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Have you seen that photo of Michael spending his birthday with his friends? I was shookt to find out Nia was invited there and not the whole Hey Violet. Plus, Nia is beside Calum

1. No, i have not seen the photo. It’s not really a secret that they hang out with one or all of HV, nothing to be “shookt” about lol.

2. If by saying that “Nia is beside Calum” a way of insinuating that they are dating then, man, by that logic, Nia has been slumming it with a lot of peeps… Exhibit A:

Seriously guys this whole “omg Nia is breathing the same air as Calum! hashtagnalumisfucking” thing is tiring. Aren’t y’all tired of them? I am. That top photo of Nia and Iian hugging is more incriminating than that of what nalum stans provide. Hell, that one photo of Rena she posted a while ago with Ashton is more incriminating.

Tbh, I forgot about 5sos and HV. I don’t check this blog as often anymore and no one out in the real world talks about them, let alone knows them. Are 5sos and HV even bands anymore? When’s the last time they actually spoke about their band?

Friends hang out, they take photos and they post them. They’re no different. They’re not conscious about who they’re standing next to… or you know, maybe they are because they know that if they’re spotted together people will immediately start with that nalum bullshit and if people search 5sos or calum, nia will be a related search and then they’ll find out about HV because they’ll be a related search and that’s how they’ll get noticed. Evidently, 5sos are doing their job and they’re helping HV get what they want. And that’s how PR works.

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Hey!! I'm looking for some more slasher loving blogs to follow, do you have any you'd recommend?

I got a couple! I don’t follow a whole lot rn so you’re gonna get all my lovely peeps!

@bunbunblondie (lots o big clown man)

@sinfulplumpprincess (slasher writing, does amazing requests! nsfw bits!)

@luckyprincelux (amazing art, really lovely content!)

@slashingintentions (wonderful writer, really great content!)

@good-n1ghtmares (friendly af, quality aesthetic, LOTS of slasher content!)

@aviatorhead (amazing art, very friendly! one of my favourite blogs!)

@lastofherkind00 (beautiful art, lots of slasher love, very fun to interact with!)

@jasonvoremeplease (u just have to. top tier slasher blog w/ the quality content)

@modsquid (beautiful art, some nsfw, lots of michael & jason love, the content you need in your life)

@monstatron (lots of clown and slasher love! great content, very friendly & funny op!)

@radikaldaze (if u want great art, good memes, and a great slasher blog, look no further than HERE)

@kaenellecart (this is the art that keeps my blood pumpin every day. slasher content? u got it. amazing art and content featuring the slashers u love? DOUBLE GOT IT)

@habitualhog (such a friendly op, another favourite, great content & literally limitless slasher love. esp leatherface & dbd)

@girs-art (part of the leatherface squad w/ the cutest art i have ever seen. slasher love all up here!)

@richies-spaghetti (if u want a surplus of clown love look no further. lots of great content for IT and slashers)

@the-yaoi-man (great blog & great op! very friendly and has lots of slasher/dbd content!)

@nannygram (adore his art to the moon & back. amazing content, and wonderful art!)

@fluffymurders (wonderful writer! so nice and fun to interact with.)

@lovethemurderer (live for their writing & requests jfc. you gotta)

@sorrowful–owl (another favourite! amazing art with the the cutest style! her leatherface is my favourite in the world & u would be doing yourself a favour by following!)

@monstergoreguts ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) best blog, best op, great content & one of the friendliest people ever. the art is LIFE)

@machinequeen84 (you would be doing yourself a favour by followin machinequeen just trust me. TOP TIER blog w/ the coolest OP ever  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

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The Empowered Equestrians group on Facebook recently posted something about teaching your horse a way of opting out of doing what you ask but still getting a treat, presumably to ensure a horse isn't doing something he hates just for food. Have you seen this, and if so, what do you think about it?

It’s a very EE thing to do. I’m not sure bothered by the idea of a horse doing something they want to ‘just for food’ - that’s the whole point of training. I think the EE peeps are a lot more concerned with broken down ethics of whether riding is inherently enjoyable for the horse, and making sure that the horse is Choosing to stay and to engage. In my fence-sitting, compromising between traditional training and clicker training zone, I don’t care as much. I do care if a horse is doing something for food that they aren’t physically or emotionally prepared for. An unconditioned horse jumping for food that could be injured, a fearful horse sticking around for food that might bite someone because of said fear, etc.

