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Intro comic thing?? for my voltron RPG au ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و I honestly have no idea if I will draw more things for this au, but I drafted this a long time ago and I thought I should finish it :”D


Based on these designs I posted


uuughhh millennials and their ‘music’



*Hide and seek ver. where Hiders have to scare as many seekers without getting caught in order to win

Time to eat.

Hope you guys had a Happy Halloween–! 🎃 


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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この胸に (In This Heart)

Dimensions: 750x1334px / 300dpi / lock screens

I thought it only fair to continue making them for the remaining spoilers too. So here’s the second unit. Youngjae looks sooooo gorgeous twirling in that long coat uff! As always, tell me if you like them, tell me if you hate them <3 

You can find the YugBam ones here and MarkBum here

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..you really think digestivo was a clusterfuck? the fandom usually loves it..

Omg, no, I love Digestivo. Easily a top 5 episode for me (pls don’t ask me to rank episodes my brain explodes) But you can’t deny it was a complete and utter clusterfuck. Not like, it was filmed or written poorly, but:

  • a man’s face is cut off and used as a mask
  • someone is murdered by drowning and then EEL SWALLOWING
  • they find a BABY in a PIG
  • hannibal is stabbed & branded like cattle and is Totally Unfazed
  • there’s an entire discussion about eating dicks
  • will bites a chunk out of a live person and has a bitchface the whole time
  • mads mikkelsen is stripped naked and bound in leather & ropes (still can’t believe that actually happened bless the lord amen)
  • bridal. carrying.

if that isn’t a “clusterfuck” then i don’t know what is

Wig Hack Wednesday #5 !
Have you ever wanted to use the same wig for that one character who can’t decide if she wants to wear her hair in twin tails or let her hair down? (Aka Nozomi from Love Live) Or, have you found a perfect wig color for your character but the wig just doesn’t come with a back-parting? Well, here is one way you can fufill your cosplay goals on a budget! Also good for when you want to re-purpose a wig for different characters.
For this demo, I’m using a Venus in grass green from Arda Wigs. I love this color and the length is perfect for Mallow from Pokemon Sun and Moon. My goal is to add a back-parting to the Venus base wig but make it detachable in case I wanna use the wig for other cosplay.
- Part the wig down the middle in the back, and clip the hair away on each side. Cut the hair from the inside layers of the wig to use as wefts for this project. By leaving the outer layers uncut, when you tie the wig into twin tails or let the hair down completely, it will hide the trimmed part
- Use Tacky glue (or other glue that dries clear but flexible) on the tip of a small piece of hair. Use your fingers to squeeze the hair flat to make sure the glue covers all of the hair on the tip of that piece. Wait until it almost dries
- Put more glue in the back side of the piece of hair by the tip. Press the hair piece down onto a strip of soft felt sheet. I happened to find a nude colored one that matched me, but you can use acrylic paints to get the level of color you want (paint the felt strip prior to the start of the project) Also, I find that holding up the felt strip and pressing the glued hair down allow more control and help create more “curve” shape from the center part
- Once you finish gluing hair down on the whole felt strip, turn it over, and hand-sew some wig clips on the back side. 1 inch spacing between each wig clip worked well for me. You’ll need about 4-5 wig clips for the whole felt strip
- Now you can clip the felt strip onto the main wig in the back. Make sure you leave two small pieces of hair from the main wig at the top where your felt strip would go
- Clip the felt strip in place. Make sure it doesn’t come off when you tuck on it. Take the little piece of hair from the main wig that you left out earlier, and section it in half on each side
- Criss-cross the hair pieces to hide the “seam” of the top of the felt strip
- Comb and blend the hair from the main wig with the hair from the felt strip, and tie your twin tails
- You can unclip the felt strip later and comb down the hair to use the same wig as a normal long wig!
Another good thing about this method is that you can use your felt strip for other projects if you buy other wigs from the same company later and in the same color. Or, you can turn an ombre wig into twin tail style for J-fashion shoot and wear the wig as a long wig the next time. This is not the “best” way to do back-parting, but I wanted to focus on being cost-effective and easy enough for beginners to attempt. Have fun wiggin’!

