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My favorite thing about this painting of the Washingtons and Hamiltons working on the Farewell Address is Ham’s casual lean on Betsey’s chair.

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But your old art is great

I beg to differ, anon

On a side note, it’s been almost a year since I drew my first Hamilton fanart.


Miyano Mamoru ~GENERATING!~ Live - Talk Break 3 (½) with English subtitles. 

the signs as the thanksgiving table

i don’t do thanksgiving but like, here’s this anyway

aries: stuffing, chicken flavor 10/10

taurus: the actual turkey

gemini: sweet potatoes/yams

cancer: baked mac n cheese w/ extra butter

leo: pumpkin pie or maybe sweet potato pie

virgo: ham… the whole ham

libra: cranberry sauce, the jelly kind

scorpio: fork

sagittarius: a glass of water (or wine)

capricorn: corn/veggies/collard greens

aquarius: vanilla spice egg nog

pisces: homemade biscuits & gravy or literally just the biscuit

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Hello. As a bi girl myself, I have to say I don't agree with your view that LMM is biphobic. One could argue that he shows some inherent prejudice in including an A-H-E love triangle instead of L-H-E, but in the end, Angelica IS ELIZA'S SISTER and thus a subplot which includes her is going to be ten times more emotive. Also, LMM has explicitly stated that Hamilton is bi in the musical, and by ignoring that, you are implying that bi people in hetero relationships are not valid which. They. Are.

As a bi girl, I don’t agree.  I’m sorry, but stating after the fact in some interview after your musical is hugely popular and has made you very rich that OH BY THE WAY THE CHARACTER IS BI is not representation.  It just is not.  Him saying Ham is bi in the musical even though it is in no way explicit in the musical is, to me, no different than JK Rowling and her “Dumbledore is gay!” reveal after the fact. It’s not actual representation. 

Also, LMM has explicitly stated that Hamilton is bi in the musical, and by ignoring that, you are implying that bi people in hetero relationships are not valid which. They. Are.

I feel like my blog explicitly talks about Ham being bi often.  I don’t think I have EVER said or implied that bi people in hetero relationships are not valid.  Like, I actually talk about how they are all the time!  So I really don’t know how you think I’m ignoring that because I take a musical to task for not being explicit. 

But Lin talking about this after the fact while not actually putting it in his musical is bullshit.  It just is.  He’s the one that erased Hamilton’s sexuality.  Not me. 

Also he added a love triangle that did not exist in life and ignored an important relationship Ham had with a man in favor of it.  And he reduced Angelica’s actual importance to do it. 

Ok so my final word on the whole Ham*lton instavideos:

The videos of Press talking about seat geek were taken via selfie cam because the video moves the same time she does, indicating she was holding her phone

The videos of Press singing were taken via the back cam (and by someone else) because
1. Both hands make an appearance, indicating she wasn’t holding the phone
2. Her little tooth is on the right side. (You know the one). It would have been on the other side if she was using the selfie cam because her face would have been flipped
3. The video moves but not at the same time she does, indicating that the phone was being held, but not by her.

Case closed.

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She Scores (Tony Stark x Reader) (One-Shot)

Prompt: “HEY! can you do “Whoa, what is with the attitude change?” where the reader is told that she is bad it flirting but the next day she proves everyone wrong. Can you do it with Tony? I want him to basically like meet his match with the readers high key flirting” ~ Requested by @superwholockian5ever

2. Whoa, what is with the attitude change?

Summary: You have a major crush on Tony Stark, but have been told by the entire team that you are the worst at flirting. You’re about to prove them all wrong.

A/N: I’m SO sorry for the late post! A lot of stuff has been happening in my life. All good things though. Please allow me to get back on track with Tumblr requests. I have not forgotten you guys. :)

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“Y/N! Get up! Breakfast is ready!” You groaned in bed and looked over at the alarm clock. 7:00 AM. What the hell is wrong with this team? They get up so darn early. You roll over in bed and pull the covers over your head. The door opens and you hear Sam chuckle. “C’mon lazy pants. You don’t want to miss Steve’s breakfast.” 

“I’m good, bird.” You muffled into the pillow. Sam walked over and started nudging you. “Mr. Stark wants to see you now.” Dam it. You took the pillow from under your head and starting hitting Sam with it. “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! You ass!” You giggled and hit him one last time. He held his arms up in defense. “I’ll see you in the kitchen, princess.” 

