

NSFW text under the cut.ย 

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My Shingeki No Kyojin PLAYLIST

Will you come along cause I’m about to leave this town
In my eyes, a waterfall, all I can hear, a siren call
Could you be waiting by the shore, oh I could drown without you
Will you be holding out the line when I fall?

A thousand broken hearts
Carried by a thousand broken wings.

The world is on fire
And you are here to stay and burn with me
Our funeral pyre
And we are here to revel forevermore.

God’s dead, I said ‘baby that’s alright with me’.

Millions of miles from home
In the swirling, swimming on
When I’m rolling with the thunder but bleed from thorns
Leave a light, a light on.

Angel or demon, I gave up my soul
I’m guilty of treason, I’ve abandoned control.

Dry your eyes
Soulmate dry your eyes
Cause soulmates never die.

I refuse to let you steal my daylight,
Barely awake but it strengthens my night rage
I’ve seen you kill many dreams,
But I got brand new armour,
And your weapons are way out of reach!

We listen to the tales and romanticize,
how we follow the path of the hero…

You hid your skeletons when I had shown you mine
You woke the devil that I thought you’d left behind
I saw the evidence, the crimson soaking through
Ten thousand promises, ten thousand ways to lose.

Let down and hanging around
Crushed like a bug in the ground /

One day I’m going to grow wings…

I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away. /

You shoot me down but I won’t fall.

Can you feel the whole world shaking?
Running but your lungs are aching
Can you feel the whole world shaking?
I’m breaking inside.

I might to a second part if I feel like it. Does anyone have some additions to the playlist? Always looking for music to fuel my obsessions :>

Drugged (Whumptober/Inktober Day 15)

For the inktober whump prompts HERE.  Thanks @whumpreads!
@killian-whump, @ladyciaramiggles, @cocohook38, @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable, @xhookswenchx, @gusenitsaa, @pirate-owl

All prompts: HERE

Previous Days: Knees | Bag | Cell | Noose | Explosion | Bone | Guilt | Scar | Self-inflicted | Gunpoint | Sacrifice | Starvation | Sleep-deprivation | Brainwashing

The duct tape around his wrists and across his chest proved to be problematic, but Killian Jones loved a challenge.  True, he’d prefer if his challenges didn’t come at the expense of being locked in a room and beaten at his captors’ whims, but beggars and choosers and all that.  He didn’t have a choice; Liam had been captured as well and Killian needed to find him.  He needed to get his brother out.

Why Liam was there was a little fuzzy; Killian was pretty sure that last blow to the head had knocked a few memories loose, but he knew one thing for certain.  Liam wasn’t a field agent, was far more comfortable behind a desk.  And that’s where he would have been if Killian had been faster, smarter, better.  If he hadn’t gotten sloppy and gotten himself captured.

If the bastards from Al-whatever in God’s name their faction called themselves did anything to Liam, anything, he’d never forgive himself.

He could feel the blood trickling down his wrists and making the shard of glass he’d managed to snag slippery.  Killian almost lost his grip on it, but sliced his finger open trying to hold on.  If he lost this, if he couldn’t get enough of a tear in the tape to get free, he’d never be able to save Liam.

But wait…

Wasn’t Liam coming for him?  Wasn’t Liam the one who was going to save him?  Killian shook his head against the confusion.  Yes, that was right.  He had to get free so that when Liam came, they could escape.


Regardless, the tape gave way and Killian was able to free himself from the chair.  He switched the shard of glass to rest between his fingers where it would cause his captors the worst damage as he punched, and limped to the door.

Everything should have hurt.  He had bruises on top of lacerations on top of burns.  He wasn’t entirely sure why everything seemed muted, more like memory than reality, but he ignored it.  He had to get free.  He had to find Liam.

Liam was there, wasn’t he?

He’d barely made it to the door when it opened abruptly, two men in the doorway who looked as shocked as he felt.

He didn’t have time to think, only acted.  Killian launched himself forward and tackled one of the men, punching him in the throat with the glass and grimacing at the warm spray of blood that signified a messy death.

It was the only victory he could claim.  A metal pipe crashed down on his back and stunned him.  It was enough for his remaining attacker to lay into him, punching and kicking until it was all Killian could do to curl in a ball and protect his head and vital organs.

The cattle prod came out next, finding all the places Killian already hurt and lighting them aflame.  He tried to hold back, tried to bite through his lip rather than crying out, but when the prongs dug into the sluggishly bleeding wound in his side, he couldn’t help it.

