Yes. I’m an annoying dork, and I pinned this to the top of your dashboard. I hope you will forgive me. I just want to let you know that the show I’m on – SCANDAL – has its Season Two premiere on Thursday night (the 27th) at 10PM/9C on ABC. It would mean the world to me if you watched and/or set your dvr.

If you want to catch up on Season One in the little time remaining, you can stream it for free on Netflix.

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Who is Quinn Perkins? Deposition Video (Olivia)

#Gladiators who want all the info, photos, videos and transcript featuring Olivia Pope & Associates from the new #Scandal promo - WhoisQuinnPerkins.com, click HERE for the COMPLETE #Scandal scoop!

Best moments from the OPA Deposition videos:

Abby Whelan - You mean no name.

Olivia Pope - I have somewhere I need to be. So I say we’re done here.

Harrison Wright -She doesn't make good decisions when it comes to men.

Huck - Whoever she is, I believe her.

haitian-nirvana  asked:

1.Olivia left because of the hollis situation; she could not stay in the white house knowing that everything is just a lie; that she was apart of something that was bad ..Olivia is not a bad person; she left because she thought she could run away from the situation ... 2. she also left because of Fitz ... not because she wanted to let him go but because she saw Mellie; i believe she put herself in Mellies shoes.. but you cant help who you fall in love with? Right?

Co-sign!!! I can’t even add onto what you said because I think you’re right. In fact I’ll let Olivia’s professional fixer philosophy break it down on how Olivia sees EVERYTHING:

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‘Scandal’ Star Columbus Short on Harrison’s Moral Ambiguity: ‘He Goes With His Gut’

Columbus Short reveals in new Celebuzz interview that Harrison Wright will become Olivia Pope’s right hand man in #Scandal Season 2! He also reveals that Harrison will go with his gut on Who is Quinn because he hired her and she’s his friend.


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One of Olivia Pope and Associates seemingly most trustworthy employees and “gladiators in a suit” on ABC’s sexy series, Scandal, is the Harrison Wright (Columbus Short).

Speaking with Short at the Paley Center for Media’s Fall TV Preview Panel recently he told Celebuzz, “It’s been great to play a character so strong. He’s very strong in his opinions, very strong in his stance politically, even though he has this moral ambiguity that he has.”

That moral ambiguity will be on display quite a bit when Season 2 begins on Thursday. “I think you’re going to see a lot of that this season with Harrison,” the actor said.

“His loyalty to Olivia [Kerry Washington] and also his loyalty to himself and his gut and what he feels is happening in his gut so that’s going to raise a lot of challenge. I think a lot of friction is going to come with that.”

What did Short tease to us about his role in the unveiling of ‘Who is Quinn Perkins’?

At the end of last season, fans were shocked when they learned that Quinn (Katie Lowes) was not who she said she was. When David (Joshua Malina) brought her into the Pope and Associates offices in handcuffs, we think it’s safe to say viewers’ jaws hit the floor.

“I think I didn’t because of the unknown but I did because Harrison loves Quinn -that’s his friend,” Short, 30. “He hired her. There’s a little protective nature that Harrison has for Quinn. He’s like ‘What do I do?’ but he goes with his gut and my gut says I trust her.”When the second season begins, Harrison will be on the fence as to whether or not he thinks they should take on her case.

With the exit of Henry Ian Cusick’s Stephen for the second season, Harrison will also step into a closer role to Olivia as her confidant. “Every episode you’re going to see slowly that Harrison is – That’s her man – That’s her right hand man.”

Scandal premieres Thursday at 10 PM on ABC.


Thoughts: Harrison is Olivia’s new right hand man? He’s her Stephen Finch in season 2? He’s down with team Olivia and team Quinn?! I’m down with this! 



