whole new level of laziness

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I wonder why Juliet's not on this years warped, she's always on when Andy's there. Either she reached a whole new level of lazy and not giving a shit about her career or Kevin didn't want her on after the plane incident.

^^^^I didn’t even think about that. I wonder why she’s not performing. Maybe she just wanted to tag along with Andy and not do anything. -N

unpopular (?) opinion: i feel like marvel is reaching a whole new level of laziness with every movie they put out. when it comes to the avengers series, every single movie can be fit into the same plot line, same tropes, and same theme. every score is boring and unpredictable, every shot is undersaturated and never reaches its full potential. as someone who has loved spiderman for years, i can’t even bring myself to be interested in the movie because it looks exactly the same as every thor, iron man, or avengers movie released since 2010.

tldr; marvel is boring and even depressing dc is better than copy and pasted spiderman