whole meal pizza dough

Wholemeal vegan pizza

I got vegan cheese from cruelty free shop. ( please click here to see what I got! ) 

I have tasted edam ( I think it was on Nachos) , mozzarella  at vegan friendly pizza shop in Newtown few times so It it time for me to use it! 

I’ve got vegan 


Blue cheese


Well, I bought vegan cheese to eat pizza so I made wholemeal pizza dough! 

I am so curious about blue cheese..I can’t use tomato sauce base for blue cheese so I made 

Roasted potato, caramelised onion and blue cheese pizza

I put lots of black pepper and parsley :) Yes, it does taste blue cheese. Yum 

It is dedicated to my Irish boy friend who loves potatoes 

For tomato sauce base, I made

Roasted eggplant, sauteed mushroom and fresh cherry tomatoes with basil, oregano

I put both mozzarella and edam both to compare the taste. 

I prefer mozzarella for pizza. Edam cheezly is good for Mexican, I think. Like nachos. 

Here is the recipe for wholemeal pizza dough recipe


Makes 2 large pizza 

2 cups wholemeal flour

1 tsp rapadura sugar ( whatever sugar you have, I use nutritious sugar not refined sugar) 

½ tsp sea salt

¾ warm water

7g dried yeast


  1. Dissolve yeast and sugar in a warm water
  2. Mix the flour and salt and pour yeast water. Knead until very smooth. 
  3. Leave the dough covered with clean tea towel in a warm oven ( 35C to 40C ) for 15 mins or until dough become double size
  4. Divide into two and roll out to desired thickness. 

* I bake first until slight golden colour then put the sauce and filling. 

* You can leave the dough in a fridge for a week. I made double portion and leave the dough in the fridge then I baked pizza in the same week again. Also you can freeze for later use. 

I also made korokke. What is korokke? 

It is Japanese version of French croquette. We use potato and beef mince to make it but I use chick pea instead of mince. 

I mushed potato and chick pea with salt and pepper. Then I inserted edam cheezly inside. then  coat with flour, egg ( if you are vegan, please use grated potato instead ) and wholemeal bread crumbs then deep fried. 

Serve with mixture of  eggless mayo, parsley and lemon juice.