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Could you list you favorites smut fics of sterek? You seen to have a pretty good taste.

There is no way I could choose and rate my favorite smut fics. There are just way too many but here is a long list of the best. Hope you enjoy!

Over the Threshold by alisvolatpropiis

This is the last time,” Stiles declares, just before he attacks Derek’s mouth with his, the kiss fevered and desperate, his long fingers jabbing roughly into Derek’s abs as he tangles them in his shirt. He pulls him close and walks them away from the front door, and in his hurried clumsiness, Stiles’ nose smashes Derek’s glasses into his face, hard enough that they smudge against his eyelids. It should be annoying, but like everything else about Stiles that should be infuriating, Derek can only find it hopelessly endearing.

That’s the thing about love, he supposes, even a love he won’t fully admit to himself, let alone to Stiles.

The Awkward Moment by stilinskisderek

…when your sister sets you up on a blind date with the one night stand you hooked up with three weeks ago who vanished without a goodbye leaving you pathetically heartbroken.

Maybe by MellytheHun

Tumblr Prompt:

my fave overheard on campus moment of all time was the two guys who sat behind me in pop culture theory

as class was starting one of them was like “so… do you want a blowjob after this” in a rly bored voice, and then the second guy was like [pause][dejected sigh] “yes”

Little talks by Vendelin

“Your favourite is here,” Danny says, smirking. “I tried to steal him away by giving him some extra attention, but he just looked uncomfortable.”

Stiles snorts, though he’s secretly pleased by his regular rejecting Danny. “He always looks a bit uncomfortable. I bet he’s married with a kid and a permanent guilty conscience when he’s here.”

It had been quite the surprise for Stiles to realise that he had a regular. A pretty young, hot regular, on top of that.

In which Stiles is a stripper, and Derek is the always-polite regular at the club where he works.

Moved on from Whispers by wishingonalightningbolt

He’s not dumb. Out of everyone in the school, Derek is second in grades only to Lydia Martin, and the only reason Stiles is third is because he’s taking more APs than Derek, so his grades are suffering the slightest bit. That’s why Derek knows, when Stiles arches an eyebrow at him, why what he said was so incredibly dumb.

Stiles didn’t break into Lydia Martin’s upstairs bathroom to take a piss. He broke into Lydia Martin’s upstairs bathroom while Derek was in it, because—because of reasons.


Stiles is tired of pretending like and Derek don’t want each other.

The One Where He Pitches And Catches by mikkimouse

Derek entered the conference room, spotted the table with “M. P. Stilinski” on it, and stopped short.

Oh fuck.

It most definitely was not going to be fine.

Sitting on the other side of the table was the most attractive man Derek had ever seen, with whiskey-colored eyes and pale skin with dark moles speckled across his jawline, moles Derek was very familiar with because he’d spent two hours last night drunk out of his mind and licking them.

R U Mine? by blackstar

It hits him like that - in the middle of fiery hot sex with Derek one night that he’s in love. It’s not lust and it’s not a crush anymore, he’s very much gone on this man above him, who is now stopping his rushed efforts to bring Stiles pleasure in order to look slightly concerned.

Never Been by Lenore

Stiles gets snared in a virgin trap. Derek to the rescue!

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literally no one asked but here are some headcanons for Patrick sneaking into your room at night:

-he shows up unannounced all the time and theres really nothing you can do about it

-there will be periods of time when he doesnt show up at all, and you know thats when hes probably out terrorizing some poor kids with his friends

-the first time he literally thought he could just walk up to your door past midnight on a school night and convince your parents to let him in

-when that obviously failed he resorted to climbing up to your window

-his body is so lanky tho so its hard for him to fit through your window without making a ruckus 

-he’s fallen through your window and hit the carpet of your room a handful of times

-when this happens he gets really angry “that window is so fUCKING stupid i swear to GOD”

-the next time you set out a chair in front of your window to make it easier for him

-he doesnt like this

-”what the fuck is this shit, Y/N? what, you think i need a step stool?? its not my fault your window is fucked up. i can get in just fine without your help, girlie”

-the window becomes too much of a bother after a while so he looks for other ways into the house

-one night before climbing up he takes a walk around your house 

-he tries every door and window with no luck

-he seriously considers just jamming the locks on the front door, but he knows that’ll only give him a short window of time before your parents have it fixed

-this is when he thinks to look under the welcome mat for a key


-now he just waits for your parents to go to bed before letting himself in

-once you’re together he likes how nervous you get about your parents waking up

-so he talks kinda loud and ignores you when you shush him

-”you know its rude to shush people, Y/N. do i need to teach you how to be a good girl?”