“Liam!  Help me!  Please!!!

Something was shaking him now, and it added insult to injury.  He tried to curl away from that, too, but he couldn’t get away.  It seemed that his whole world was shaking, lighting up every hurt.

And then he heard it.

“Killian!  Wake up!”


He wanted to wake up, wanted to escape for this nightmare of memories that had him trapped.  But he couldn’t.


He was able to crack one eye open, the other still swollen shut under the bandage Whale had wrapped over the badly-healing gunshot graze that Liam had believed killed him.  He could remember the grief in Liam’s eyes in the moments before he’d realized his little brother was alive.  He’d been able to see it in the slump of Liam’s shoulders and the sluggishness of his movements.

And then he’d collapsed in front of his big brother and Liam had been inconsolable.

The morphine was the only thing that let Killian sleep for a few hours at the time, but the distorted memories that they forced him to relive in his dreams almost weren’t worth it.

“Killian?” his brother’s soft whisper flitted through the memories and grounded him in reality.

It was only then that Killian realized he was cocooned in Liam’s embrace, sobbing into his shirt.

Bloody hell.

He needed to stop relying on the meds.  He needed to stop scaring his brother.

He needed them both to heal.

“I’m right here, little brother.  You’re safe now.  I’ll keep you safe,” Liam was muttering frantically in Killian’s ear, and he was chagrined to realize that he needed the reassurance.  “Don’t worry.  You’re home, little brother.  You’re home with me.  God, you’re home with me.  It’s all right.  I’ve got you.”

He managed a weak nod, tucking his head further under Liam’s chin just like he’d done when they were small.  It hurt, every movement he made was like he was being tortured all over again.  But Liam needed this even more than he, himself, did.

Liam was drinking.  Killian could smell it on him and while he didn’t blame him for it, it still scared him.  Their father had been a drunk and had abandoned them.

Killian needed Liam more than ever.

But that was a battle he couldn’t manage right now.  Not now when he couldn’t imagine doing anything to upset the balance between them.  Liam was the only thing keeping him here, in the present where he knew he was safe.

The morphine was a necessary evil, but Killian was terrified every time he took it.  Terrified that what he had here wasn’t real, and that he was still trapped in that hellhole, waiting for them to realize that he was too much a liability.  Waiting for them to actually kill him before he got a chance to escape.  To come home to Liam.

“I’ve got you, little brother,” Liam muttered again, and Killian nodded - sleepy now and fading fast.  He wanted to rail against the nickname, remind Liam that he was only younger, not little any longer.  But he couldn’t.  Not now, not when he wanted nothing more than to just be Liam Jones’s little brother, nothing more.

Nothing less.

“Sleep, Killian, I’ve got your six.”

Killian obeyed the order.

in the same universe as: Bag Over Head, Guilt, Gunpoint, and The Darling Affair.

Never Be Like You

Draco Malfoy X Reader
Word Count (excluding lyrics): 912 

A/N: Aspired by Never Be Like You by Flume. 
Please read below,
I’ve requested this fanfic from @slythrjns, and they did a wonderful job with it here (Thanks again!), please do check it out! 

I had a different take on it with the meaning of the song, so I thought I’d give it a try. 
Hope you enjoy! 

What I would do to take away

This fear of being loved, allegiance to the pain

Now I fucked up and I’m missing you

Never be like you

He took a sip of water, trying to wash away the discomfort gnawing in his throat. Being the Slytherin Prince, everyone was trying to win his attention. Yet, his eyes kept darting back to the one person who always did have it. He drank her form in greedily and yet sorrowfully; (h/c) locks draping perfectly around her face, (e/c) that hide so much mystery behind them, that contentful smile that never asks for more than enough.

I would give anything to change

This fickle minded heart that loves fake shiny things

Now I fucked up and I’m missing you

Never be like you

It was honestly his fault, even if she doesn’t agree. He had an image to uphold; one worthy of the Malfoy family, one worthy of the ‘Sacred Twenty-Eight’. She understood that. So when he allowed random females to flock around him, her eyes shined in understanding despite all the insecurity swallowing her whole. So when he had to ask Parkinson to the Yule Ball instead of her, she bit her tongue and forced herself to curve her lips as she watched them dance. So when he didn’t do anything to stop a pureblood bimbo from kissing him, on the lips, she took in a shaky breath, blinked away the salty tears, and left.

