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An ambitious, and delicious, dinner project: Eggless, Gluten-Free Chia Quinoa Turkey Burger Patties

This all began because I wanted to try the Chia seed egg substitute, and evolved into a fun, long awaited journey to my first homemade burger. I’ve always looked at healthy homemade burgers online but also always found them to be very daunting (a burger? homemade?) so I’ve decided to deconstruct it for others who might want to break their own homemade burger virginity. This recipe for the perfect healthy burgers is (as you can obviously tell) simple, and absolutely delicious. For the recipe, click the Read More. 

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fic update: can’t escape this now (Olicity, 12/16, rated E)

Title: can’t escape this now (3763 words this chapter) by callistawolf
Chapter: 12/16
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Moira Queen, Thea Queen, Tommy Merlyn, Helena Bertinelli, Carrie Cutter, Malcolm Merlyn
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Mob, Alternate Universe - Arranged Marriage, No island, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Eventual Smut, Tropey as hell
Summary: Oliver Queen, scion of a wealthy and powerful family, returns home from his exile to Russia to find that his mother has plans for his future that he wants no part of. Unfortunately, it’s not really up to him and neither is it up to Felicity Smoak, who is about to find out what sort of man her father truly is. MOB AU

Chapter Summary: Oliver’s reaction to Carrie’s threats, to pull away from her, has generated some hurt feelings for Felicity.  She doesn’t know about the threat or that Oliver is considering dissolving their marriage in order to protect her.  

Author’s Note: Sorry to have killed you all with the angst last chapter.  I have my reasons, namely that the story isn’t over yet.  Can’t have a happy ending until the end, right?  Just think of it like season 3 of Arrow.  It’s all steps along the path.  In this chapter, I will further try your patience and for that, I apologize.  The good news is that we’re getting down to the wire here and it’s pedal to the metal from here into the finish! 

Super big smooches to my lovely beta, mersayseh

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At first, after their one night together and the agreement to not let it ruin their friendship, Felicity thought everything between her and Oliver would be fine.  Sure, there were the loaded glances and undeniable sexual tension that lingered between them but Felicity could understand and explain that away in her mind.  The point was, they remained friendly and while she’d been disappointed initially, she had hope that they could salvage some civility.

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