You chuckled. The whole team knew of your major crush on Tony. You couldn’t help yourself but think he was so sexy in his suits. But you could never bring yourself to be flirty like Nat. Everyone thinks you’re terrible at flirting. Tony is your friend and has been for a while. Just a friend…

When you walked into the kitchen, the entire team was scattered throughout and eating Steve’s “healthy” breakfast. “Mornin, kiddo. Kelp shake?” Steve asked, holding out a cup of green goop. You wrinkled your nose and shook your head. “No thanks, I’ll pass.” Steve slumped his shoulders. “Sorry Stevie, not feeling the healthy greens this morning.” 

“That’s a shame, y/n. I would’ve shared it with you.” You turned around to see Tony leaning against the island in the middle of the kitchen. “Thanks, Tony. But I’m a big girl and can finish it. Heck, I can eat a whole ham.” The entire room went silent. Sam smacked his forehead and shook his head. “What? Was it something I said?” You asked. 

Sam grabs your arm and pulls you aside. “What the hell is the matter with you girl?” You shrugged. “I don’t know. I was just being honest.” Sam chuckled. “Tony was flirting with you and you had to act like a dumb butt, talking about a ham. What does that even have to do with kelp?” You giggled and felt your face warm up. “Ha ha whoops. Wow, I’m so stupid.” He patted your shoulder. “Better you say it than me. Next time, come up with a better pick up line.”

You nodded and went back into the kitchen. Everyone was back to talking, and Tony was alone in the corner. Now was your chance. “He-hey Tony.” He looked up from his glass and smiled. “Hey girlfriend. What’s up?” You blushed. “Girlfriend? That’s sweet.” Tony blinked. “Uh, yea…it’s just a nickname.” 

You felt a little sting in your heart. “Oh, right. Sorry.” He chuckled. “All good.” An awkward silence fell between you two. “So-I got some tech stuff to put away in the lab, wanna help me out later today?” You smiled. “Sure. Hope I don’t mess up anything.” Tony smirked. “I doubt it. But if you did, there’d be consequences.” You raised your eyebrow. “What would you do? Punish me, Stark?” You asked, biting your lip. You walked closer and placed a hand on his chest. Wow…this was coming natural.

He cleared his throat. “Um, well, uh-you see-” You placed a finger on his lips. “I’m all yours tonight.” You pressed a quick kiss to his cheek and walked away, swinging your hips. Sam stood in the kitchen, shocked from witnessing what just happened. “Whoa, what was with the attitude change right there? She was like a seductive goddess.” 

Tony was trying to calm himself from what just just happened. “I don’t know man, but I’m gonna marry that girl.” Tony ran in your direction. You were in the middle of putting some clothes away when you heard a not on the door. “Come in!” You turned around to see Tony running his fingers through his hair. “You can’t leave me like that, y/n.” You furrowed your eyebrows. “What do you mean?” 

He walked over to you and grabbed your cheeks, placing a very passionate kiss on your lips. When he drew back, trying to catch his breath, he said “That’s what I meant.” You smiled and continued a VERY long kiss. You couldn’t help but think to yourself , “she scores!” :)


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Heir: What would you all like to take to eat on your expedition?
-team mumbles-
Occultist: A whole cooked ham
The Occultist’s Skull Candle: the souls of the Hamlet
Occultist, slowly shoving the skull into his robe: Two.. whole cooked hams <:)c

Lucky Charm

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

Request: “Could you do a Jon snow imagine with the prompts 20 and 25 :)) please please please (I love your writing so damn much btw)”

Prompt 1:  “It would be perfect. You just need less clothes.”

Prompt 2:  I have you shoved against the wall and now I can’t stop looking at your mouth. 

Prompt List

If someone had told you 6 months ago that you’d live to see Jon Snow smile more than once in a day, you would’ve laughed right in their face. Now, it was hard to get Jon to stop smiling. It was like Winterfell was made of magic and being back here had sparked a flame in him that even the biggest problem couldn’t put it out. Maybe it was some new outlook on life he’d decided to have, or maybe it was just this feeling of finally having a home again. Whatever it was, you weren’t going to start complaining about it, especially on the night of his name day.

You and Sansa were stood in the middle of the hustle and bustle of party planning, directing people where to put what and how many of this or that you needed. Handmaidens and cooks worked diligently to make everything perfect for their King in the North and it just about was, until a giant white wolf had bounded in and snatched the whole ham from where it was. 

Ghost!”, Sansa and you screamed at the same time before sprinting after him. 

With his tail wagging, and the ham still stuffed in his mouth you approached him cautiously. 