-the rush of getting caught only excites him more (and you too, but you’d never admit it)

-sometimes after being out with the rest of the gang, he’s really riled up

-this is when his visits get a little rough :) but you like it when he gets rowdy

-aka him panting hard as he tells you to start undressing, hurried sloppy kisses, lots of biting, trouble unbuckling his belt, mumbled curses etc

-sometimes he bypasses the whole stripping thing altogether and instead just pulls out his switchblade and cuts up your pajamas instead

-”jesus patrick! that was my last pair of good pajama pants!”

-”shhh babe I promise i’ll get you some new ones if you’re good, but right now i really need you on the bed”

-when he’s done with you he’ll just fall asleep with you tight in his grip

-you better hope you dont have to get up in the middle of the night, because once he’s asleep theres no getting out of the web that is his limbs

-he usually wakes up in time to sneak out before your parents wake up

-he doesnt wake you up to say goodbye, but he does like to smell your hair and press his lips against your head one last time before he goes

-he thinks you’re asleep when he does this, but the action always wakes you up and you silently say your goodbyes in your head, trying not to smile

-when he goes, he always leaves something askew to mess with your parents 

-sometimes he rearranges small things in the fridge, or leaves a glass in the sink

-your parents have no clue why these things keep happening, but they have a strong suspicion that you must sleep walk

SBUK3: Sunday - Robert Panel

Robert’s Panel Periscope

  • Someone played ‘Hot Stuff’ and asked if he still does the dance, he say no  he said Full Monty was the hardest thing he’s done (x)
  • They only played the whole strip tease in Full Momth through once & he thought the women in the audience were going to eat him alive (x)
  • Bobby always felt that Gold knew he was Rumplestiltskin during the Dark curse (x)
  • Robert believes that rumple knew who he was during s1 (x)
  • robert thinks rumple is a very interesting character and likes a lot of things about him. SAME. (x)
  • Robert has trouble to find the person who ask a question. Everyone helps him out by pointing. He is very adorable! (x)
  • What Bobby likes about rumple - he’s interesting, he gets to be creative with him. Sometimes as a viewer he gets annoyed with rumple (x)
  • We’re going to find out if Rumple’s ever going to do the right thing very soon. (x)
  • A lot of Rumplestiltskin comes from “the dark corners” of Robert’s mind and aren’t on the page (x)
  • Robert did a lot of work as an extra in drama school and hated it (x)
  • Since he was an extra once Bobby always tried to make the effort to be kind to extras he works with now (x)
  • Bobby doesn’t have a bucket list, he’s done it (x)
  • The line was supposed to be “magic always comes at a price” and he said it wrong but it stuck! (x)
  • If Bobby swapped roles he’d want to be the Evil Queen (x)
  • Bobbys fabourite role he’s played is Begbie from Trainspotting and T2 (x)
  • Bobby thinks the best he has ever acted was in the movie 'Summer’ (x)
  • Bobby can’t keep up on what’s going on with the show (x)
  • Robert is very confused about his on screen parents  "…who are my on screen parents?“ (x)
  • Bobby says he gets along very well with Robbie (Pan) (x)
  • Bobby says it’s hard to have parents who are younger than him on the show (x)
  • Robert needs to be "inside it” to do Rumple. He can’t just do it on demand (x)
  • Robert misses his long hair but short is more manageable (x)
  • Robert has tried method acting but it’s not for him. For him it’s about solitude and finding your own way (x)
  • If Robert had to play any Disney princess it’d be Belle (x)
    • “I have to say that, she’s my wife!” (x)
  • If Bobby could bring back any dead character he would bring back Neal. He loved working with MRJ and still misses him to this day (x)
    • “I still think it was a mistake” - Robert on Neal being taken out of the show (x)
  • Robert and Emilie bonded on the first day, on the first episode Skin Deep (x)
  • Bobby says there’s been a lot of talk of him playing the Dr for years but at this point it’s not going to happen (x)
  • Mr. Gold’s first name is Barbara according to Bobby. (x)
  • If he say the Dark One & Begbie coming towards him who’d he run from, The Dark One is more dangerous he says. (x)
  • Bobby says at this point we don’t know if there will be anymore ouat (x)
  • Trainspotting as a TV show would be “a mistake… I wouldn’t be interested in doing a  TV show of it” (x)
  • If Rumple &a Begbie had a fight rumple would win (x)

