Yes. I’m an annoying dork, and I pinned this to the top of your dashboard. I hope you will forgive me. I just want to let you know that the show I’m on – SCANDAL – has its Season Two premiere on Thursday night (the 27th) at 10PM/9C on ABC. It would mean the world to me if you watched and/or set your dvr.

If you want to catch up on Season One in the little time remaining, you can stream it for free on Netflix.

I’m Josh Malina, and I apologize for this message.

Matt Mitovich shares TV Line’s 2013 TV Wish List for Scandal:

Matt Mitovich’s Wish:

That Scandal forever keeps us guessing (…and second-guessing). Who is Quinn? Ask Olivia and Huck! Who was behind the Cytron bombing? Ask the Quinntet! What the Huck?! Ask Becky!

Complete agree with Matt! Despite all the promo photos, spoilers and videos whatever you think is going to happen on Scandal is so far removed from what’s actually going to happened!

haitian-nirvana  asked:

1.Olivia left because of the hollis situation; she could not stay in the white house knowing that everything is just a lie; that she was apart of something that was bad ..Olivia is not a bad person; she left because she thought she could run away from the situation ... 2. she also left because of Fitz ... not because she wanted to let him go but because she saw Mellie; i believe she put herself in Mellies shoes.. but you cant help who you fall in love with? Right?

Co-sign!!! I can’t even add onto what you said because I think you’re right. In fact I’ll let Olivia’s professional fixer philosophy break it down on how Olivia sees EVERYTHING:

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artiscolly  asked:

Hi I've been keeping up with the show so far but I'm having trouble understanding the Quinn situation with Hollis and Cytron and how this relates to fitz and his presidency? And what the supreme judge woman (forgot her name) has to do with it? Or mellie,Olivia etc for that matter? If you don't mind explaining That would be great. Thanks in advance. :)

Who is Quinn related to the presidency because she is part of the smoking gun. Quinn & the voting machines is the missing link that would undermine Fitz’s presidency. Quinn’s ex boyfriend was close to unearthing the DC 5 (Hollis, Verna, Olivia, Mellie and Cyrus) election rigging scandal cover up. He was essential doing what David Rosen and James Novak were doing - discovering the truth about the software installed in the voting machines that got Fitz elected POTUS. Quinn is involved because it’s her ex boyfriend…and Quinn didn’t exist prior to the explosion that killed her ex and 6 other people. Quinn is Lindsay Dwyer actually. Verna as she said “whore” herself to help get Fitz elected and she did it to gain a Supreme Court position. Mellie, Cyrus and Olivia is a team who will do ANYTHING for Fitz to remain at the WH. As you know Quinn is piecing together how she was removed from her apartment to a DC hotel room…and she figured it all out. She knows Huck was the mystery man she kept bringing up at her trail and she also knows that Huck used Olivia’s client Verna’s private jet/plane to take from her apartment to DC. It’s sad because Huck and Quinn were friends.

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