How do I make you want to stay

Hate sleeping on my own, missing the way you taste

Now I’m fucked up and I’m missing you

Never be like you

It’s a miracle she stayed with him that long, with all the hassle of sneaking around they had to go through just to embrace each other for a few minutes. He knew the attraction was undeniable, even after the heartbreak he knew he could still make her whole world shake. He loved her, so of course he could see it in her eyes when she stared into space from the (y/h) table, food barely filling her stomach. And maybe it’s better that she left… he thought as his eyes travelled down to his left arm, sheltered by the black suit he now constantly wears. He didn’t know which hurt him more; the wretched mark forever etched on his skin, or the absence of your warmth close to his. Nevertheless, he now has his duty to accomplish, and no one can make him stray away from it.

Stop looking at me with those eyes

Like I could disappear and you wouldn’t care why

Now I’m fucked up and I’m missing you

Never be like you

He was on his way to the Room of Requirements, hair tousled and heart drumming inside. He expected Anxiety to wrap her fingers around his and guide him to his task, but what he did not expect was Grief to appear and twist his head to the other side of the hallway. A sharp yet shaky intake of breath he took, as his eyes glazed over the two familiar figures not too far from him. “I can’t do it George, I can’t forget about him…” and it took him all his might to not crumble right there and then upon hearing the brittle tone in her melodious voice. “Shh… I know, I know (y/n), but let me help you.” He stuck around for a bit, eyes uncontrollably blinking, mouth opened and gasping for air, knuckles clenched in pure whiteness as he heard her pleading “Yes” upon the Weasley’s proposal. At least you’re in safe hands.

I’m only human can’t you see

I ma-I made a mistake

Please just look me in my face

Tell me everything’s okay

‘Cause I got it

Never be like you

The evening his job was completed, he locked himself in his room. He shouldn’t be so shaken up about it, he’s a Malfoy, it’s in his blood, but he knew no matter how much he tried, he is incapable of becoming the atrocious and ruthless monster that is his father. He couldn’t sleep, because if he dared close his eyes, total darkness will engulf his vision. And no, it’s not the pleading look of his former Headmaster that haunts him, it’s his brain creating scenarios of how things could’ve been if he had allowed the wise man to help. Instead, he shuffled through the items in his closet and brought out an old, small photo of him and her. That night, all he did was search for possible answers on how he became so infatuated with her.

I’m falling on my knees

Forgive me, I’m a fucking fool

I’m begging darling please

Absolve me of my sins, won’t you

He sees her again, and despite how battered and dirty she looked, the halo above her head and wings behind her back still remained. He hears the Dark Lord reveal the death of the Boy who Lived with glee, yet the confidence in her eyes never dull. He didn’t want her to die, but he didn’t want to see her give in and join the side that reeks of cynicism. So he opted to keep quiet. He didn’t want to admit defeat either, but when their eyes clash as he bit his trembling lips when he hears his mother’s soft voice calling out to him, his eyes water in defeat upon seeing hers flicker with disappointment. And it must be the worst time for him to realise, but right there and then, the sky cleared up and opened the gateway to his answer.

I’m only human can’t you see

I ma-I made a mistake

Please just look me in my face

Tell me everything’s okay

‘Cause I got it

As he stood beside his mother, he tried hard to suppress the smile threatening to outshine the melancholy on his face. He loves her because she is everything he aspires to be. She is kind, bold and brilliant. She follows her own dreams and goals without letting anyone disrupt her. She does not play by the rules given, she rewrites them for her own benefit. She stands her ground even if she has reached a dead end. She is everything he cannot strive to be. And he will always love her for it. So if she could feel free and alive on the other side, where his hands will never be able to reach hers, so be it… because unlike him, a bird stuck in a cage for show, she is a bird that will fly to the ends of the sky.

Never be like you

*Pacific Rim voice* In the beginning these prompt responses were a few hundred words. Then a thousand. The last one was nearly 2k. This one is nearly 3. If this keeps up we could be seeing the blogger writing fuckin novellas every week because they donโ€™t want to focus on their actual responsibilities.

Anyway this is not what the prompt meant by โ€œwitchโ€ but here we are. This probably needs a cw: for child abuse.

Tuesjade prompt: witch

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Not Beautiful. (Luhan werewolf!AU- Mating Season series) *NC-17*

Originally posted by exofandom12

Not Beautiful. (Luhan werewolf!au- Mating Season)

Warning: Smut.


You were doing the dishes when you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist.

โ€œIโ€™m backโ€ฆโ€ ย a husky voice brushed across your neck and you smiled, putting the freshly washed plate away.