For me, the fact that my horse comes to me in the pasture and follows me around, and is very clear when he DOESN’T like something (pinned ears, etc) is good enough for me atm. I think it’s a good idea for some people tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Can we maybe start calling “feminine hygiene products” just “period products” instead? Cuz like, gendering anatomy is 1) transphobic and 2) dysphoria inducing for lots of trans peeps, and also the whole point of calling it that to begin with is catering to the crusty patriarchy’s period phobia. So lets just… not do that anymore. “Period products” who’s with me

EDIT #1: It’s been pointed out that not all relevant items are specifically or exclusively for periods. After many suggestions I think the best one so far is:

vaginal hygiene products” who’s with me

EDIT #2: “vaginal care products” is probably a better option than a term using “hygiene” in the name, since it’s been pointed out that anything using the word hygiene may/does reinforce the idea that periods/vaginas are dirty.

HOWEVER it’s also been pointed out to me by a bunch of other trans guys that the word “vagina” itself can be triggering. I’m a trans guy but this isn’t a problem I personally have, so I wasn’t thinking about it. 

It’s important for the USA to stop being phobic of that word, but I don’t want to come up with a “solution” to a transphobic term that is in turn still inaccessible to trans people.

Currently there is no suggested term for this that I’ve seen that checks all the boxes but I’m looking and thinking about it. A euphamistic one that isn’t bad is “shark week” but that only applies to periods (same problem as my original suggestion). In the meantime just referring to each item individually is probably best I guess.

EDIT #3: Intimate hygiene products” is another possibility, though “intimate products” might be better, considering the previously mentioned issue with the word “hygiene”. And yes, I know that “hygiene” doesn’t NECESSARILY imply that something is dirty, but I’m looking for a term that has as few problematic implications as possible.

I feel like “Intimate products” would be a term that would cover all bases of genital health/wellness, which would actually include condoms. 1) They’re always in the same aisle in all the stores I’ve been to anyway, and 2) removing the gender specific associations AND stigma from BOTH these products would be generally beneficial, and (I think) not detrimental to anyone, so I see no actual problem with merging the two. 


Last week was full of ice cream, multiple slices of cake, chocolate covered strawberries, tater tot casserole (all in the same night tbh), fried dough, booze, fudge, little sleep, and not a whole lot of exercise. And lookie lookie, it’s allll the same.
Embrace life peeps you’re gonna be just fine 😊


first of all , i’d just like to thank you all so , so much ! i started this blog a little over four months ago and i never thought i’d get to this point so quickly ! i love y’all so , so much ! y’all inspire me to grow , to get better , and i can’t thank y’all enough for that !

anyways . under the cut is my bias list/follow forever/whatever y’all wanna call it ! people listed are in no particular order btw , i love y’all equally <3

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Attention trans!guys and nb!peeps

Remember to not wear your binder for more than eight hours. Remember to stretch throughout the day. Remember to cough deeply after taking it off. If today’s your first time binding, don’t do more than two hours at a time the first few days, that way your body can adjust.

Most important of all: remember to listen to your body. If it starts hurting, take it off immediately. Take deep breaths, cough it out, and rest. 

Y’all have been xtra kind to me tonight n surprisingly I haven’t been so sad at all n I’m sewing patches n listening to someone elses playlist of music I haven’t heard of but it makes me happy n I’m about to re watch Over the garden wall I dunno this halloween isn’t what I wanted it to be but I still feel blessed 

Let’s Do the Time Warp: Why the S3 Finale Rocked

Okay, kids, sit down, buckle up, and take a DEEEEP breath ‘cause we’re going into the long-awaited S3 finale review full speed ahead. I’ve only got a few minutes before the little ninja wakes up, so this is going to be what I’m calling the unfiltered Screwball Ninja experience: minimal editing, maximum stream-of-consciousness rambling– think Hunter S. Thompson without the psychedelics and with a predilection for rambling about fairy-tale characters.

You said it, Rumple!

First off, some people objected to the S3 finale for the following reasons:

  1. IT SHOULD’VE BEEN NEAL *sob sob sob*
  2. Get your Hook out of my Snowing!
  3. Timey-wimey stuff is just like fanfiction
  4. Frozen is such a cash-grab OMG

Understandably bitter Nealfire fans get a pass because he’s dead, dead, deaders and his leather-clad rival is running around FTL in a new frock coat courtesy of Banana Republic couture, and I imagine that might chafe. (Chafe the Neal fans’ FEELINGS, not Hook’s … let’s continue, shall we?)

Still dead. (Too soon?)

But I think everybody else should give the finale another chance. Ready to hear why, why, why?

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Anonymous said: Patron Saint of Rhett & Link

Gosh, I’m not worthy of that title ₍₍ (ง ˙ω˙)ว ⁾⁾

cypriusgray said: Protector of the Small Ones

Aww that’s really nice. uvu I do love small stuff~

redbritishsniper said: The Patron Saint of GMM fanart!

Ah, you’re too kind. I’m more like a contributor of gmm fanart~ c’:

Anonymous said: Heir to the canvas!


Gosh you’re too sweet ♥  *:゚*。⋆ฺ(*´◡`)
(but then I think a whole lot of peeps are cute so… @w@;)


All the shiny space sharks~!