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Happy Birthday, Em. x Tom

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I wrote @coyg-81 a Feltson drabble just because. She is an enabler. 

Setting: Emma’s Oxfordshire flat

Her boyfriend Mack is visiting her from Northern California. She’s about to start more press for The Circle, so they wanted to squeeze some time together in. He makes her breakfast, and there is a knock at the door.

“Delivery for Miss Watson. Please sign here." 

She takes the massive bouquet and places them on the foyer table and opens the envelope.

Hey Em, 

Happy Birthday. I was torn between getting you peonies and anemones, which I remembered were your favourite, but I settled on yellow roses because they mean friendship, and you looked beautiful in the film. It was great seeing you again. 


She bites her nails no knowing how to react. Mack calls her into the kitchen letting her know breakfast is ready. He’s prepared whole grain pancakes, fresh fruit, and coffee. A bit too healthy for the mood she’s in. She honestly would have been happy with a can of beans and toast. 

"Who was that?” Mack asked, pouring her a cup of coffee.

“Oh, just a delivery. I got flowers for my birthday.”

“May I ask from whom?”

She nervously stabs her pancakes with her fork and clears her throat. “Oh, um. From Tom.”

“Hanks, Hiddleston, or Felton?”

She laughs at this because she does have quite a few Toms in her life. “Felton. The card was quite sweet, actually. He said he was going to send me my favorite flowers, but instead sent yellow roses because of the symbolism of friendship.”

“Oh,” Mack says deadpan.

Emma could Mack tense as he grew silent. He didn’t have anything to worry about, did he? She and Tom had only recently started talking again, well, outside of their group texts. So much time had passed since they were teenagers. Wow, had it been ten years since she told him she was going to uni in the States? He didn’t take it well. They were finally taking the steps beyond friendship, and she ruined it. At the time, it felt like the best decision for her personal growth, but seeing him finding comfort in another woman destroyed her for years. She became a serial monogamist. From one serious relationship to the next, but never settling down to get married. But he did the same thing, didn’t he? Leaving for LA, in a serious relationship, never marrying…She wonders, did he ever even think of proposing? They were together for years.

“Emma.” Mack snaps her out of her train of thought.

“Oh, sorry. My mind was on the next press tour,” she lied.

Her iPhone buzzes as a text comes through. She looks down, and it’s from Tom.

TF: Hey Em. It’s 1 a.m. here in Vancouver, but since I’m up, I thought I’d wish you happy birthday. Did you get my gift?

She smiles and replies. 

EW: Yes, they are lovely, but I would have been happier with the peonies and anemones 

EW: How did you remember?

TF: You always had a fresh bouquet in your dressing room. They smelled so lovely. I don’t know. Just stuck with me.

Mack grows uneasy with his girlfriend completely ignoring him while she texts

TF: I just wrapped for the season. I’m heading to my mum’s for a week before heading back to Venice Beach. Will you be around? Maybe catch up for dinner or drinks?

EW: Actually, I’ll be in LA 25 April. Want to meet up then?

TF: Yeah. Brilliant. Do we want to invite some friends?

Emma thinks about this, and she’s been to party after party over the past month or so. She could do with a night in.

EW: Could we actually do something low key? Like a bottle of wine on my hotel balcony?

TF: what about my place? I have a great view of the beach.

EW: sounds perfect. I’ll text you later with details. Thanks again for the flowers.

TF: You’re very welcome. Heading to bed now. 

TF: Night.

EW: Night.


Guys! I have a new phone and i think there are a lot of full days of eating are coming because the camera is the bomb 🎉
Breakfast: a glass of orange juice and chocolate Banana icecream 🍌
Post workout snack: unpictured cucumber (lol) and a protein Shake
Lunch: healthy whole grain spelt pancakes at my friends new place 🌞
Dinner: Glutenfree Pasta with lots of veggies, Tofu and cashew tomato Sauce
Dessert: medjool Dates stuffed with peanutbutter and some Dark chocolate 🍫
And Maybe i’m going to snack some Banana Chips later :)

Just Like You (1)

Summary: You are an experiment, the first of its kind.One day you escape and are living a normal life when you run into a perfect stranger or was he? 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2837 (Sorry)

A/N: This is my first time putting my writing on Tumblr. I also got all of the translations off of Google, so sorry about that if it’s wrong (the English is posted next to it). This is also all written in first person because that’s really the only way I have been able to write, it feels more personal when I am reading it and trying to put myself in the story. Italics is memory or a scene from the past.