“Ghost”, you start and tip toe forward, “Be a good boy and put the ham down”.

The large direwolf had taken the same mood of his master and was nothing short of playful lately. It was like he was a pup all over again, but right now wasn’t the best time for him to try and be all cute and annoying. 

You were only a few inches away from him now so you hunched over a bit and reached your arms out cautiously. As you got closer, Ghost got cocked his head to the side and his tailed stopped for just a moment once he realized what you were doing. 

“Just stay there boy…..”, you whispered with only one more step before your hands would be on the ham, “Don’t move……”. 

Unbeknownst to you Jon was stood against the doorway watching the whole situation unfold with the hint of a smile on his face. He would’ve stepped in and called for Ghost to drop the ham himself, but there was just something about your trying so hard to make his name-day celebration that was just so adorable. 

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The steak was the first thing to go missing. I’d left it to defrost in the fridge overnight, but by morning, only the plate it had been sitting on remained. I asked my husband, Connor, about it, but he said he hadn’t touched it, and our seven year old son, Jamie, was so thoroughly grossed out by raw meat that I didn’t bother questioning him. It was a mystery I wasn’t sure would ever be solved; the kind that would no doubt be a funny story you tell at family get-togethers in the future.

And then the sausages vanished a few days later, followed by a couple of chicken quarters some time after that, and then a whole spiral cut ham I’d been planning to cook for Connor’s birthday dinner.

“I swear, babe, I don’t know what’s going on,” Connor said while we gazed down at the empty space that the ham had been in.

We decided it could only be one of two things: either we had a very single-minded thief breaking in every couple of nights or Jamie had suddenly gotten over his aversion to raw meat.

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My Girlfriend’s.....a dog? (Dean x reader)

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Word Count: 2706
Warnings: none
A/N: Guys, I swear, this is the biggest piece of crap. I’m not super happy with the ending, (and I might  re-do it later) but I haven’t posted in forever, so here ya go. Also, this isn’t part of Misadventures bc reader is paired with Dean, and I told you guys already that if you want a pairing in Mdvt then you gotta comment who you want. Alright, enjoy this crap fest. (gif not mine, credit to owner)


No. No, no, no, no! No freakin’ way. This was not happening. It wasn’t possible. But then again, if you hunted with the Winchesters, just about anything was possible. You let out a small huff, turning around to see yourself from a different angle in your full-length mirror. A freaking tail. Not to mention the four legs and fur. Man, you really hated witches. Of course you got turned into a dog. The one animal your boyfriend wouldn’t tolerate in the bunker. You let out a small growl as you sat down.
Thinking back to last night’s hunt, you probably should’ve told one of the boys that you got hit with some weird spell. But then again, nothing had happened last night. You’d felt fine, only a few minor cuts and bruises. The boys were way worse off than you, as of last night, at least. A fury body and a tail was definitely worse than bruises.
 Cocking your head in the mirror, you looked yourself over, trying to determine what kind of dog you were. You decided you looked most like a Belgian Malinois. But you didn’t even look like an adult. A puppy. You were a puppy.
 You let out a small huff before you realized that you really needed to use the bathroom. Wandering into the restroom that was connected to your room, it suddenly became apparent that there was no way you could use the toilet. You (attempted to) roll your eyes before nudging your bedroom door open and tiptoeing out to the library section of the bunker. You perked up as you heard heavy footsteps approaching you, and quickly hid your small body under a chair. To your delight, it was Sam, up for his morning run. Excitedly, you ran out from under the chair and let out a series of embarrassingly high-pitched barks in an attempt to get his attention. But he didn’t even look at you.
 Confused at his lack of response, you tried again, only to be ignored. Realization crossed your tiny features as you understood what was wrong. Sam had his iPod on, earbuds in his ears. There was no way he’d be able to hear you.
  Growling, you followed behind him as he opened the bunker door to begin his run. You narrowly escaped being crushed in the heavy door, but as soon as you got outside Sam was already halfway down the road, his long legs carrying him quickly.
 You gave up almost immidiatly, deciding that it would be impossible to match his pace for two hours. Seriously, who runs for two hours?
 You instead decided to explore outside of the bunker, realizing how great everything smelled now. Eventually, you found a bush and relieved yourself. Sam had only been gone about ten minutes, so you decided to take a nap. Curious, you walked over to the Impala and were delighted to find that the driver side smelled faintly of Dean. Curling up under the car, you quickly fell asleep.

