Whole plant foods is what I choose to nourish my body with daily 🌱 Eating foods grown by mother earth 🌎 make me feel: vitalized, healthy, vibrant, grounded, clear, and ALIVE ✨ to name a few… This is just a very small portion of what’s in our kitchen! Ps. Filming a NEW healthy treat recipe video today 🤗 stay tuned!!


Whole Foods $8 chopped cheese is peak Columbusing

  • The chopped cheese, a ground beef, peppers, onions and cheese sandwich, is a deli staple in Harlem, the Bronx and Queens.
  • On Monday, Twitter user @mgoldstein tweeted out a picture of the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle in New York selling $8 chopped cheese sandwiches. 
  • That’s easily twice the price of the sandwich a few subway stops away.
  • New Yorkers were quick to point out the appropriation, as well as the irony of Whole Foods being in Columbus Circle. Read more

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For once I had a free Saturday and actually woke up early enough and actually made myself go to the farmers market. And oh boy, even though it’s only April and I live very up north-SO many delicious produce was available!!
I mean-look at all this green! And most of it is local and I’ve been enjoying making food out of all fresh ingredients again and this is just so dream worthy 😍😍😍