Warnings: fluff, cliffhanger, Implied smut (?) (You probably won’t even call it that) (I also don’t swear, so that won’t be a thing)

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One year after Captain America: The Winter Soldier

2015. I wish I would just die already. March 10, 2015. I am 114 years old today and in a couple of years I will, unofficially, be the oldest person to have ever lived. 114 years and who knows actually how many years to show for it.

Currently I live in Bucharest. I wanted to be in Moscow but I am too scared that they would find me.  So I chose the next place on my places-where-Y/N-can-live list. I still didn’t feel completely safe, I mean I only had the whole country of Ukraine between me and them, but I wanted something I was familiar with and the Romanian culture and language was perfect.

I had only been here for a couple of weeks, but I already had a great apartment close to the city, I was fluent in the language, and I was working with someone who could get me some fake documents, so maybe I could get a job and live a normal life.

Today I happened to be in the city, exploring of course. I walked into my favorite bakery and bought a loaf of bread. There was this man, Florin,  that worked there, he had tried to talk to me, let me know that he liked me, even though I had no feelings for him. But he liked talking to me and let me sit behind the counter with him while he served customers. And he wasn’t scared of me so it was nice to talk to him.

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I'm looking more into a vegan diet and I was wondering what you eat on a regular basis because I feel like it would be really hard to maintain. Thanks babe

Heck yah that’s awesome and I’m so glad to hear it! I just got home from college and I’m really stoked to be cooking for myself again.

It took me about a year and a half to transition fully from vegetarian to vegan so don’t be too overwhelmed by the commitment. I’m a firm believer that it’s something you have to explore and feel out for yourself since we live in a culture whose diet is so dominated by the consumption of animal products. It takes time for your mindset to change and to find/establish a consistent routine that works for you.
Everyone is capable of going vegan or at least cutting back - you just have to start somewhere.


  • Avocado toast (mash an avocado with olive oil and lemon/lime juice and spread over toast or a bagel)
  • Bagel with hummus
  • Plain oatmeal made with almond milk with banana, peanut butter, dried cherries, almond slices, and sometimes some brown sugar
    • Side note: dried cherries are high in melatonin which helps you sleep better
  • Cereal with almond or coconut milk (favorite is cheerios which is like 99.999999% vegan but otherwise I rec raisin brand or captain crunch)
  • Toast with peanut butter and bananas or jelly
  • Pancakes are super easy to make vegan! I buy normal whole grain pancake mix and substitute the milk with nondairy milk and the egg for a flax egg which is an egg substitute
    • side note: flax eggs are a super easy, much healthier egg substitute, even if you aren’t vegan/transitioning
  • F R U I T - bananas, apples, berries, or whatever’s in season
  • Smoothies with nondairy milk, frozen or fresh fruit, peanut butter, spinach, kale, nondairy yogurt, coffee - whatever’s in the fridge. There are a trillion recipes on pinterest and other health food blogs


  • I usually keep 3-4 vegetables in my fridge that are easy to throw in anything I make or eat as a side throughout the week. You can also keep canned or frozen veggies 
  • Couscous/quinoa/brown rice are all super easy to make with vegetables and fairly inexpensive to buy in bulk. Try spinach, asparagus, tomatoes, carrots, red peppers, mushrooms, pine nuts or almonds, etc. and season with garlic, parsley, mint, basil, etc.
  • Seasoned black beans, red beans, chickpeas, etc. from a bag or a can
  • Seasoned edamame (v good with sriracha)
  • Progresso carries a lot of vegan soups!!! Favorites are vegetable lentil, vegetarian vegetable, and hearty tomato
  • Bulk meals that can last all week like vegetarian chili, pasta, big rice dishes, etc.
  • Salads with whatever veggies I have in the fridge + pine nuts, almonds, craisins, etc. Favorite vegan salad dressings are balsamic and raspberry or pomegranate vinagrette.
  • POTATOES - try a baked potato with Hormel vegetarian chili on top
  • I love making the veggie and hummus sandwich from the coffee shop where I used to work which has lotsa veggies like spring mix, cucumbers, tomato, and carrots with hummus, pine nuts, and craisins on wheat bread
  • I’m not a fan of most vegan meat substitutes plus they can get pricey, but there are some pretty good options for soy chicken nuggets + there’s always tofu or tempeh you can buy in bulk and keep in the fridge for when you need something tasty and substantive.


