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Imagine Mulder asking Scully if she has any plans for Christmas.

Imagine her saying Bill invited her but she doesn’t really feel like it. Mulder takes it as a “I might come over”. He spends the next month learning how to perfectly cook a whole turkey for two. He tests three recipes of mince pies and walnut cake. For Christmas Eve, he buys French wine and champagne and prepares eggnog. He spends a week looking for the nicest tree in the neighbouring forest and finds The One which he cuts down on a Sunday afternoon before dragging it back to the house. She wonders why he looks in pain the next day.

On The Night, the table is already set by 5pm, her present under the tree. He tries not to think about how he may have read too much into her hesitation, how perhaps Tad O'Malley invited her to a DC socialites and politics dinner party and she agreed from lack of better, more promising plans. He tries not to stand near the window and watch the gates. It’s 9pm and he started the whisky he only intended to open with her at midnight. He feels like a fool, he now firmly believes he has disappointed her too much before for a Christmas miracle to save him. He imagines a car door slamming shut and footsteps on the porch. There’s a knock. He gets up anyway to check. She’s here, wearing a black dress, pink cheeks and a Rudolph nose, a gift bag in her hand. “Pace yourself with that drink or you’ll never be awake to open your present” is all she says before stepping inside.


So I took the trouble of making a video clip, but apparently I can’t upload a video and pics in one post. Go figure. Here, have a gif instead!! :D

I had always wondered what Genie had written on that waiter pad, so I opened up my translator app, and clumsily drew it with my fat fingers! :D (phenomenal cosmic smartphone, ITTY bitty screen space) Thought it was Arabic, shows how much I know! Apparently it’s actually written in PERSIAN, and Genie ordered him a whole, delicious, oven roasted turkey…..(I’m not drooling, you’re drooling, shut up!) ._.

Side note: Just so no one hurts me: that first non-gif pic is one I got off google. I took the rest myself (including the gif) .-.

In case you’re interested @phenominalcosmicpowers

Yeah, I’ve seen that guy before. Cats go into his house, but I don’t see cats come out of his house.
—  APH Turkey, about APH Greece
So much love and thanksgiving

I sit down at my computer after doing the whole turkey thing and watching some boob tube, and my inbox is packed full of love. Some of it is in fic form (because fan fiction IS love, and you can’t convince me otherwise), and some of it is in posts where people just listed everyone they were thankful for.


I got so many tags today, I won’t be able to leave the house for a while because my head’s so big. (Luckily, I have cats, so that won’t last long. “YOU’RE NOTHING IF YOU’RE NOT FEEDING ME. WHERE’S MY TURKEY? TURKEY IS A BIRD. I EAT BIRDS. GIVE ME MY TURKEY, SERVANT!)

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As much as I would LOVE to do one of those lists where I list everyone I love, I can’t. My brain can’t do it. I will definitely forget someone if I try (mostly like at least ten someones), so I won’t try.

Just know, if you’re reading this, I LOVE YOU. You make my life SO MUCH BETTER. I love seeing your tags in my inbox. I love seeing your posts and reblogs on my dash. I love reading your fics and seeing your reactions to my fics and laughing when you’re silly. I love seeing your messages and your asks. I love seeing you in the pond chat. I love that you’re here, doing what you do, and just being unabashedly YOU. 

Because you are you, you make me want to be more me, even when that seems impossible. On days when my body wants me to stay in bed, my heart tells me to get the fuck up, because there are people in the world that are sharing themselves with me, and I don’t want to miss it.

So THANK YOU. Just for being here and sharing with me everything that you do. I LOVE YOU.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Tokyo from me, @eikosenpai, and Makoto! I’m really thankful for everyone’s support and hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and start of the Holiday season!

For Thanksgiving this year I made honey glazed chicken since they don’t really sell whole turkeys here in Tokyo lol, cheddar mashed potatoes, stuffing, cream spinach, and guacamole!

Hope everyone eats well and has a great day! Thank you all again for following me, and I love you all~

Oh snap Turkey: Recipe

Turkey breast
Sugar Snap Pea
1 Garlic
2 Thai Chili (optional)
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper

Whenever my recipe involes any kind of meat, I set it aside and cut it last because it’s safer that way and you don’t end up using more than 1 cutting board. :)

Finely chop the garlic and set it aside.

Cut the 2 Thai chili into halves and set it aside. If you are using the Thai chili, make sure to wash your hands anytime coming into contact with it. It will burn if you accidentally touch your eyes or nose or lips.

Corsely chop the cilantro (chop as much or as little as you want) and set it aside.

Trim off the ends of the Sugar Snap Peas and leave them whole.

Thinly slice the turkey breast. Does not matter how long or short, as long as it’s thinly sliced.

Cooking: Time to shimmy shim
In a pan, heat the olive oil, add garlic and stir. Add in the Thai chili (optional). Stir for about 30-40 seconds then add in thinly sliced Turkey breast. Stir and cover for 2-3 minute (Stir each minute). Add in the Sugar Snap Peas, salt & pepper and stir. Cover for 2-3 minutes (Stir each minute). Add in cilantro and stir and you’re done! Serve on top of rice and dig in!

Summary of this whole Netherlands v Turkey dispute.
  • Turkey: here have this politician looks like he wants to protest and about 400.000 people there want that too.
  • Netherlands: How about no?
  • Turkey: *crying* well you're all nazi fascists.
  • Germany: what did you just say?
  • Denmark: okay don't come here either.
  • Turkey: well Netherlands your cows suck.
  • Netherlands: that's funny because i could swear they're the leading cow breed for about 2000 years now in both meat and dairy.
  • Turkey: okay then i want to break the sister bond between Istanbul and Rotterdam.
  • Rotterdam: k bro, it doesn't even exist so, that's fine.
  • Turkey: okay fuck you get your diplomats out...
  • Rotterdam: we'll just close the consulat here then.
  • Turkey: what to do...
  • Turkish hackers: fam We'll hack into something important. *proceeds to most notably hack a poultry museum in Barneveld and think the plural of Dutch is Dutchs.*
  • Netherlands: lolololololol