(x) (x)

“It’s just you and me tonight. I was thinking we could have a little fun.” + Taehyung

“ 55 w taehyung? mayb smut 👀 ”

genre: smut (some humor if u squint)

words: 1,481


— mmm some smut of our beautiful bb boy kim taehyung. bts are tweeting omg kings !! pls talk w/ me, I need mutuals and i want to be friends with more people who like kpop ! —

“What the shit, I’m bored.” With the sudden voice in the silence, you turn to stare at Jungkook, who sat upside down against the couch. His head rested on the ground, his long skinny jean legs dangling over the top of the couch. “Nice choice of words, maknae.” Hoseok says next to him, a smirk rising on his lips. Jungkook glares at the older man, moving his body to sit correctly as an excuse to kick him ‘accidentally’. Taehyung nestled peacefully against you, his brown eyes also on the pair of arguing boys.

“If you’re bored, you should join Jimin and I.” Jungkook tilt his head and saw that Yoongi was the one that suggested he join them. “I’m also going, the fuck.” Jin summoned behind them, his hand going to rest on Jimin’s shoulder. The pair of three were dressed decently nice, a nice dress jacket on each one of them. It made you wonder where they were going. Taehyung ignored them and kept on holding you, his fingers tracing over your hips. You felt his lips brush against your collar bone, a smirk arising on them. You felt shivers run all over your body when you felt his wet tongue lick your skin. Taehyung looked up at you, a dark look in his pretty eyes.

“Where are you guys going?” Jungkook asks. Giving your boyfriend a look you give your attention back to the others. Jimin smirks, running his hand over his blonde locks for what seemed the millionth time that day. He went over to Jungkook and pulled him up, dragging him to his room. “The club, Jungkookie.” At the mention of this, Hoseok got up. His eyes were filled with some sort of excitement, hands rubbing together. You raised an eyebrow.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been to a club. My pimp game has weakened.” Everyone burst out laughing, even Taehyung stopped teasing you and let out a chuckle. Hoseok laughed as well, his mouth forming into a cute heart as it always did when he smiled. Jimin came back with Jungkook, who was dressed similar to the other 3. “Let’s wait, Hoseok is coming too.” Yoongi tells them. Hoseok was already walking towards his own room to get dressed.

Taehyung hugged you, and you thought nothing of it until you felt his large hand on your inner thigh. A soft gasp leaves your lips, looking at him with wide eyes. The shocked look in your hues only made him want to tease you even more. “I’m ready.” Hoseok breaks the short silence. He joins the other 4 and they head towards the door, looking like handsome classy men ready to get some action after a long time of work. “Lets go, my boys.” They file out of the door and finally, Hoseok closes it. Now it’s just you and Taehyung. Taehyung and you. You slowly glance at him, meeting his lustful gaze.

His arms remove themselves from your frame, Taehyung’s figure getting up. He heads over to the kitchen and pours himself a drink. “Something you should know, Y/N, is that when the boys go clubbing..” Your eyes meet his and his gaze alone makes you feel frustrated. “They don’t come back until the next day.” You shuffle on the couch, clenching your thighs together for some kind of friction. Taehyung smirks at your state, pressing the glass against his lips and chugging his drink down. The way his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, poking against his skin like it was about to break through it, it turned you on. Taehyung set the cup down and walked back to you.