  • Cliff bars
  • Trail mix (I like to make my own bc it’s cheaper)
  • Unsalted nut mixes or just plain almonds
  • Guac/chips n salsa
  • Simply salted popcorn from Orville Redenbacher
  • Fruit cups
  • Hummus with pretzels, carrots, celery, etc.
  • Fruit pops (available in the freezer section)
  • Baked Lays potato chips
  • Traditional chex mix
  • Apples with peanut butter
  • Ben & Jerry’s has vegan ice cream now and it’s THE BEST.

And if you’re worried about going out to eat:

  • Cafeteria style Tex-Mex restaurants like Qdoba, Moe’s, and Chipotle (where you get guac free of charge with a veggie bowl)
  • Domino’s thin crust is vegan and they’ll make your pizza without cheese. They usually have a coupon for a large with 5 toppings for about $10 and I get lotsa veggies (spinach, roasted red pepper, tomatoes, etc.)
  • Indian restaurants foreverrrrr
  • Panera back bean and garden vegetable soup and salads (they have a few really good new ones) - they used to have a really great soba noodle bowl with edamame but I think it’s seasonal
  • #6 Veggie club from Jimmy Johns, sans mayo and cheese
  • Most Chinese take-out places have mixed veggies and brown rice
  • Wendy’s has an apple pecan salad that you can get with no chicken or cheese. Plus their fries are vegan. And they have tropical green tea which is the bomb.
  • Veggie sub with no cheese at Subway - I get all the veggies with a tiny bit of sweet onion sauce and tons of oregano
  • Einstein Brothers has a sandwich called the hummus veg-out that you can get without the veggie cream cheese spread + their fruit cups are A+++
  • Dairy Queen’s light smoothies and StarKiss bars are vegan
  • Noodles & Co. is my favorite place to eat out - favorite is the Japanese Pan Noodles. You can add tofu to any dish.
  • Yo Taco Bell has SO MANY vegan options just google it omg. Even the cinnamon twists are vegan.

I’m always happy to answer any other questions you might have!!

Best of luck xx

When you get jealous of his relationship with his sunbae (You x Kris x f(x) Amber)

ahhh okay so this is like my second time requesting something on a scenario blog and im sorry if im awkward orz anyways i really enjoy reading your scenarios and maybe if you could write a kris scenario where “you” are jealous over krisber? aight happy belated holidays and happy new year!! -awkwardanon


[beep beep]

[beep beep]

[beep beep beep]


You awake with a start as your alarm clock goes crazy, flashing and beeping a million times. You rub your eyes and roll over, your legs tangled in the sheets. It was 7 AM. Where is Kris? You rub your hand across the empty spot on the bed beside you. Although the pillow is cool, you can still see where Kris was laying since last night, and the memory makes you blush a bit.

You sit up and frown, raking a hand through your hair. Where was Kris? It was unlike him to be out of bed before you were. Did he have a schedule today?

“Clothes…clothes…where are my clothes?”

You stumble across the room, noting with a warm cheeks that your cocktail dress from last night is still on the floor. You had ducked out of a company event early last night when a waiter had bumped into you and spilled champagne on your dress…but it was probably for the better. The two of you had more fun last night than you would have had at the event anyways.

The sound of pots and pans clinking and water running comes from the kitchen downstairs. Is he making breakfast? The thought is a little startling. Kris was good at lots of things, but cooking probably wasn’t one of them. You could barely recognize eggs when he made them. But it was a nice gesture, and you root though the drawers quickly, trying to find something decent to wear. A pair of shorts and the shirt from Kris’s tuxedo last night and you’re set.

“Babe?” You tiptoe down the stairs, your bare feet barely making any noise. “Are you cook-”

You freeze, taking in the sight before your eyes. Kris was cooking alright…but there was another person in the kitchen! You recognize Amber, a friend of Kris’s from the company. She sang in a girl group, and you had met her a couple times at concerts and show tapings.

“Oh, hey ________!”

