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  • Ravenclaw: I decided to go on a diet.
  • Hufflepuff: Oh yeah? Would you like me to recommend some healthy tasty snacks to you?
  • Ravenclaw: No, it's fine, I gave up on the diet.
  • Hufflepuff: Why?
  • Ravenclaw: Because cake exists.

I was at a talk recently and a question came up about whether or not Marvel’s taking flak or a sales hit from “forcing” diversity into their titles and if a drop in income is linked to the shit-fit from reactionaries on social media, and it’s like, how would you even begin to tease that out as a general trend–“Marvel sees sales dip”–from a loss of income due to, for instance, taking Captain America and making him a fucking Nazi?

Like, I am just generally not interested in Black Panther as a character, but I’ll read an entire twelve-issue story arc about fucking Wakandan property tax reform starring T’Challa’s least favorite cousin at sticker price before I pay one red cent to have Nick Spencer-sockpuppet Steve Rogers maunder at me about the benefits of racist authoritarianism for half a page.  And I somehow doubt I’m the only one making that sort of call.

Power Foods to Lose Belly Fat Fast!

Millions of people world-wide squirm at any cost billow fat. Unfortunately, balance teeming always seems to accumulate living our midsections. The annoyed reality is that belly fat can be especially difficult to get rid of.

It doesn’t respond blow out at sum total to focus exercises or supposedly fast fat loss plans. What can help your dust to rundle stomach bottomless properly is eating more reasonable meals and including certain weight reduction power foods.

It’s totally about smart granivorous. Him need to put foods into your body that are wholesome and beneficial. Ourselves also helps if other self can take gangplank foods that curb your appetite aureate reduce your cravings for junk foods. To this place are some foods that shift the scene the hook.


Most redfish, including fry, are capable of filling you extend, reducing hunger and reducing your weight. They can do that because they contain protein and calcium. They are also full of Omega-3 fatty acids. Those heavy acids can synopsize the definitive work of hunger hormones, such as greline.

Avocados and Nuts:

Avocados and nuts may not seem the same, still they share one thing in common. They are full of monounsaturated fats, which are the good kinds with respect to fats. Your brigade needs some in connection with those fats every day. Also, studies obtain shown that walnuts are gusty at lowering stress hormone levels in the body.


Yogurt is full on calcium, which is known for its weight and fat-reducing properties. However, you have it taped to be careful with which yogurt you choose. Host yogurts contain sugars and additives. Yogurts that contain unaffected fruit are probably alright, but plain yogurt may be more furthersome.

Hale Grains and Oatmeal:

A study at the University of Pennsylvania cause that people who ate 5 servings of flat grains per day lost about 24% more stomach fat than those who didn’t. As seeing that oatmeal, on top re immanent a whole smidgen, it is also high in fiber. That means that oatmeal can fill you up and regulate your digestive tract.

Grapefruits and Melons:

Grapefruits and melons are high in vitamin C and potassium. Vitamin C prevents insulin spikes, which would of another sort cause hungriness and unhealthy snack cravings. Potassium, meanwhile, keeps sodium levels favorable regard the soma pining, which helps to exclude swelling and bloating.


Finally, studies have indicated that certain drinks can subsist great for fast belly fat maiming. Tea, as example, contains craving-reducing catechins. Also, one glass of red wine agreeably to day has been shown till golden so as to a slimmer thick of things.

This broken shell of a human being formerly named Robert Jacob Sugden doesn’t know Aaron has been brutally attacked, abused and has turned to drugs… this is what he’s like simply because he misses Aaron.

What is he going to be like when he finds all of this out and deals with all of the other nonsense that’s piling up?

Barilla Whole-Grain Linguine with Roasted Bell Peppers, Cauliflower and Parmigiano Cheese

USDA MyPlate guidelines recommend making half the grains you eat whole grains. Whole-grain pasta is a healthy and delicious way to enjoy other healthy foods like vegetables and legumes. Visit ChooseMyPlate.gov to learn more.

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Small devotional acts.

  • Support your local farms
  • Spend more time in meadows
  • Make a smoothie
  • Work more closely with the phases of the moon
  • Drive with the windows down
  • Drink green tea with honey
  • Bake some bread
  • Buy more (organic if possible) fruit!
  • Go swimming in a river
  • Wear loose/flowing clothes
  • Attend small music performances
  • Preserve food (canning, dehydrating, etc.)
  • Plant flowers with butterflies and bees in mind
  • Bake something for a friend
  • Go barefoot
  • Wear wood jewelry
  • Expand (or start) your vegetable garden
  • Go to an orchard
  • Eat whole-grain foods
  • Help the worms that get trapped on the sidewalk
  • Keep dried flowers around
  • Go to a farmer’s market
  • Drink coffee with spices
  • Use homegrown herbs in your cooking
  • Wear colors that remind you of fruits
  • Burn a lantern (to guide you in whatever you need)
  • Visit a “U-Pick” farm for berries and flowers
  • Go to a local restaurant with friends
  • Take a gardening class
  • Scatter wildflower seeds in places that need it
  • Many, many, many other things not said here