“It’s just you and me tonight. I was thinking we could have a little fun.” You decide to play the innocent card, knowing how much it irritated Taehyung. “Like, watch a movie? Sure.” You watched as Taehyung’s jaw clenched, his eyebrows furrowing. You felt yourself grow wetter at his state. He turned to look at you but you just smiled, batting your lashes innocently. To rile him up even more, you picked up the glass of leftover milk left behind by Jungkook and drink some. Smirking, you purposely drop some of it so it drips down your mouth. The white drink trailed down your neck and breasts.

“Whoops.” you pout. Setting the cup down you lick it off your lips, wiping at the rest with your hand. Just as you were about to wipe at your neck, Taehyung gripped your hand. “I know what you’re doing, and I suggest you fucking stop.” His words just made you cockier. You knew he’d punish you for teasing him, and that’s exactly what you wanted. Your underwear grew more damp from your wetness, the thoughts of how good Taehyung would make you feel made you hungry for him.

“Make me.” Taehyung let go of your hand and grabbed your face, smashing his lips onto yours hungrily. You returned the favor, kissing him with just as much passion. His hand slid down your face and to your waist, grabbing at the hem of your shirt. He began to pull it up, wanting it off. Your lips parted, your shirt being thrown to the floor. Before Taehyung could reconnect your lips, you took a hold of the top button of his shirt. A look of lust was plastered on your face as you unbuttoned his shirt. The button up slid off his shoulders, his upper body exposed to you. Your hands roamed all over him, but Taehyung being the tease he was, slapped your hands away.

“No. Get on your knees.” Blinking at his sudden statement, you don’t do as he had said. Taehyung grabs you and positions you so that you’re on your knees. “Do what I tell you.” he whispers in your ear, licking a stripe on your earlobe. He unbuttons his pants, letting them fall off his feet. You watch him contently, licking your lips. Taehyung lets his hard on spring free, his cock in your face. Your smaller hands wrap around it, pumping it before wrapping your lips around his length. Immediately, Taehyung begins to thrust into your mouth. He grabs a fistful of your hair to gain more control. You moan at the feeling, the vibration making him moan out loudly.

You use your tongue to help you, making Taehyung weak. “You look so damn beautiful right now.” he says, his hand caressing your head. Taehyung’s words turned you on. You just wanted him inside of you already. You continue to lick, feeling him about to orgasm. Taehyung pulls out of your mouth and gets eye to eye level with you. His hands caress your tender skin, fingers sliding inside your sweatpants. He starts to slowly take them off, only making you beg for him even more. “Taehyung, please, hurry..I need you inside me.” After what seemed like forever, your whole body was stripped of clothes. Taehyung’s hands grabbed your breasts, kneading them. You moan, leaning back. His mouth goes to suck on one, making you shriek in pleasure. His tongue slaps against your bud, leaving it pink.

“You’ve been a good girl, you deserve a reward don’t you?” You nod at him. Taehyung wraps the condom around his cock, positioning himself on top of you. Your arms are around his neck, holding him close. Finally, you feel his length full you up. “Taehyung!” you yell out loudly, loving the pleasure. He begins to push in and out of you, your nails digging into his back as he does. His pace quickens, making you bounce as your hips meet. Your hips were starting to feel sore from how hard Taehyung held onto them. Not only that but his strong, pleasurable thrusts. His dick hits your g spot exactly, and instinctually you let out a loud moan. Taehyung repeats this process, making you a moaning, sweaty mess under him. He hisses, your nails scratching deep into his back. You were sure you left marks.

You were close, you knew it. Taehyung knew you were close. He leaned down and began to suck at the skin of your neck, biting at it too. His wet tongue on your skin and his thrusts felt good. Within a few seconds, you came undone. You and Taehyung’s loud moans harmonized, it was oddly beautiful. It’s like in anything you do, you go together. You two were made to be together. You two were made two do everything together. Taehyung fell besides you, pulling you close to him. Your sweaty bodies laid beside each other, trying to regain your breaths. “Can we move? I feel weird being naked on the couch we all sit on.”

Taehyung chuckles, nodding. You two gather your fallen clothes, shuffling into his room where you get under the covers and snuggle. The boys wouldn’t have to know what you two did on the couch, right?