Amber is the first to notice you. You give her a weak wave, embarrassed at having been caught dressed like this. What was she doing here? “We stopped by for breakfast.” Kris says, noticing you standing there. He gives you a once over, his eyes lingering on you for a moment in interest. “Did you sleep well last night?” He grins. “Last night was fun, wasn’t it?”

“I slept fine.” You say sharply, your cheeks heating up. “Where have you been?”

“Working out.” Amber chirps. “We saw this recipe for whole-grain pancakes at the gym, but I don’t think it’s going to well…” She looks up with a pale expression, and your eyes widen. There’s a half-cooked pancake stuck to the ceiling. In fact, the whole kitchen is a mess. There is flour and raw eggs everywhere, and the sink is full of dishes.

“I don’t think we’ll even have time to finish it.” Kris sucks in a sharp breath, scrolling through his phone. “I just got an email. They moved the taping up to 8:30! We have to go, like, now.”

“Oh!" Amber grabs her bag off the counter. "But the kitchen…” She glances around.

“I’ll get it.” You sigh. Truthfully, cleaning up the kitchen was the last thing you wanted to do, but it couldn’t stay like that all day. It would probably be hours before Kris might get back home. “Really?" Amber asks in surprise. "Yeah. Go ahead.”

“You’re the best, babe.” Kris steps into his shoes and runs to give you a quick kiss. “"Are you still coming to the schedule later?” You nod. “Yeah. I’ll bring you food then since you didn’t eat.” He smiles and gives you a kiss on the forehead. “You’re the best.” You wrinkle your nose at him, sticking your tongue out. “I know.”

“See you later, ______-ah!” Amber waves, tugging Kris out the door.

You sigh and stare at the kitchen. It was so unlike Kris to do stuff like this. Usually he was reserved and quiet, only laughing when you were able to bring a better mood out of him. Had he been here this morning, you would have had coffee and scrambled eggs, and he would want to be in bed. It was only when he was with Amber that he became like a little kid, being reckless and making messes. You weren’t sure that their relationship was a beneficial one, but Kris thought the world of her, so you were going to try your best.

“Well, let’s start.” You mumble to yourself, staring in frustration at a bowl oozing batter turned upside down on the floor. “I’ll try my best.”


“Excuse me? Could you tell me where Recording Stage C is? This way?”

You follow the direction of the secretary behind the front desk, using her ballpoint pen to direct you towards the place that Kris was supposed be in. You stop by a round mirror in the hall, double checking your hair. You had taken the time to curl it, and even done your nails, too.

A flat canvas bag held lunch for Kris and the rest of the members of EXO-M, and you had sent out for drinks for the staff. You had even made cookies as well, with a heart-shaped one meant just for Kris. It wasn’t often you came to see him a work, but you liked to make a good impression.

“Hello~” You call into the room. Several staff turn around, but Luhan is the first to greet you. “_______-ah!” He offers you a wide smile. “What are you doing here?”

“I came with food!” You grin cutely, holding up the bag. “Is there a table where I can put this?”

A round of cheers erupts from the boys upon seeing your neatly packed lunch. You let them enjoy, but there’s still one person missing from your little party. “Yah, Lay-ssi!” Lay turns around, his cheeks full. “Mhmm?”

“Have you seen Kris around here?” You ask shyly. “I haven’t seen him anywhere.”

“I think he’s over by the recording stage.” Lay says, swallowing. He points to a door at the corner of the dressing room. “That way.” You wave and tiptoe that way, opening the door gently. A blast of cool air hits you, and you can hear giggles coming from somewhere. You search around quickly, trying not to make any noise.

On the recording stage, Kris and Amber sit beside each other on a square orange couch. Kris has his arm thrown around her making a V-sign with his fingers, and she takes a selca with her phone. You watch as she shows him the result, then scoots closer for another. This time Kris’s hand slides down to her waist, and you’ve seen enough.

“I guess I shouldn’t have come today.” You call, your angry voice echoing in the empty stage. “My own boyfriend doesn’t even greet me properly.”

The two break apart easily, and they come down off the stage. “Hey, _____-ah.” She says. “Sorry about the mess this morning. I stopped by to see Kris on the way to practice.” You give her a tight nod, and she excuses herself. You turn to face Kris, but he already knows what’s on your mind. “Stop.” He says, frowning. “I know what you’re thinking, but you’re wrong.”