 Your ears perked up as you heard heavy footsteps jogging in the dirt, nearing you before they slowed to a walk. You lifted your head as Sam’s sneakers came into view. Jumping up, you attempted to make yourself as pathetic looking as possible, hoping that would make Sam take you back inside.
 You crawled out from under the car, staying low to the ground and doing the best puppy eyes you could muster. You caught his attention quickly and he removed out his earbuds, sinking down to your level.
 “Hello, there.” Sam said softly, using his special dog voice. He held out his hand, and after a moment you hesitantly sniffed it, playing up the pathetic homeless puppy role.
  You could smell the places that he’d run that morning, the trails, the park, the picnic tables he’d stopped at, everything. You began licking his hand, giving him little puppy kisses.
 “Well, aren’t you just the cutest thing,” he said as he gently scooped you up in his arms. You were still licking his hands as he rose to his full height, and you were suddenly aware of how far down you would fall if he dropped you.
Sam gently checked you for tags, and after finding none, brought you into the bunker with him.
 “Now Dean won’t be thrilled if he finds you, but Y/n will love you. Unfortunately, the rules for the day after a hunt are no waking the others if you don’t have to. For all we know, they could sleep all day.”
 You sighed upon hearing this. Your door was mostly closed, and Sam had no reason to go in your room. Hell, you couldn’t get to your room. He’d just scoop you up and bring you back to the library before you got the chance.
 Sam walked into the kitchen, setting you down on the floor to retrieve a bowl and fill it with water. After placing that beside you, he got a bottle of water for himself and gulped it down quickly.
 You quickly lapped up your water, though somewhat clumsily due to not knowing how to use your tounge properly. Sam chuckled, sitting beside you in the floor to scratch your back. You made a small whining noise and leaned in closer. You playfully bit his hand, and he gently pushed your head to the side. You repeated the action until Sam began to play wrestle with you. Five minutes later you were rolling on the floor with Sam, barking and yipping as you played. Sam was laughing and teasing you as you fought, and you almost didn’t hear Dean walk in. Almost. Your ears perked up as you recognized his scent, only stronger. Sam noticed your sudden change in demeanor, and quickly sat upright as you scrambled under the table. You watched your boyfriends sock clad feet walk into the kitchen and stop in front of Sam.
 “Dude, seriously?” He asked. His voice was deeper than normal, indicating that you’d woken him up. Sam was about to reply when he cut him off.
 “Ya know what? I don’t wanna know.” You heard the fridge open. “Where’s my girlfriend? Is she up yet?” You saw the bottoms of his plaid pajama pants move to the coffee machine.
 “Uh, no. I haven’t seen Y/n all morning.”
 “Yeah, it’s probably best she sleeps as long as she needs to. She did real good last night.”
You were unable to contain the proud yip that escaped your throat. Sam froze as Dean turned away from the counter.
 “Sammy,” he said slowly, “I know for a fact that there is not a dog in this bunker. So why did I hear a dog?” His tone got harder toward the end of his sentence, and even though he sounded angry, you couldn’t help peeking out from under the table.
 You saw Dean’s shocked expression, and Sam’s ‘oh great, we’re done for’ face, but you just happily wagged your tail as you walked over to Dean. Sitting down in front of him, you raised one of your front paws and pawed at his leg. Dean set his coffee mug down on the counter and gave Sam a look you didn’t understand.
 “She wants you to pick her up.” Sam explained.
 “She?” Dean questioned, furrowing his brows. “How do you know it’s a she?”
 “I know about dogs, Dean.” Sam smirked at him.
Knowing Dean might need a bit more persuasion, you did your best puppy eyes and cocked your head the same way you’d seen Cas and other dogs do.
 “Ah, come on, Sam. Why’d you teach this thing the puppy eyes?” Dean complained, but he moved down to pick you up anyway.
Hesitantly, he cradled you in his arms, his long fingers scratching just the right spot behind your ears.
 “Ok, fine. It’s cute, but where would we keep it?”
 “We have lots of space in the bunker.” Sam suggested, but Dean seemed not to hear him.
 “And anyway, we have nothing to feed it,”
  “We literally have a whole ham in the fridge.”
  “Besides, Y/n doesn’t really like dogs-“
  “-do you even know her? She loves dogs.”
  “Ok, fine.” Dean relented. “There’s no good reason why we can’t keep a dog. Oh wait, we’re hunters. We can’t hunt and take care of a dog.”
  “Dean, she likes you,” Sam pointed out with a smile. That was very true. You were now profusely licking Deans hand, enjoying how much stronger his scent was with your extra sensitive nose.
 He gave you a halfhearted grin before turning his gaze back to Sam.
 “Fine, how about we’ll keep it until Y/n gets up? Then she can decide what to do with it.”
Sam nodded. “Sounds fair. You wanna name her?”
 Dean hmphed. “No Sam, I do not want to name her. If you name things you get attached to them.”
  “Come on, Dean,” he laughed, “if you don’t name her, I will. And you probably won’t like it.”
 Dean rolled his eyes before letting out a sigh. “Fine. I’ll name the dog.”
 After examining your coloring, he raised an eyebrow at Sam before suggesting, “peanut butter?”
Sam gave him an ‘are you kidding me’ face.
 “What? She kinda looks like peanut butter.”
 “Try again, Dean.”
 “Umm, chocolate?”
 “Dean, why are all of your suggestions food?”
 “Ugh, I don’t know,” Dean sighed, “just have Y/n name it.”
 You let out a loud yip when you heard your name, causing the boys to both look at you.
 “You want Y/n to-“Sam started, but you cut him off with a series of loud barks.
 Dean raised an eyebrow at his brother. “Your dog’s nuts.” Sam rolled his eyes, and you began to wiggle in an attempt to get Dean to put you down. When he wouldn’t, you ignored the four foot height difference from the ground to his arms and jumped.
 Dean let out a surprised, “hey!” as you took off down the hall towards your room. You heard two sets of footsteps behind you as you frantically pawed at your door. Jumping up, you knocked the handle just in time to open the door before the boys caught you. Slipping in through the crack, you ran and jumped on your empty bed.
 “No, you’re gonna wake up…Y/n…” Sam slowed as he entered the room, Dean right behind him.
 “Y/n?” Dean called out softly. You barked in reply.
 ‘Come on, guys,’ you thought, “it’s me. Come on.’
 “Sam, where is my girlfriend?” Dean asked calmly, realization slowly washing over him.
 “Right there, Dean,” Sam answered, panic evident in his voice. “Y/n is a dog.”