Who is Quinn Perkins? Deposition Video (All)


Who is Quinn Perkins? Deposition Video (Harrison)

artiscolly  asked:

Hi I've been keeping up with the show so far but I'm having trouble understanding the Quinn situation with Hollis and Cytron and how this relates to fitz and his presidency? And what the supreme judge woman (forgot her name) has to do with it? Or mellie,Olivia etc for that matter? If you don't mind explaining That would be great. Thanks in advance. :)

Who is Quinn related to the presidency because she is part of the smoking gun. Quinn & the voting machines is the missing link that would undermine Fitz’s presidency. Quinn’s ex boyfriend was close to unearthing the DC 5 (Hollis, Verna, Olivia, Mellie and Cyrus) election rigging scandal cover up. He was essential doing what David Rosen and James Novak were doing - discovering the truth about the software installed in the voting machines that got Fitz elected POTUS. Quinn is involved because it’s her ex boyfriend…and Quinn didn’t exist prior to the explosion that killed her ex and 6 other people. Quinn is Lindsay Dwyer actually. Verna as she said “whore” herself to help get Fitz elected and she did it to gain a Supreme Court position. Mellie, Cyrus and Olivia is a team who will do ANYTHING for Fitz to remain at the WH. As you know Quinn is piecing together how she was removed from her apartment to a DC hotel room…and she figured it all out. She knows Huck was the mystery man she kept bringing up at her trail and she also knows that Huck used Olivia’s client Verna’s private jet/plane to take from her apartment to DC. It’s sad because Huck and Quinn were friends.

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Abby Whelan:
Who is Quinn Perkins. (HA!) You mean no name. That’s what I’ve been calling her. Because I refuse to call her by her fake name. By her fake name I can believe all her fake lies that I already have. She could be a serial killer. She could be psychotic. She could be a he for all I know. So promise me if you start getting answers give me a call. At this point, your guess is as good as mine. (X)

Kerry Washington 'Never Ever' Running for Office

As crisis manager Olivia Pope on ABC’sScandalKerry Washington knows how to handle a sticky situation. 

But as an actress going about her daily life, Washington had a hard time giving fans of the series the answer to one simple question: Who is Quinn Perkins? 

“[Quinn Perkins] represents my whole summer because all summer long people were walking up to me saying ‘Who is Quinn Perkins!?’ in supermarkets, airports … It was so much fun! Luckily I didn’t know [who she actually is] at the time because I don’t know if I’d be able to keep it a secret for that long!” Washington, 35, tells PEOPLE. 

Now the question, which came out of the show’s season 1 finale, is being asked to the characters of Scandal in a series of videos, which can be seen atWhoIsQuinnPerkins.com. Watch Washington as Pope below. 

Viewers won’t have to wait too long to find out Perkins’s true identity, which will be revealed on the Sept. 27 season premiere. 

“Right away in the season premiere we address it,” says Washington, who will present atSunday’s Primetime Emmy Awards. “However I will say in true Scandal style once you learn who Quinn Perkins is then you have about seven more questions.” 

Washington’s character on Scandal is partially based on former Special Assistant and Deputy Press Secretary to President George H. W. Bush Judy Smith. And the actress (who recently spoke at the Democratic National Convention in support of President Obama) serves on the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities. But Washington insists that’s where her interest in holding a position in politics ends. 

“Never ever. Never, never, never, never, never, never!” she says with a laugh about running for office. “I’m in the administration now and I’m very honored to serve and to serve in an appointed position but running for office is something I am not interested in in any way shape or form.” 

But on the set of Scandal, Washington and her costars rely on a little medieval fantasy to break up the intensity of politics. 

“Our whole cast is a little bit obsessed with Game of Thrones,” Washington says. “Last season they used to call me Khaleesi when I used to have a big leader moment.” 

Who is Quinn Perkins. Do we know who anyone is?  How do I know you? Who you say you are? You could be anyone. I could be anyone. I can be someone you wish you weren’t talking to right now. Someone you’ll be scared to talk to if you really, really, really knew who he was, what he’s done, what he’s capable of. Whoever she is I believe her. (x)