“Am I?” You retort. “I don’t even care if you’re friends. But every time I see you two together, it’s like breaking up a party that I wasn’t invited to. I feel like a mom scolding two kids.” You fold your arms and he sighs, licking his lips. “Nothing weird is going on.” He says. “She’s my senior and you know it.” You roll your eyes, still a little unconvinced. “Whatever.” You say. “Just go inside and hope that the guys left some food for you.”

You follow him back to the dressing room, only to feel your blood pressure rise a little more. Amber is sinking her teeth into the cookie you made for Kris, one hand on the treat and another on her phone. This time you’re not going to hold back.

“Hey!” You call. You stride over to her and pluck the cookie out of her hand. “Can’t you read? This cookie says Kris on the front, not Amber.” You flip it and show her the icing. She frowns. “Oh. Sorry.” You stomp your foot. “I know you two are friends, but aren’t you being a bit much-”

You’re cut off by Kris, who has grabbed your hand began hauling you across the room out of the door. “Let go of me!” You shriek, feeling your eyes water. “Are you really doing this right now?” He scolds you. “How could you say that?”

“Why are you taking her side?” You cry. “I’m your girlfriend, Kris! I shouldn’t feel like a third wheel when I’m with you-”

“Then why do you?” He snaps, visibly angry. “No one said you were!”

“Because you show her parts of yourself that you never show to me!” you blurt, tears streaming down your cheeks. “You laugh more with her, and you actually talk to her! Am I boring to you? Do you not want me anymore?”

He stares as you stand there in a mess, crying your make-up off. “Stop.” He says finally. “You don’t have to be jealous.” He sighs, and you gasp as he pins your hands to the wall behind you, pressing a kiss to your mouth. “I am yours.” He growls. “I thought I proved that last night.” You blush. “Kris…”

“She helped me improve a lot when I was training.” He says. “That relationship is different than ours. She may be my friend, but you are my girlfriend. I will always listen to you, and be there for you, and love you. Nothing is going to change that.” You blink as he swipes away your stray tears. “Besides,” he smirks. “I’m pretty sure there are some very important parts of me that only your eyes have seen.”

“Yah!” You laugh, your cheeks on fire. “Don’t say things like that here.” He grins mischievously. “Sorry, but not really.” He looks over your shoulder. “Are you going to be okay going back in there with her?” He asks. “If you aren’t-”

“It’s fine.” You say quickly, running a hand under your nose. “I should apologize, anyway. I was rude. Does my face look okay?” He puts a hand on your chin, turning your face towards him. “I’m pretty sure you cried all your mascara off, but you look beautiful as usual.”

You find Amber in the bathroom, and you bow awkwardly as you stand beside her at the mirror. “I’m really sorry.” You say, biting your lip. “You’re really important to Kris, and I shouldn’t have questioned your relationship. I apologize for being rude.” She shakes her head, brushing it off. “It’s okay. I’d probably be upset if I were you, too.”

She offers you a small smile, and you quickly fix what your unnecessary tears have ruined. “Wanna take a selca?” she asks, waving her camera. You nod. “Sure.” The two of you make cute faces, and she texts the picture to Kris. A few seconds later, her phone buzzes with a reply on the marble counter.

The two coolest people in the world~ Get along well, okay?


Scenario end! How’d you guys like it? I think this is my first time writing an f(x) member in a scenario, but I think it went pretty well! Hope you enjoyed! ~Jjangpanda

My breakfast this morning was this absolutely heavenly stack of pancakes: whole grain pancakes with peanut sauce, almond butter and square bar chocolate crunch chunks 😍 I ate the whole bar with my breakfast because I needed the protein to refuel from my workout and because I just can not resist chocolate 😋
You can get 20% off your square bar order using my code ‘aspoonfulofhealth’ on squarebar.com :)


What I ate today! Whole grain pancakes with banana, fresh blueberries, frozen berries, crunchy peanut butter. Date cacao protein balls. Broccoli, potato wedges and veggie chickpea fritters (+ second plate). Whole grain bread with avocado, plain tofu and tomato, the rest of the tofu with beetroot spread, broccoli, an apple with peanut butter. Some 85% chocolate as per usual.