 “How are we supposed to fix this?” Dean asked, his fingers absent mindedly running through your fur. You lay curled up on his lap as he and Sam scoured the books in front of them. They’d quickly found out that you weren’t very helpful when it came to research. You had chewed the books more than you’d actually assisted in finding a reverse to your condition.
 “I don’t know,” Sam said, a yawn escaping his mouth. They’d been at this all day, and come up with nothing. “I guess we could give it a day or two. If it doesn’t wear off by tomorrow, then we go by one of Bobby’s old library cabins in Michigan and get some more books.”
 Dean nodded slowly. “I guess that’s the most solid plan we’ve got.” His attention turned to you as you stretched and jumped off his lap. “Looks like it’s that time again.” He told Sam. Standing, he followed you to the bunker door, letting you outside and stepping out with you. He watched as you disappeared into the darkness, returning a few minutes later. You followed Dean back into the bunker, hearing the door shut behind you as you made your way into the kitchen.
 Dean opened the fridge and pulled out a package of lunchmeat, opening it and setting it down in front of you. You quickly finished it and drank a little water before you trotted off towards Deans room, passing Sam on the way and giving him a goodnight lick on his outstretched hand.
 “Night, Dean,” Sam said with a chuckle, turning towards his own room.
 “Goodnight, Sammy.” Dean clapped his little brother on the shoulder before going the same direction you’d gone. He found you curled up at the foot of his bed, fast asleep. He shook his head, stripping down to a tee shirt and boxers before climbing in and quickly drifting off.