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anonymous asked:

For the prompt thing, 55?

55. “You’re my best friend in the whole world, okay?”

Robert feels unutterably lonely. Every person he cared about, who he thought cared about him, they’ve all gone. They’ve all found people they care about more than him. After thirty one years he should know better. He’s been no ones number one his entire life. He thought he found it with Aaron, but no. He screwed that right up. He thought he had a friend in Rebecca. But no, she’d messed that one right up. Not that he was innocent in this, not by a long shot. But sometimes it felt like a friend had taken advantage of him when he was drunk, heartbroken and clearly upset. He knows he was manipulative, but guess what, she knew that too. Anyway, whatever the reasons, that friendship had gone. And taken his last remaining relative with it, as Vic clearly sided with Rebecca whatever the current topic of conversation was. So, at the ripe old age of thirty one he’d been left with absolutely no one. No one’s first choice.

So, he asks Charity for another whisky, because that he can do. “Are you sure about that?” she asks. He’s been propping up the bar for a while, can’t even remember how many he’s had to drink. Though it must be a lot if Charity’s even noticing. Usually she just stays quiet and takes the money.

“I’ll deal with this,” Aaron says. Robert looks at him through a whisky haze, to depressed to even hope. “You’re making the place look messy.” Robert feels himself slip an arm around Aaron’s shoulders as he leads him from the pub, to Vic’s presumably.

“What’re you doing?” he slurs. 

“Taking you home,” Aaron said. “It’s way too early for you to be this wasted.”

“I’ve got nothing left,” Robert moaned, fumbling in his pocket for his keys. Aaron took over, fishing them out and unlocked the door. With difficulty because he was still supporting Robert’s weight.

“Rob, you’re going to be okay,” Aaron said, sitting him on the sofa and kneeling in front of him and looking up into Robert’s eyes. “Your life isn’t over just because…”

“You’re my best friend in the whole world,” Robert said, shaking his head. “You were anyway. You were my friend, my husband, my lover. I’ve lost everything. Except money, and you know what? I realised how much I don’t care about it far too late.” Robert let his head roll on his shoulders, looking utterly beaten.

“You’re my best friend too,” Aaron said quietly. Robert snorted unattractively.

“No. You’ve got Liv. And Adam. And all your family, a thousand people who always look out for you first. Who’ve I got? My baby mad sister? My “friend” Rebecca who’s been scheming me since the moment she got here?” Robert sighed heavily. “I miss you so much. I don’t even need to be in a relationship with you, I just need to be near you, to be your friend. I can’t have everything in my life cut off like this. So instantly. It hurts too much.”

“I miss my friend too,” Aaron said slowly. “Get some sleep. We’ll talk more in the morning.”



Black Gold #6

Also readable at >FF.net<<

Day #6 -ย H is for Half (because one canโ€™t be whole by oneself, not even Monkey D. Luffy) / 2,200 words

Luffy stares at the empty space in front of him with widened eyes and slackened jaw. The sound of a ROOM disappearing reverberates in his skull for a while, functioning as white noise for his jumbled thoughts.

The hell was that?

Where did Torao go?

Did Luffy really confess or is was this just an optical phenomenon by which Lawโ€™s image appeared displaced to his true position as a result of spatial variations in the index of refraction of air, thus Luffy actually said โ€˜I love youโ€™ to an image his own brain erroneously produced? Yes, a mirage, thatโ€™s what it was.

Nami would be pleased if she knew that her lessons actually took effect. And probably less pleased if she knew this is the only one paragraph Luffy remembers from all the who-knows-how-many-hours she spent trying to teach him intelligent things.

Nevertheless, he didnโ€™t confess to Law, the Yonkou didnโ€™t run away, and everything is fine in the world.

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Norse mythology

Iceland has one of the biggest demographics of Norse pagan believers in the world. It possibly surprises no one, but Norse paganism has had a large impact on Icelandic culture every since settlement began in the late 800s. The people who settled in Iceland at that time came mostly from Norway and Ireland and the majority of them were pagan. In the year 1000 (or 999) Icelanders decided to take up Christianity to keep the peace and the nation as one. However, it was decided that they could still sacrifice (โ€žblรณtaโ€œ) in secret, eat horse meat and expose children to the weather (to die).

There are at least 39 gods and goddesses in the รกsatrรบ or Norse paganism. The following are four of the most famous รฆsir. Later on youโ€˜ll get to read about the four most famous รกsynjur, or goddesses.

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