Dean awoke to you nudging his cheek with your wet nose. Blinking, he slowly sat up and pushed your face away, turning to look at the clock. It was nine am, which meant you probably had to go to the bathroom.
 “You gotta go out, y/n?” He asked you. You shook your head, stepping towards him then away in excitement.
 “What’s up with you?” He wondered out loud. You barked twice, trying to tell him what you’d thought of that morning.
 “Hey, hey. I can’t understand you when you bark at me. Sit.” He said, half serious. You glared at him but sat on his lap anyway. You cocked your head to the side, exactly the way a certain angel would.
 “Man, Y/n. Ya look just…like…Cas…wait a minute! Cas!” His hands moved to either side of your face, squishing it slightly. “You are a genius, Y/n” He pressed a quick kiss to your forehead before jumping out of bed and running down the hall to find Sam. By the time you caught up with him, he, Cas, and a disgruntled Sam stood in the library.
 “Hello, Y/n.” Castiel said in his deep voice, cocking his head slightly. You tail wagged as you pranced over to the angel.
  “Sit down, please.” He instructed, holding out two fingers. You sat obediently, waiting for him to use his angel mojo. He tapped his fingers lightly against your forehead, and everything flashed white.
 When you woke up, you were in your bed, the boys outside your room talking in hushed voices. Sitting up, you checked your hands, relieved to find that you had ten fingers again.
 Dean noticed you sit up, and quickly walked over to the side of your bed.
  “Heya, sweetheart. How are ya feeling?” He asked with a small grin.
  “Good, I think. I feel pretty good.” You answered, feeling your face, neck, shoulders and waist. “I’m back.” You said, smiling.
  “Yes, you are.” Dean leaned in, pressing a chaste kiss to your lips.
 “Hey, Y/n/n. How ya doing?” Sam asked as he entered the room.
 “I’m good. I’m not covered in fur anymore, so that’s a plus.” The boys both let out a small burst of laughter, Dean slinging his arm around your neck and pulling you closer to him.
 “Please never turn into a dog again.” He joked.
 “Never.” You promised. Your attention turned to Castiel. “Thanks for fixing me, Cas. I appreciate it.”
 “Of course, Y/n. Your body may feel weak from the transition, so get plenty of rest. If you’ll all excuse me, I have business to attend to.”
 With that, the blue-eyed angel vanished.
 “Alright, I’ll let you two be for a few.” Sam said, turning and walking away.
  “Be honest,” you called after him, “was I a cute dog, or what?”
  Sam chuckled from the hallway as Dean spoke up.
  “You were a cute dog, but I’d rather have my beautiful girlfriend.”
 “Aww, good answer, D.” You grinned, pressing a kiss to his cheek.
 “And……” He leaned in to whisper something in your ear that made your face go red. You sat back abruptly and threw your pillow at him.
 “Dean Winchester, don’t think that I forgot that you told me to sit when I was a dog! There is no way you’re getting laid- “
 He cut you off with a kiss, pushing you backwards onto the mattress and taking your breath away.
  “Ugh, I hate you sometimes.” You said, trying to catch your breath.
  “But you love me.” He said, grinning cheekily.
  “Yeah, I kinda do.” You agreed, pressing your lips to his again.
 Man, you were really glad you weren’t a dog anymore.

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he made the strongest alcoholic drink imaginable and put it in a jar labeled “jorts” and after aging it for six months he served it to everybody without saying what it was and it was extremely powerful and extremely bad and it tasted like despair and davenport died instantly

through intense scientific analysis, an incomplete ingredients list was compiled by the IPRE which included: fantasy pickle juice, essence of coconut, BONE FRAGMENTS [of what??? or who??? we still dont know!], denim scraps, marinara sauce, and, most mysteriously… a whole ass honey baked ham… was found in the barrel barry was ageing the jorts drink in………

HAPPY VATERTAG to all the German dads out there. :)

In Germany, Father’s Day (Vatertag) is celebrated differently from other countries. It’s always on Ascension Day (the Thursday 40 days after Easter, originally a religious holiday), which is also a federal holiday so almost everyone is off from work. In some regions, it’s called Männertag (Men’s Day) or Herrentag (Gentlemen’s Day). It’s traditional for groups of males (young and old but usually excluding pre-teenage boys) to do a hiking tour in nature with one or more small wagons called Bollerwagen that are pulled by manpower and filled with wine and beer, and traditional rustic / picnic / BBQ food - Hausmannskost. Many, but not all men use this holiday as an opportunity to get completely wasted and do “guy” things together in a group; other men and / or actual fathers may spend the day with family, also doing outdoor activities if weather permits. According to the Federal Statistical Office, alcohol-related traffic accidents multiply by 3 on this day.

These traditions are probably rooted in Christian Ascension Day’s processions to the farmlands, which has been done since the 18th century. Men would be seated in a wooden cart and taken to the village square, where the mayor would award a prize to the father who had the most children, usually it was a whole ham. In the late 19th century, the religious component was progressively lost, especially in urban areas such as Berlin, and groups of men organized walking excursions with Bier und Schinken (beer and ham). By the 20th century, it had evolved into a holiday for limitless drinking and merriment among (some) men. Most German fathers control their alcohol intake and simply take relaxed walks with friends, but a minority will get drunk and rowdy and very noisy without fail. Many people take the following Friday off work, and some schools are closed on that Friday as well, so the coming weekend is a long one for many. Prost and stay safe, everyone!